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daily 07/28/2016

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    • In one passage, it states that, “In certain instances … athletics and football personnel affirmatively chose not to report sexual violence and dating violence to an appropriate administrator outside of athletics. In those instances, football coaches or staff met directly with a complainant and/or a parent of a complainant and did not report the misconduct. As a result, no action was taken to support complainants, fairly and impartially evaluate the conduct under Title IX, address identified cultural concerns within the football program, or protect campus safety once aware of a potential pattern of sexual violence by multiple football players.”
    • All Java code must reside inside a file with the extension .java
    • Your Java program first declares the variables, then read data into them, execute operations on the variables, and then write the variables (or data based on the variables) somewhere again
    • The data type determines what kind of data the variable can contain, and what operations you can execute on it.
    • Operations in Java are the instructions you can use to process the data in variables.
    • other operations control the program flow.
    • Variable operations
    • Program flow
    • Method calls.
    • Here are a few examples of operations:
    • Classes group variables and operations together in coherent modules.
    • Objects are instances of classes.
    • When you create an object, that object is of a certain class.
    • When you create an object, you say “give me an object of this class”.
    • Java objects.
    • public class Car
    • A field is a variable that belongs to a class or an object.
    • this.brand = theBrand;
      • Yeah I sung get constructors
    • Methods
    • Methods are typically used when you need to group operations together,
    • In other programming languages methods may be called “procedures” or “functions”.
    • An interface describes what methods a certain object should have available on it
    • A package is a directory containing Java classes and interfaces
    • Apex Workbook


    • Cookbook


    • In This Book (Apex Developer’s Guide)


    • Each Salesforce record is represented as an sObject before it is inserted into Salesforce.  Likewise, when persisted records are retrieved from Salesforce, they’re stored in an sObject  variable.


    • If you’ve added custom objects in your organization, use the API names of the custom objects  in Apex. For example, a custom object called Merchandise corresponds to the Merchandise__c  sObject in Apex.


    • To create an sObject, you need to declare a variable and assign it to an sObject instance.  The data type of the variable is the sObject type.


      • For custom objects and custom fields, the API name always ends with the __c suffix. For  custom relationship fields, the API name ends with the __r suffix. For example:



    • The account referenced by the acct variable is empty because we haven’t  populated any of its fields yet. There are two ways to add fields: through the constructor  or by using dot notation.


    • Variables that are declared with the generic sObject data type can reference any Salesforce  record, whether it is a standard or custom object record.



    • In contrast, variables that are declared with the specific sObject data type can reference  only the Salesforce records of the same type.



    • Unlike specific sObjects types, generic sObjects can be created only through the  newSObject() method. Also, the fields of a generic sObject can be  accessed only through the put() and get() methods.


    • To save the sObject as a record, and  do other things with it, you’ll need to use DML. To retrieve a record, you’ll need to use  SOQL. Check out later units to learn about DML and SOQL.
    • Object oriented—Apex  supports classes, interfaces, and inheritance.
    • Strongly typed—Apex  validates references to objects at compile time.
    • Transactions and rollbacks
    • The global access modifier
    • namespaces and applications.
    • In addition, Apex is a  case-insensitive language.



    • You can also write Apex on a client by using the IDE plugin for Eclipse. See IDE on the Salesforce Developer site.
      • dot notation syntaxcreate and edit classesno libraries needed – you can work onlineupsert is an easy way to manipulate recordsapex and visualforce work togetheruse open apis, get Flickr picturesmake a quick flickr view appsapex triggers!create a trigger class/where are the sales force analytics experts/chatter blacklist – intercept convo?/swap out things preemptively/good trigger exampleannotations – leverage preexisting stuffbatch ablescheduledemail things to actionREST Services 75 percent code coveragetest in sandbox, then migrateuse a cliuse an eclipse plugin/run tests and deploy from eclipse/variables, loops, classes, interfaces, collectionshey there now go code your first apex class
    • Apex supports various data types, including a data type specific to  Salesforce—the sObject data type.



    • An sObject, either as a generic sObject or as a specific sObject, such as an Account,  Contact, or MyCustomObject__c (you’ll learn more about sObjects in a later unit.)
    • A map from a primitive to a primitive, sObject, or collection
    • A typed list of values, also known as an enum
    • Lists in Apex are  synonymous with arrays and the two can be used interchangeably.


