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daily 12/30/2013

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    • It works on ANY machine with Virtual-box installed! You can get Virtual-box for free just google for their homepage. That program simulates computer. Just do not forget to disable EFI in virtual machine options and add in archive included CD iso file to machine as cd.
    • Thx a LOT! I’m running it on a host Ubuntu 10.04 LTS + Oracle VirtualBox 4.1.12 and it works JUST FINE. Even 3D, 2D, all working fine… I have a Lenovo T410 (core i5) at work and I had to enable VT and VT-d in BIOS. Also, set the VM config to be a Mac OS Server 64 bits and set video memory all the way up to 128MB. Anyone knows how to use a shared folder? Also, is there a way to set custom resolutions (my native monitor resolution is 1440×900 (16:10). To conclude, can you make sure there isn’t any keylogger, spy soft, etc? (Just in case…)
    • virtualbox guest editions (for tho
    • SugarCRM Virtual Machines


      Bitnami virtual machine images contain a minimal Linux operating system and a fully configured Bitnami application stack. Running virtual machine images requires a hypervisor such as VMware or VirtualBox, so it is recommended for system administrators and advanced users. Learn more


      Readme    ChangeLog   


      Default application login information. Please change this to avoid unauthorized access:



      username: user


      password: bitnami



      System account:



      username: bitnami



      You can find additional documentation at the Bitnami Virtual Machine FAQ.


      VMware Virtual Machines



      Ubuntu 12.04






















      Version Size Checksum
      SugarCRM 6.5.16-0 (64-bit)  422 MB   <a rel="nofollow" data-content="  MD5: c2b688a36bc7a95dd9f3dbdc4a379786  ” title=”” class=”bitnami-popover” href=”#” data-original-title=”” data-toggle=”popover” data-html=”true” data-placement=”top”>show     Download 






      If you are using VMware ESX, ESXi or VirtualBox, check our article on how to start Bitnami virtual appliances.

    • The defining thing about airports is that no one really wants to be there.
    • It is a world Free of Duty, but also inhabited and ruled by the sullen and uncompromising familiarity of global luxury brands.
    • They were complex constructions, but at heart very simple: a set of data sources, some business logic, and a web front end.
    • and also there are these giant goonish jugs of Johnnie Walker Blue Label that cost $600 and are too big to be anything but exemplary how-you-like-me-now purchases. (They might as well have Maybach Music logos on them.)
    • They were systems that lasted years, with complex Java or .NET code running on finely tuned application servers. This was state of the art for the first decade of the 21st century. We’d spend tens of thousands of dollars on hardware from Sun, from Dell, from Cisco, from a dozen specialist vendors — and as much on software licenses.
    • The idea of the great international Duty Free experience, it seems to me, is to communicate a simultaneously comforting and unattainable/aspirational depiction of globo-luxury
    • Now, of course, things are a lot easier. Why build a test environment when you can use virtual machines to host your development platform, and why host those VMs on your own servers when you can pay pennies an hour to host them on an infrastructure-as-a-service cloud platform, like AWS or Azure.
    • Using the cloud gives you plenty of advantages over a physical development environment. It’s easy to reconfigure, and easier still to reset if a test deployment fails. Getting started with cloud for test and development makes a lot of sense, even if you’re building an application that’s going to be deployed in a data center. After all, if you’re using properly anonymized test data, there are no data protection issues. And if it works in the cloud for dev and for test, then it might just work there as a live service.
    • Where you might have used a heavyweight web server to deliver pages and services, now you’re as likely to rely on lightweight technologies like node.js and model-view-controller frameworks. Even so, some things are still familiar. We’re still using JavaScript, and we’re still using Java and .NET on the back-end. There’s even still space for that old warhorse, PHP.
    • They signify wealth and airless consensus; they’re a reminder that, wherever you’re going, it will probably be important to have as much money as possible.
    • Databases have changed too. There’s still a place for the hefty Oracle or SQL Server, but it’s got to be considered alongside the NoSQL alternatives, especially when we’re trying to keep costs down and performance up. New tools like Cassandra and MongoDB mean there’s a lot of scope for fine tuning storage options to meet the needs of an application — even using the tools built into cloud platforms, or into software-as-a-service solutions.
    • This remote place was suddenly very much of interest, and just unbelievably gob-smackingly ridiculously wealthy.
    • Instead of building a custom CRM system (as we did for one client), you can use the APIs offered by Salesforce or Netsuite and build your application around theirs
    • Where we used to design the UI as an integral part of an application, it’s now better to take an API-first approach to development, treating applications as services in a workflow.
    • With APIs at the heart of a modern enterprise application, we can then let user-led teams develop their own applications — and if it’s a consumer-facing application, deliver packaged apps as well as web applications.
    • Politics, such as they exist, are of the bureaucratic and Palace Intrigue variety.
    • Qatar has the highest per capita GDP in the world and 14 percent of (citizen) households are millionaires — and a great deal of ambition. And so there is a great deal of churning.
    • To build a nation quickly, and from scratch, requires a certain amount of planning, but mostly it is a matter of doing and making. Planning is important, but it tends to seem less important as things speed up.
    • Devops needs different tools. Instead of pre-configuring servers and then leaving them for someone else to manage, it’s important to take advantage of the new generation of configuration management tools like Puppet and Chef to automate the process of setting up servers — whether in your own data center or in the cloud.
    • Also those contractors do not necessarily have to do all the things they have to do elsewhere; there are laws, even somewhat strict laws, but they are not fully enforced or enforceable. And so the contractors don’t do what they have to do.
    • The idea is just to do it, to make someplace great — peaceful, beautiful, luxurious and yes expensive, and so finally a brand in itself to the extent that people will hear “Doha” and understand it the same awed and abstracted and faintly reverential way they understand DIOR or PRADA or JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL. At which point… well, what, then? That’s a goal, but is it an ending?

