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daily 12/29/2017

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daily 12/28/2017

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    • Everything was fine. Bullet dodged. You felt smug relief in the distance. You knew something those filmmakers didn’t. You know how this turned out.


    • A guy shoots 600 people from his Vegas hotel room, only the deadliest mass shooting in American history, and three months later not only have we all moved on from it, we don’t even know (or seem to care anymore) why he did it.
    • We appear to have definitive proof that there are aliens and that they have technology that the United States is “incapable of defending itself” against, and I haven’t heard a single person in my life bring this up in conversation in even a passing fashion.
    • “Your children are not gone,” he says. “They are just waiting for a world that deserves them.” Every parent in the audience sobs. They know what world they’ve given their children, and what it means for all of them. The question is: Do we?

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daily 12/25/2017

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daily 12/23/2017

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daily 12/20/2017

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    • You use workouts that help you better judge race pace internally
    • We know that the carbohydrate stores are lowered after 90 to 120 minutes of running so you want to do 30-60 minutes of running “after” this to maximize fat burning and to help stimulate the body to store more muscle glycogen for future runs (and races).
    • Therefore, the long, steady runs must last at least two hours and the longer the better and you may want to try to slowly reduce your carbohydrate ingestion before and during this type of long run. Except for a few exceptions, you should try to gradually increase your long run above two hours and I find that long, steady runs of two and a half to three and a half hours are ideal for most competitive marathoners.
    • Finally, (and this is optional) a great way to ensure that you will deplete your carbohydrate stores on these long, steady runs is to not eat any carbohydrates immediately before or during the run.
    • Two words of wisdom here. First, I don’t recommend withholding carbohydrates for runs lasting longer than three and a half hours.
    • Another note: I recommend that you do these long, steady runs on a soft, uneven surface like dirt trails.
    • I’ll drink water with electrolytes during the run during hotter months but no carbohydrates. I get my 120-180 minutes of running in, then begin the reloading process described in this nutrition article.
    • I learned this from Gabriele Rosa (arguably the world’s greatest marathon coach). In his program, the last 10 to 30 minutes of the fast finish long runs are like a race.
    • So, a generic long run for someone who’s goal marathon pace is 7:00 per mile might be that the first 12 miles of a long run will be at 7:30 to 8:00 per mile, then the pace over the last 6 miles will average 7:00 per mile with the last couple of miles at 6:15 to 6:30 pace and the last 400 meters very fast.
    • Please note that I just said I DO recommend carbohydrates before and during the fast finish long runs. 
    • Our general rule when I coached the Discovery USA program was that if you could finish a 14- to 22-mile fast finish long run with the last 8-12 miles at a fast pace and the last 2-3 miles very fast, then you would have no problem accomplishing your goal in the marathon.
    • While I recommend a two-hour long, steady run virtually year round for most runners, you should not start the fast finish long runs until 8-10 weeks before the marathon.
    • Just alternate a weekly 2-3 hour long, steady run with a fast finish long run during the 8-10 weeks before your marathon and you will be amazed at how your body adapts. In the long, steady runs, start at the slow end of your long run pace and run for two to two and a half hours. On the next one, increase the duration by 15 to 30 minutes until 3-4 weeks before the marathon, you are running for two and a half to three and a half hours. (NOTE: I like the longest long run to be no more than 30-45 minutes longer than you plan to race with a maximum duration of four hours.)
    • (NOTE: I find that jumping into a half-marathon as the last part of your final few fast finish long runs is a great way to get these runs in with the support you will have in the marathon itself.)
    • Mile Repeats: Another workout I like to give my athletes is mile repeats, a real go-to for competitive runners. I like the distance of a mile (short enough to run fast but long enough that you can’t fake your fitness).  Four to six repeats is the perfect amount for a great workout.
    • I often suggest you begin the mile repeats at your cruise interval pace with 2-3 minutes recovery jog between repeats. You can progress to a faster pace as you feel and get ready.

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daily 12/19/2017

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daily 12/18/2017

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