    • List<String> colors = new List<String>();


      • create an apex classit should return an array of formatted stringsthe length of the array is determined by an integer parameterpublic scopepublic static methodmust return an array of stringsvalue will be Test 0, Test 1, Test 2 the number of strings will be determined by the integer parameter
    • Generally, it’s easier to create a list rather than an array because lists don’t require you to  determine ahead of time how many elements you need to allocate.


    • You can add elements to a list when creating the list, or after creating the list by calling  the add() method. This first example shows you both ways  of adding elements to a list.
    • List elements can be read by specifying an index between square brackets, just like with array  elements. Also, you can use the get() method to read a  list element.
    • One of the benefits of Apex classes is code reuse.
    • Class methods can be called by triggers and other classes.
    • saving an example class in your organization, using this  class to send emails, and inspecting debug logs.


    • Let’s invoke the public method. We’ll use anonymous Apex execution to do so. Anonymous Apex  allows you to run lines of code on the fly and is a handy way to invoke Apex, especially to  test out functionality. Debug log results are generated, as with any other Apex  execution.
    • When Apex methods execute, the calls are  logged in the debug lo
    • The inspectResults() helper method, which is called by sendMail(), writes messages to the log by using the
    • Because the sendMail() method in our class doesn’t  access class member variables, it doesn’t need to be an instance method.
    • Static methods are easier to call than instance methods because they don’t need  to be called on an instance of the class but are called directly on the class name.
      • Create an Apex class that returns an array (or list) of formatted strings (‘Test 0’, ‘Test 1’, …). The length of the array is determined by an integer parameter. 