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daily 12/29/2013

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daily 12/28/2013

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  • What a day, what a day! I think I deserve a new book.

    • usually it is a broken wire in the harness where it jumps from the roof to the hatch. a little difficult to repair, but not impossible. you can do it yourself.
       you can test it by sending 12 volts directly to the motor.
    • i’ve found the 4 way connector block on the back of the motor
       yellow wire with a green stripe …. seems to be permanatly live with the ignition on
    • There is a relay that operates the motor in the left rear quater panel. The washer is operated from the front washer tank (I do beleive… i may be wrong).
       It sounds more like you have a bad switch or something if they both dont work.
       Check the ground for the motor also.
    • Don’t know about how yours is, however, turned out the rubber hose was broken right between the upper hatch frame and the rear door.

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daily 12/27/2013

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    • But the names that are popping up as intruging Texas, such as Dantonio and Stanford‘s David Shaw, would indicate Patterson sees value in a polished, high-integrity, no-nonsense coach.
    • So who is the Eleventh Doctor? He’s willing to spend centuries unspooling a mystery. He bonds with little children, but can be kind of a jerk to adults.
    • He’s kind of obstinately whimsical.
    • He’s a tinkerer who loves to make toys. He likes to shout at spaceships. All of these elements are on full display in “Time of the Doctor.”
    • Meanwhile, the Doctor’s old friend Tasha Lem knows that if the Doctor does speak his name and the Time Lords come back, there will be a whole new Time War. So she turns her church into the Church of the Silence, dedicated to keeping the Doctor from speaking. And one part of that church goes back and causes basically the entire plot of seasons five and six, blowing up the TARDIS and sending River Song to assassinate him and stuff.
    • There is a lot of stuff that’s covered in shorthand in this episode, because Steven Moffat wants to wrap up three seasons’ worth of stories.
    • The Doctor escapes from being erased by the Crack in season five, because he tells Amy a story about the madman and his blue box, and embraces the idea that “we’re all stories in the end.
    • So all of this four-year story has been about undoing the Time War’s legacy and bringing back the Time Lords.
    • In any case, the point of this whole story, since “The Eleventh Hour,” has been to maneuver the Doctor into undoing his biggest crime, and remove a stain from his shining armor.
    • Both showrunners love romance tinged with innuendo, the Doctor as tragic figure, and a certain kind of epic-story formula.
  • The dreams God has placed in your heart may seem impossible. Be bold and say, “God, you promised it, now I’m asking you for it.”

  • Woofy Woofmas.

  • Students raising guiding dogs for the blind at the Technion.

  • tags: JFR

    Wishing all my @roguerunning friends a Merry Christmas from the Lakefront Trail! True Chicagoans #JFR!

  • Snowmen pancakes with bacon scarves. Merry Christmas!

  • Welcome back Clint, and a Merry Christmas to one and all! #coyw #ffc

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    • A. Psychological Approach to the Dogma of the Trinity
    • ay they are “attempting to identify the rider for potential charges.”

      Adding insult to injury, German officials are calling it a “petty offense.” (Don’t they know it’s cold in Germany?)

    • It is explained in the lecture that follows this play that the story is a lesson in fidelity to one’s word, and in the brevity of life.
    • In the following we shall deal with several separate approaches to the greatest of the  Christian mysteries. Some of these may contradict each other, while others tend to  complement one another, and still others will restate truths present in other approaches.



