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daily 02/24/2018

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    • Corporations invoking the protections of the new constitutional provision, by contrast, “succeeded in striking down numerous laws regulating business, including minimum wage laws, zoning laws, and child labor laws.”

    • Another reason corporations have been so effective is their ability to afford the best lawyers. From Daniel Webster to Ted Olson, the most effective advocates have been enlisted by corporations to press their cases.

    • Arguing for new corporate rights on behalf of the Santa Fe Railroad, Mr. Conkling flashed his notebook from the Senate committee deliberations and claimed that the word “citizens” had been changed to “persons” precisely to protect corporations.
    • rofessor Winkler convincingly demonstrates that the more expansive theories of corporate rights often rest on piercing the so-called corporate veil and allowing the corporation to effectively enforce the rights of its shareholders in its own name.
    • Ironically, the same corporatists who have embraced piercing the corporate veil for the purpose of securing new rights are the most vociferous in enforcing the veil to protect the corporation from any possible liabilities.
    • The Feb. 9 phone call from Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein to White House Counsel Donald McGahn came amid growing public scrutiny of a number of administration officials without final security clearances. Most prominent among them is Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law, who has had access to some of the nation’s most sensitive material for the last year while waiting for his background investigation to be completed.

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daily 02/19/2018

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    • Miss U.S.A., not Miss America, advances to the Miss Universe competition
    • I look over. Who’s alongside some nifty beauty from some Who-Knows-Where-Country? My brand-new Best Friend. He wasn’t The Donald then.” Adams concluded, “I also knew then that he loved beauty, loved blondes, and loved the Miss Universe Pageant.
    • They had a person who was extremely proud that a number of the women had become doctors,” Trump said. “And I wasn’t interested
    • Mr. Trump has long fought the idea that Moscow’s efforts might have influenced the election, branding it as a “hoax” perpetrated by Democrats embarrassed about losing to him. He has made little if any public effort to rally the nation to confront the Russians for their intrusion.
    • My guess is what Trump is hiding has to do with money. It’s something about his financial ties to business elites tied to the Kremlin.
    • Who can forget that quote from his son Donald Trump, Jr. from back in 2008: “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross section of a lot of our assets.” They may own our president
    • Yet, somehow, he is protected and nurtured by the entire GOP Congress, a Greek chorus of politicians who are willing to sell us, and our nation, out for a few shekels.
    • Today’s players have this in common: a profound distaste for America’s democratically elected government, and an obsessive need to cut it down to size. Their motives vary, but all have to do with personal pride offended.

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daily 02/18/2018

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    • Russian organization with hundreds of employees and a budget of millions of dollars is said to have systematically engaged in an effort (code named “Project Lakhta”) to undermine the integrity of the election and
    • Russian actors engaged in a multi-year, multi-million-dollar campaign of influence.
    • The one gap that can, and likely will, be filled in the future is the official Russian side of the ledger—what did Putin and the FSB know and do?

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daily 02/17/2018

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    • Haus Vaterland
    • n 1928, the building was reopened as Haus Vaterland, based on an idea by Leo Kronau, who had visited Coney Island in New York and wanted to emulate the international attractions in the amusement parks there and improve on Berlin’s own imitation, Lunapark.[18]
    • The architect for the conversion, Carl Stahl-Urach, the architect for Fritz Lang‘s Doctor Mabuse films,[n 3] modernised the exterior by applying stucco and in particular by wiring the domed section to be illuminated at night as an example of Architecture of the Night (Architektur der Nacht) or Light Architecture (Licht-Architektur)[9] which also emulated Coney Island lighting effects.[20]
    • A central kitchen occupied the entire top floor, connected to the different dining establishments by pneumatic tubes, through which orders came up, and dumbwaiters, by means of which food was sent down and dirty dishes sent back up; conveyor belts at kitchen level transferred the dishes to be machine washed, dried and stacked.[20]
    • In the Nazi years, the mix of restaurants was modified and the Jewish Kempinskis had to sell the building for a pittance to “Aryans” and leave the country.[29]
    • After the war, Potsdamer Platz was the point where three of the four Allied occupation zones met.
    • The ruined Haus Vaterland was in the Russian sector, but had doors to both the British and the American.
    • because of its position on the sector lines, it was a hotbed of spying, flight from the East, and black marketing in currency and goods.[29][39]


    • Ironically, when Potsdamer Platz was rebuilt after German reunification, the site of Haus Vaterland was the only parcel on which no entertainment facility was sited, only offices, because it was felt to be too small. The building abutting the square was given a semi-circular façade in homage to the round section of the building which had once stood there.[44]

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daily 02/16/2018

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daily 02/15/2018

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    • Many of the Salesforce Clouds, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Pardot, have already received design overhauls if they were born in Classic. 
    • for example, Kanban View and Report Builder (beta) etc., but, it is also putting effort to migrate features from the Classic interface to Lightning Experience (For example, Collaborative ForecastsEnterprise Territory Management, and, Add a Case Comment from a Related List, etc).
    • Territory Management, Collaborative Forecasts, Report folder sharing, Sharing your calendar with co-workers, Case Milestones, Service Contracts, Lightning Report Builder (beta), etc


    • can get an idea about all out-of-the box functionalities they are currently using; and, also about the customizations within the customer’s organization. Lightning Experience is undergoing rapid development. As a result, many of the current limitations will be addressed and covered in the next few releases.
    • When you add a product to an opportunity in Lightning Experience or Salesforce1, and the product has default schedules,Salesforce doesn’t create the schedules.
    • Salesforce ‘Classic’ and ‘Lightning’ can be used in unison, and users can switch between the two. Whether your company would become more productive depends on how it uses salesforce.
    • For this reason your company should ensure that all (or at the very least most!) day-to-day features required by your users are available in Lightning before migrating.
    • The downside is that whilst switching to Lightning offers greater flexibility in both Dashboard design and appearance, unfortunately not all of the Classic features can be configured in Lightning.
    • Users can’t create additional Reports & Dashboard folders
    • If your team relies on List Views to work sets of records, be it Opportunities or otherwise, then you’ll need to consider the implication of Lightning’s new List View visibility before switching.
    • This removes the ability to grant visibility to users based on their Role or membership of a group. An added complication is that ‘All’ users includes internal and partner users.
    • At GSP, we advocate the use of Products to almost all of our customers.


    • Product Schedules aren’t available in Lightning.


    • From what I’ve read, it seems that it’s currently more for companies that are looking to develop custom apps via the salesforce lightning platform and have those work more seamlessly on the Salesforce1 app since that runs on lightning. But I also know there’s a huge learning curve due to the huge re-organization for the UX.
    • Now some of what you develop might be compatible with Lightning and some of it might not be (like URL hacks, VF pages etc.) and the incompatible features will need revamping to be supported by Lightning.
    • Also, I would do a thorough gap analysis using the checklist provided by Salesforce and ssee where you stand and then build a transition plan from that point.
      • Lightning App Builder: visual user interface designer

      • Lightning Components and Design System: reusable user interface building blocks

      • Lightning Process Builder: visual business process designer

        • Lightning Connect: real-time integration with external data source systems

    • many solutions and applications have yet to convert to Lightning as well
    • your Salesforce instance won’t implode, but it also won’t be perfect

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daily 02/14/2018

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