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daily 07/27/2016

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      • deploymentvalidationcomponentsservice updatechange setstest levelswhat is an apex test?
    • Explain the benefits of reducing deployment times
    • quick deployment to reduce deployment time to  production.
    • validation
    • test levels and know which test level to use when deploying  components.
    • Salesforce service update  interrupts a deployment.
    • When you deploy customizations with Apex code to production, local Apex tests are run as part of the  deployment.
    • Testing constitutes the largest part of total deployment time
    • Quick deployments
    • Roll out your customizations to production faster by running tests as part of validations  and skipping tests in your deployments
      • don’t test in deployment, test in validation
    • first run a  validation in production
    • The components have been validated successfully for the target environment within the last  four days (96 hours).
    • Apex tests  in the target org have passed.
    • Code coverage requirements are met.
    • The validation process locks the resources that are being  deployed.
    • Apostle Russell M. Nelson said, “Indeed, in some instances, the merciful companion to truth is silence. Some truths are best left unsaid….Any who are tempted to rake through the annals of history, to use truth unrighteously, or to dig up “facts” with the intent to defame or destroy, should hearken to this warning of scripture:” He then quoted from the Romans 1:17-18 ? a threat to the ungodly to beware of the wrath of God. (Russell M. Nelson, “Truth-and More,” Ensign, Jan. 1986, p. 69) The message from current leaders is clear. Pretend that the LDS leaders are infallible, blindly obey and conform. For easy access to these and other statements see Link to content.)
    • It focuses on Rick Grimes, a deputy who is shot in the line of duty and awakens from a coma in the zombie apocalypse that placed Georgia under quarantine. He finds his wife and son, and meets other survivors, gradually taking on the role of leader among a group and later a community.
    • He is rescued by Glenn, who takes him to his small camp of survivors. Among them are Rick’s wife Lori and his son Carl.
    • The farm’s owner, Hershel Greene and his family, are in denial about the walkers’ nature and have been storing deceased loved ones and neighbors in their barn. Rick’s group is asked to leave the farm and stumbles upon an abandoned prison, which they decide to make their home
    • They meet some surviving inmates when they break into the prison’s cafeteria.
    • This inmate, a convicted serial killer, is eventually captured and killed. Other inmates stage a rebellion.
    • A katana-wielding woman named Michonne arrives at the prison seeking refuge and causes tension among some of Rick’s survivors.
    • Rick and Tyreese get into a fight and the community decides to have a council with four co-leaders instead of Rick as sole leader.
    • Rick, Michonne and Glenn observe a helicopter crash in the distance and leave the prison to search for it. They find a small town called Woodbury, where a large, well-armed and organized group of survivors has taken refuge.
    • Woodbury’s leader is a man called the Governor. The Governor captures Rick’s group and interrogates them. He mutilates Rick by cutting off his right hand and rapes and tortures Michonne.
    • Michonne tortures the Governor before she leaves.
    • Rick informs the prison’s residents of what took place in Woodbury and tells them to prepare for battle.
    • The volume ends with the Governor’s arrival with his army and a tank.
    • The RV members arrive to reinforce the prison’s residents.
    • The Governor is killed by one of his own soldiers after she realizes she murdered a woman and baby on his orders. With the prison burning and in shambles, Rick’s band scatters and flees.
    • They run across a friendly man named Aaron who claims he is trustworthy and can escort them to a large, walled-off community of survivors called the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
    • Scavengers arrive and threaten the community. Alexandria wins the battle but alert a massive herd of hundreds of zombies to their presence. Rick takes command of the community.
    • Monroe claims he is a recruiter for a nearby band of 200 or more people called Hilltop Colony.
    • it has a dangerous enemy called The Saviors.
    • Rick and crew confront the Hilltop Colony’s enemy, the Saviors. The Saviors are a brutal gang led by a man named Negan
    • Paul takes Rick to request help from an exotic man named Ezekiel, leader of a community called the Kingdom. The Kingdom is based in Washington, D.C., where one of the Saviors makes an independent offer to help battle Negan.
    • The alliance seizes the opportunity to assassinate Negan, but Negan retreats and declares war.
    • Negan falls for Rick’s ruse. Rick slashes Negan’s throat and demands that war cease. Negan survives the attack as Rick’s prisoner.
    • A new group arrives in Alexandria, and meet the imprisoned Negan.
    • A new threat emerges as living people disguised as walkers attack, calling themselves The Whisperers.
    • Rick declares war on the Whisperers and must use a former enemy as a last resort.
    • I shouldn’t be surprised that it all fell apart so quickly—that tends to happen when you draft an undersized prospect with a known alcohol problem (or known to everyone except Cleveland). And yet… JESUS. Jesus Jesus Jesus. In the past year alone, Manziel was indicted for beating his girlfriend and threatening to kill her. He also showed up drunk to team headquarters, and dry-humped every visible TMZ camera lens. And the Browns themselves were accused of covering for Manziel being shitfaced by pretending he was concussed (I elect to believe he was both).

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daily 07/22/2016

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    • If U of H in the Big 12 is the horse trading McRaven has to do to get the U of H opposition to the UT Houston initiative, he is going to do it. He doesn’t care in the least about the Big 12 conference. He cares about the UT System.




       Those who dare doubt Admiral McRaven do so at their own peril, he is not going to out maneuvered or out strategized.

    • McRaven needs to go “chain of command” on this and tell the legislature he is not the president of UT Austin he is a system chancellor and thus he does not get involved in Austin athletics business the UT President does and if they want a SYSTEM chancellor that gets involved in single university athletics call that dullard sharp and tell him UH to the SEC SEC SEC and otherwise $#@! off stop bothering him with UT Austin Athletics BS
    • I have no problem with U of H and UT working together to promote the interests of each system. What will be fun is to watch aggy push the legislature for additional funding to help deal with their insane growth rate in a down budget cycle. Especially when aggy has done nothing over the past five years to build any political support.
    • Would UT give up the LHN in order to grease the wheels for the UT-H campus?
    • I thought only aggy had such low collective self-esteem that they considered every stupid online ranking that mentioned them a form of validation.
    • Yes there are. This is being decided on the Presidents’ level, not the fan or coach level. The stronger UH and TTech are, the bigger a relief they can be on UT’s enrollment pressures, allow us to be more exclusive.
    • UH can’t replace UT, but a strong UH, along with TCU, Baylor, and TTech might be enough critical mass to allow the B12 to remain a P5 conference if UT moves up to the more academically compatible B1G.
    • UH actually has more on campus beds than anybody in the state but aggy (of course you wouldn’t dare live in an apartment near the UH campus!).
    • UT has 8,141 beds on campus and 100% are full and UT has Dolby, the Woo and University Towers pretty much right there along with the virgin vault the Masonic Lodge and the other smaller private dorms right there as well
    • UH has 8,008 beds on campus, but unfortunately for them only 7,383 of them have a warm body that sleeps in them each night so just like their new stajium they bring a lot of “empty”
    • So uninformed. UH freshmen have equal or better average SAT/ACT scores than every public school in the Big 12 not named UT or OU. One-third of them graduated in the Top 10% of their HS class. They have options.
    • When UT comes into the Houston market, the best of brightest from U of H are gone.
    • Campaign manager Paul Manafort initially suggested Trump had been misquoted, but a transcript released by the newspaper matched quotations attributed to the candidate.