    • Christendom made it into dogma that Jesus mystically changed these substances into  his body and blood and gave authority to his apostles to perform the same sacred miracle  until the end of time. The
    • The Eucharist became a mere memorial meal, a sign rather than a symbol.
    • The mind is the slayer of the real; numinous myth and transcendental mystery  cannot survive rationalism, whether in the form of Aristotelian theology or in the shape  of the modernism of Hans Küng and his fellows. Dogma is the murder of mystery, even if it  takes centuries for the victim to die.
    • The mysteries in the pre-Christian era were elaborately devised ritual dramas contrived  to intensify the spiritual transformation of the initiate. They were usually patterned  after the mythic life, death, and resurrection of a particular deity to whom the mystery  was dedicated. The candidate was usually made to symbolically undergo certain events in  the life story of the hero. This is still evident in the initiation rituals of  Freemasonry, particularly in the sublime degree of Master Mason, where the candidate  undergoes the death and rising again of the Masonic hero Hiram Abiff
    • “The Mass is arranged upon a plan so well  conceived that everything done by Jesus Christ or concerning Him, from His Incarnation to  His Ascension, is there largely contained either in words or in actions, wonderfully  presented.”
    • The  great fault of non-Gnostic Christianity has always been to reduce myth with a meaning to  history with a moral, and this is what happened to the Mass at the hands of the  theologians.
    • The ancient Gnostics  for the most part seem to have held that Jesus was a human being who, very much like a  hero in the pagan tradition, became divine as a result of his spiritual virtue.
    • Jesus the  hero became Christ the God. (This event is said to have been finalized, as it were, on the  occasion of the baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan, which was called the Epiphany, or  the manifestation of Christ to the world.)
    • In the church calendar the events of the  life of Jesus are relived, from Christmas to Ascension and beyond.
    • And the celebration of the  Eucharist is a daily reenactment of this same drama, fortified by the mystical communion  one may partake of with the hero himself.
    • Only Gnosis, experienced within the Gnostic tradition, discloses this fact to us in all  its promise and wonder.
    • While  magic may be anathema to the rationalist, it is an old friend to the lover of myth and  ritual.
    • With his paranormal faculties Leadbeater perceived certain  recurring patterns of forces not ordinarily visible that manifested at each celebration of  the Eucharist. The pattern seemed to organize itself into a form that described as a sort  of structure resembling a spire or cupola.
    • While perusing the abbot’s  files he discovered a drawing prepared some years before by a rural seer, representing a  form clairvoyantly perceived by the seer every time the Mass was said in the village  church. Some six or seven years later the writer discovered a representation of the  “Eucharistic edifice” in Leadbeater’s book. It matched the Austrian one in eerie  detail!
    • Jung emphasizes that those involved in the celebration of the Mass are ministering  causes of the divine event.
    • But when humans become the ministering agents of divinity, having mystically  sensed that divinity wants to manifest itself through humanity, then we are dealing with  high magic.
    • Wherever the [low] magical aspect of a rite tends to prevail, it brings the rite nearer  to satisfying the individual ego’s blind greed for power, and thus breaks up the mystical  body of the Church into separate units. Where on the other hand, the rite is conceived as  the action of God himself, the human participants have only an incidental or  “ministering” significance.2
    • Humility in the face of transcendence; this is Jung’s great characteristic as a man,  and it is also his advice to us. “The hammer cannot discover within itself the power  which makes it strike,” as he remarked in the essay quoted above.
    • It’s surprising to me that RapGenius, a company with $15 million in financing, would openly execute such a frugal strategy for their link-building efforts. There are many consulting firms and savvy internet marketers that specialize in this work. We’ll see what Google decides for their efforts.

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    • Dempsey, 30, is currently with Seattle Sounders FC and he will spend part of the Major League Soccer off-season at Craven Cottage in what will be his second spell at the club. The midfielder spent five and a half seasons at the west London club before leaving for Tottenham on deadline day in August 2012.
    • If you’re using a tiny mirrorless camera, your first lens acquisition should definitely be a thin, wide-angle prime lens that will help you make the most out of the camera body’s compact size. Who needs a shrunken camera if you need a bag to carry it around all the time? If you’ve got a new DSLR, go for a 35mm or 50mm prime with a maximum aperture of f/2.0 or faster should be your priority.
  • Christmas always gets me feeling ,some kinda way!! I miss family while I’m with them…I’m easy to be humble grateful ….Its beyond me!

    • Yesterday, following a call to action on Rap Genius’ Facebook page looking for blogs interested in participating in the company’s affiliate program, Y Combinator alum John Marbach recounted an interaction he had with Rap Genius co-founder Mahbod Moghadam in which he was asked to post a series of links to Justin Bieber song lyrics in exchange for “MASSIVE traffic.”
    • What sets Rap Genius apart from the thousand other lyric spam sites rife with pop up ads is that they’ve figured out how to exploit this tendency. The annotation format gives them a good excuse to create a standalone page for each individual line, which maximizes their presence on search engines
    • For me, in terms of personal satisfaction, the mission’s already accomplished. I already won. As soon as the journalists were able to work, everything that I had been trying to do was validated. Because, remember, I didn’t want to change society. I wanted to give society a chance to determine if it should change itself.
    • Beatboxing Poses Little Risk of Injury to Voice

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