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daily 08/29/2016

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    • This could be a great opportunty for comprimise since if we had smarter police then maybe they would of been able to do better detective work on Benghazi and maybe we could have someone who has actively participated in redlining as President instead of someone who tacitly approved of it.
    • we talked about why Republicans have trouble recruiting stat heads, the problem with media-driven campaigns, and whether Donald Trump can revolutionize politics.




    • The big innovations in the period that followed 2004 were being derived mostly from advances in the social sciences. You ended up getting this culture gap between the parties that manifests itself in technical capacity.
    • Republicans had a problem and still have a problem getting the types of people who have those skills and expertise to come and work on their campaigns
    • Micro-targeting isn’t going out and finding magical voters that nobody else knew about and magical issues to talk about with them, often ever, but it is quite good at making your direct mail budget 20 percent more effective by cutting out people who are highly likely to vote for you or never vote for you so that you’re not wasting money trying to persuade them.
    • If you’re trying to mobilize nonvoters, giving them more information about the candidates or the parties or the issues or the consequences of the election doesn’t dramatically affect their likelihood of voting.
    • [They can] tell people who are habitual nonvoters that whether or not they vote is not just a solitary act or solitary decision but exists in a social context where their friends and neighbors and politicians can be observing and surveying and possibly judging them.
    • The problem with broadcasts is that it gets in front of everybody. It’s why people don’t buy get-out-the-vote billboards.
    • That’s why you run sound trucks only through neighborhoods where you’re going to get an overwhelming percentage of the vote. You don’t want to be reminding your opponent’s supporters that Election Day is coming up.
    • I think that everything that he does is so ridiculously untargeted that even if it were to have a mobilizing effect, even if it were to be so emotionally resonant that it shocked or nudged nonvoters out of their complacency, it is likely to do so in such a broad-based way that I’m not sure Trump would benefit from it.

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daily 08/28/2016

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    • Salesforce Dashboards and Chart Basics
    • Add a Dashboard Component | Salesforce   

    • The fact that there is not a Baylor representative alive who can sit in front of a TV camera and answer questions in complete, intelligent sentences means that any sophomore J-School student could embarrass the hell out of us. 60 Minutes will nail our pelts to same wall as all the other shady characters in the history of that program who thought they were too smart to get caught.
    • • The front-line engineers also said the developer, ARG Bull Creek, appeared to dramatically overestimate mass transit service to the development, in turn reducing the projected car traffic to the Grove. The developer’s study presumed that Capital Metro would run the No. 19 bus every 10 minutes, a far cry from the route’s current hourly service. The initial drafts say the assumption was apparently made without consulting Capital Metro.

    • • The names of all three front-line engineers initially listed on the report were removed and replaced by a supervisor’s name. “As we discussed, please remove my name from the memo,” wrote André Betit, an engineer in the city’s Transportation Department, in a March 22 email. He earlier sent his bosses an email protesting any changes to the traffic department’s findings.

    • Engineers removing their names “is a signal that someone should ask some questions.”

    • While it is unclear from the documents if the review process was cut off, they do show that officials repeatedly struck or discounted concerns brought by the city’s engineers about the Grove’s traffic.

    • How can I create a report showing accounts without contacts?

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daily 08/27/2016

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daily 08/26/2016

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daily 08/25/2016

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daily 08/24/2016

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  • tags: tableau

  • tags: tableau

    • You can read the letter below:


    • people seriously protested “the influx of Islam” outside of the downtown Islamic Da’wah Center owned by Hakeem Olajuwon, the only athlete to not spectacularly disappoint this city.
    • When Peyton Manning left Indy he wanted to come to Houston, but Gary Kubiak vetoed it.
    • technically you weren’t supposed to have steep inclines on an Olympic Marathon course; we suspected that organizers had inserted the hill because Jerome Drayton, the Canadian hope for a medal in the event, was strong on the hills)
    • Due to my standing in the sport and the fact that I’d decided not to run the 10,000 meters event, ABC invited me to provide commentary for its coverage. Lasse Viren won as expected; again, the graceful, lithe Finn flashed across the line, looking more like a rocker than a jock, prevailing in a contemplative individual sport in which you competed more against yourself than other runners or the clock. I wasn’t about to say anything about the shadow of blood-doping hanging over Viren or disabuse fans in their hope that an alternative sort of sports hero had emerged. Indeed, I had also been placed in this alternative camp—even though my greatest pleasure was cleaning the clock of Harvard rivals in the smelly dark IC4A field houses of the cold Northeast.
    • That seemingly inconsequential break in my ritual, however, turned out to be crucial.
    • t the Munich Games, my racing flats had been custom-made by the top designer from Adidas, the German shoe company that then dominated the athletic-shoe market.
    • Our goal and shared focus (too narrow a focus, as it turned out) was to produce the lightest pair of racing flats in history.
    • I waited in the warmup area. Instead of cursing my bad luck, I reverted to my default mode of dealing with stress: movement. I jogged back and forth in my training shoes. For some reason, I remained calm. I felt confident that this would work out.
    • through better chemistry, anything was possible.
    • IVONA is a high quality speech synthesizer. It’s main purpose is to convert a text to speech (TTS). IVONA technology allows to create digital voices speaking various languages. IVONA voices are recognized for their natural and expressive sound. These facts are confirmed by the numerous honors and awards. The most important are major prizes in prestigious, international contest Blizzard Challenge in the years 2006, 2007 and 2009. Voice generated by IVONA synthesizer was considered to be the most natural and closest to a human voice.  After installation votes, ivona_sapi5_voice_v1.6.60.dll copy file into directory C: Program Files IVONA IVONA 2 voice x86 – for x86 bit Windows or C: Program Files (x86) IVONA IVONA 2 voice x86 – for x64 bit windows.
    • Keep in mind that Bill O’Brien had the chance to keep Wade Phillips around when he took over this team, but kicked him to the curb (for Romeo Crennel, no less), only to watch Wade and the man he replaced cruise to a Super Bowl win last year. EAT SHIT, BILL.
    • Anyway, there is nothing to suggest that Osweiler deserved the $37 million in guarantees that the Texans paid, a contract they threw down just so that they can look like they care about addressing the quarterback position.
    • Osweiler was then benched for a wet-armed Peyton Manning and had the nerve to pout about it when Manning—who is only one of the greatest quarterbacks in league history—kept the job all the way through to the Super Bowl.
    • What has always sucked: Bob McNair. Bob McNair is the worst.
    • So of course this town would adore a loathsome billionaire and his delusional prick of a defensive end.
    • . I swear this would be a lethal receiving corps if Big Ben were the QB and not Steve from Stranger Things.
    • 6. The reason the Texans made the playoffs last year was the defense. A defense built by Wade Phillips, who the Texans didn’t keep as defensive coordinator because Romeo Crennel needed another sideline to destroy.

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daily 08/23/2016

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