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    • Step 1: A form requesting a price quote is submitted by a prospect. This is the catalyst that kicks off the whole process.
    • Step 2: Upon form submission, prospect records are automatically created or updated in Pardot.
    • To solve this problem, we attached the auto-responder send action to an automation rule. We’ve used Pardot’s tag feature liberally for this process.
    • Marketing Team


      Responsible for email creative, form/landing page look and feel, lead flow process, nurturing program design, PPC integration
    • Webmaster


      Responsible for placing JavaScript tracking code within the element of the webpage, implementing iframe code for Pardot forms
    • IT Admin


      Responsible for creation of CNAME records (e.g. for tracker domans, and implementing email authentication (DKIM and SPF)
    • Marketing Agency (if applicable)


      Responsible for overall strategy for online marketing and lead management/nurturing, and for creative for landing page and email assets
    • CRM Admin (if applicable)


      Responsible for installing Pardot’s CRM application, setting up custom fields/layout, adding activities iframe
    • Email Unsubscribe & Email Preference Center Pages Create email unsubscribe and email preference center pages modeled after an existing page on your website (e.g., Contact Us or About Us page).  



      URL To Use As Page Styling Model:
    • Samantha Dravis, the senior counsel and associate administrator in EPA’s Office of Policy, tendered her resignation last week, the agency confirmed to The Hill on Thursday.

    • She was also president of the Rule of Law Defense Fund,
    • an organization of conservative political donors led by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch.
    • Assuming the Washington Post story is accurate and Trump is currently —nemphasis on “currently”— a subject of the investigation but not a target, one thing is absolutely certain: Trump is, today, under active investigation by Mueller. Period.

    • Mueller’s conclusions about obstruction of justice, which probably will explode into public view by June or July, will rock Congress, especially Republicans running in 2018.

    • If Mueller does charge that the president committed obstruction of justice, the minute that report becomes public (which it certainly will one way or the other) there will be a huge public firestorm. The issue of impeachment will take center stage.

    • t would be a disastrous and historic mistake for Republicans to attack the investigators, the investigations and the media in the face of ongoing Russia-related bombshells produced by Mueller’s investigation.
    • Republicans who do so are on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of the facts, the wrong side of the law and the wrong side of the politics.
    • Whatever the coming Mueller bombshells will include, the right and smart move for Republicans as the midterms approach is to stand foursquare on the side of America against this hostile foreign attack.

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