    • “Right now, we subsidize the vast majority of NATO – how is that fair?” he told CBS News. “You have countries that are part of NATO and who don’t pay anything or pay very, very little.”

    • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was more forgiving. “I am willing to kind of chalk it up to a rookie mistake,” he tweeted.

    • What’s at stake, Clark said, is how strongly Europe can fight Russian economic corruption, whether European nations will stand with the U.S. in resisting China’s use of the South China Sea, and even the strength of the European Union.

    • Estonia’s president Toomas Hendrik Ilves, without referring to Trump by name, quickly tweeted that his nation is “equally committed to all our NATO allies, regardless of who they may be. That’s what makes them allies.”

    • The show of political collaboration comes at a delicate time in the academic relationship between Texas and Houston. UT System Chancellor Bill McRaven angered University of Houston officials with a surprising purchase of 332 acres south of the Texas Medical Center in Houston last year. So far, UT has yet to outline its long-term plans.


    • An official close to the deliberations told the American-Statesman that Houston officials have signaled they would drop opposition to the construction of a UT satellite campus on that land in exchange for help in getting into the Big 12.


    • “For anyone to think there’s a swap there, I say not only no, but hell no,” Whitmire said. “They are separate and apart. I have heard from at least four other UT universities that they are concerned about the diversion of resources from their institution to a proposed, very expensive, unpurposed site in UT-Houston.”


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daily 07/21/2016

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    • the indelible image of Republican loyalists booing one of their own senior elected officials for saying they should vote their conscience.
    • Of course, there were little clues that he was going off-script. Like saying that Muslims and atheists have the right to religious freedom, that gays are protected by the Bill of Rights, and mentioning Alton Sterling and the victims of the Charleston-Emanuel AME Church massacre.
    • the Cougars are a commuter school with an indifferent fanbase set in a city that looks to Caracas for its zoning laws and Bangladesh for its climate.
    • When and if Texas tries to break away when the Big 12 Grant of Rights expires (assuming we’re not dumb enough to extend it), Texas will find scraping off the barnacles a lot harder than anyone thinks.








    • Cruz entered the castle of his allies, and he went for the head of the king.
    • Antony, in reality, wants two things: to avenge Caesar’s murder and to rule Rome.
    • The method he chooses is to gain permission to speak at Caesar’s funeral, and that is the sole reason he plays the role he does in the Capitol.
    • To get a prime speaking spot at the RNC, Cruz needed Trump’s trust, and to gain said trust, the Master of Trolls had to manipulate the truth so that its real intent was at best invisible, and at worst incomprehensible.
    • What may have been seen as Cruz succumbing to his weak oration skills, intentionally or not, was in effect the Master of Trolls taking a substantial bite from the evening’s schedule, possibly bumping Newt Gingrich’s speech, making Cruz the de facto lead-in for Trump’s VP, Mike Pence.


    • Everything about the speech felt as if it was building to an endorsement of Donald Trump. But it wasn’t an endorsement of Trump. It was self-promotion. Cruz’s call for Republican’s to vote with their conscious reframed the entire speech as day one in Ted Cruz’s 2020 bid for president.
    • I struggle to find a more elaborate, gutsy, self-centered, and inspired troll. I can’t imagine what Cruz felt as he landed the dismount that would secure him the gold medal of trolling. All I can do is live vicariously through his smile at the moment everything finally came together.

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