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daily 08/16/2016

    • Technically, Ford has been selling driver-less cars since always, because it is illegal to sell people with cars.
    • Targeting commercial operations for a completely driver-free car is a smart way to enter the market. By doing so, conventional human-driven vehicle owners can get used to dealing with autonomous cars on the road, and Ford can rack up experience and machine-learning datasets with arguably less risk and more control than using private car owners, as Tesla has started doing for their developing current near-autonomous and future autonomous systems.

    • Do You Need to Drink During a One-Hour Run? | Runner’s World


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    • Use the Microsoft Common Data Model in a flow
    • RelativePath is just the string “3/action/package_search” and is added to the base url. There is just one query parameter “q”, the search query, and the search term is “cows”, so Query takes a record with one field: [q=”cows”]. If you want to specify multiple query parameters you just need to add more fields to the Query record; for example:
    • There are reasons for concern. Donations have grown stagnant as the Longhorns have endured mediocre football results. While other schools improve their facilities, Texas currently has no concrete plans for a south end zone expansion and no real idea how to pay for a new basketball arena.
    • They worked out together, but Meb’s routine after he took off his shoes startled Jimmerson. “He would finish the workout and immediately get a protein shake, and then he’d go sit in an ice bath or the creek,” Jimmerson told me.
    • The sport itself doesn’t take that much time: Meb was running only about twelve hours a week. But he had turned his preparation into a full-time job. Jimmerson realized he didn’t have that kind of commitment. “It was an all-consuming life style with a singular focus,” he said. “That’s where his strength was.”
    • First, there’s the obvious lesson: the man living in isolation at altitude with the stretching ropes and the singular focus ended up with the Tuck Everlasting career.
    • He wasn’t trying to run a hundred and thirty miles in a week, and then a hundred and forty. He did everything steadily and committed many hours every week to what he calls “prehab,” or injury prevention. Meb recently published a book that features a section on how exactly a runner should nap. He suggests, too, that you should drink a glass of warm milk about an hour before going to bed.
    • . But for someone who trains hard—and particularly, on occasion, in short bursts, called “intervals”—those declines are rather small.
    • “There are only two ‘secrets,’ ” Joyner told me, when I asked how a runner can continue to succeed until age forty and beyond. “Keep your VO2 max up by doing intervals, and don’t get injured.”
    • Lagat’s training routine, like Meb’s, seems to involve a relaxed attitude and a lot of rest. Lagat skips a day of running every week, and he takes a month off every fall. At most, he runs about sixty-five miles a week, which is roughly half as many as his most obsessive rivals. He’s not lazy—he does everything hard. He also never seems to get hurt.
    • Galen Rupp, who beat Meb at the U.S. Olympic marathon trials, has worked with the same man, Alberto Salazar, since ninth grade.
    • “If you’re forty, or fifty, or sixty-five, the hardest thing is just to get out the door, and then to do it again.”

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