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daily 03/30/2016

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    • Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click Clone to start migrating Windows 10 to SSD.
    • Step 3. Select the destination disk: new SSD(which is used to store Windows 10 and data).
        Sector by sector clone option enables you to clone all sectors from source disk to (SSD)destination disk.

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daily 03/28/2016

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daily 03/26/2016

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    • y the time Barr was done canvassing neuropsychologists from Lovell’s network, he calculated that at least 850 baseline tests—and perhaps thousands more—had been excluded from the NFL’s results.
    • Basically I pointed out that we had been obtaining baselines on players for 10 years, and when you look at the study it only included a small amount of data
    • There were nearly 5,000 baseline studies that had been obtained in that 10-year period. And only 655 were published in the study.”
    • In an interview, Barr told me it’s bad enough to remove data about healthy players. What the Times is reporting is even more egregious: “It just shows us that the data omission went through to all levels of the analysis.”
    • We now know that the league’s scientific committee removed players who got concussions from its studies on how many players get concussions. In the big picture, that revelation might not change much: The league looked bad before the Times report, and it looks bad after. It’s another important incremental step, though, in revealing what the NFL knew and what it didn’t want us to know.
    • and Headless Mode has been thrown in.
    • What many believe is that the problem probably lies in some software bug in the X5SC-1’s flight controller which gets confused when the quad is being flown against slight winds.
    • This makes the X5SC-1 an ideal choice for beginners and also experienced pilots looking for a cheap trainer drone to keep their flying skills sharp.
    • The Turnigy Nano-Tech 750mAh 35C is a good option and can boost flight time up significantly. One thing to remember if you decide to purchase the Nano-Tech 750mAh is that the battery’s connector is in reverse polarity to the one on the X5SC-1. To use this battery on the X5SC-1, you need to reverse the polarity of its connector. Failure to do this will result in permanent damage to the circuit board.
    • Headless Mode allows the operator to move the quad in any direction relative to the transmitter, irrespective of where the front or “head” of the quad is facing. This is especially useful for pilots who tend to lose orientation of their quads easily which often results in crashes.
    • The transmitter is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) and has a control range of about 50 to 80m. Some enthusiasts have come up with hacks to extend the transmitter range well over 80m.
    • he Syma X5SW is the latest and most advanced model in Syma’s X5 range of toy-grade quadcopters
      • Flight time: 


        • 6 to 8 minutes (without prop guards and camera)

        • approximately 4 minutes (with prop guards and camera turned on)
    • The X5SW comes with a phone holder that can be attached to the top of the transmitter. This makes it easier for the pilot to view the FPV feed while operating the X5SW.
    • The X5SW is not a quadcopter meant for fast FPV racing. However, the FPV feature can be useful when you need to do things like align and frame a shot. The live FPV feed also means you don’t need to land the quad first before you can view what you have recorded. This makes the X5SW a highly affordable “flying camera” that allows people, for instance, to do live surveys of their properties from the air or to help in searching for missing livestock.
    • Unlike the X5SC and the X5C, the X5SW does not record videos or photos onto a micro SD card on its camera. Instead, recording is done on the smartphone via the Syma FPV app. This is a weak point in the X5SW’s FPV feature, particularly when you consider that the video transmission can suffer from really bad latency.
    • However, with the camera removed, the X5SW enjoys similar flight times as the X5SC and X5C.

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daily 03/24/2016

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    • In an increasingly saturated online media landscape, the influence of social media may have outlived its usefulness. Voters today are embracing presidential candidates who appeal to their specific passions and ideals without attempting to consider, or even listen to, opposing views.
    • Before you start the exam, Write all the cost formulae and the ITTO’S on the paper. It proved to be of IMMENSE help to me during the exam.
    • Every web portal, blog or book i have come across said that you do not need to memorize the Input, Output and Tools and Techniques and a general understanding of the process would be more than sufficient to answer the question.


      Almost 30 questions of the 150 questions were as follows.
      What is the input to the ______ process
      What are the tools and techniques to ______ process
      What are the outputs to the ______ process.

      I would ask everyone to spend time and pay attention to every process within the exam. I did and it proved to be of great help to me during my exam. A great memory and understanding of the ITTO’s helped me answers questions really quick and i knew i had got them current which once again set the stage for a great exam.

    • What I did different? —– just before clicking “start exam” I took 30 min off and  wrote all the input, output and tools of activities briefly, by doing this I almost felt that I am giving an open book exam (thanks to OLGA!!! 😉 ).

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daily 03/21/2016

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    • require companies to offer paid sic
    • The message is clear: Push for sick leave and risk seeing slashes in the municipal budget. In fact, Tempe disbanded its formal sick leave study after the legislation passed, “because they were so chilled by the state threat,” Kuby told Bloomberg.
    • In 2006, years after state legislators made it illegal for cities to pass minimum wages that are higher than the state standard, voters overturned the law with a referendum,
    • Republicans support local government, unless the local government is liberal, in which case they support states’ rights, unless the state is liberal, in which case they support federal power, unless the president is a liberal, in which case they support local government again.


      Small government is for Real Americans. Everyone else gets the screws.

    • It seems like enabling users to save time while using apps has been a common thread in the past few months. The success of Launch Center Pro probably “raised awareness” in regards to the whole concept of URL schemes, but it’s been the increased adoption of x-callback-url and interest in automated workflows that proves better inter-app communication is something that (at least) third-party developers are thinking about
    • There are three main new features in the new Drafts: Dropbox actions, URL actions, and an improved URL scheme with support for callbacks and action triggers. I am going to explain how they work and include various actions and bookmarklets to demonstrate different use cases.
    • Like Mr. Reader’s developer found out, supporting every third-party app that has a URL scheme had become unfeasible.
    • in URL actions, only [[draft]], [[title]], and [[body]] are supported. URL actions, like Dropbox actions, will appear in the Drafts action panel in the main screen.
    • googlechrome
    • In practice, support for user-defined URL schemes turns Drafts into an app launcher focused on text strings.
    • With a more solid foundation of URL and Dropbox actions, automation has become the third pillar of the new Drafts. T
    • This has been made possible with the new action and x-success parameters.


    • We cover plenty of x-callback-url here, but here and then I write about apps without it
    • Regular Expressions can be incredibly useful when searching and replacing patterns in text. Blogger and podcaster Jason Snell writes that regular expressions saved him “hundreds of hours of drudgery

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daily 03/20/2016

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    • It states that for any proposition, either that proposition is true, or its negation is true
    • saying that it is necessary in every case to affirm or deny,[
    • An example of an argument that depends on the law of excluded middle follow
    • Aristotle wrote that ambiguity can arise from the use of ambiguous names, but cannot exist in the facts themselves:
    • Rosewill RHRC-13001 5.5 Cup Uncooked Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, White


      Build a Better Burger: Smoking

          By Todd • May 1st, 2011 • Category: How To Cook Burgers  

       <script type=”text/javascript”><!– google_ad_client = “ca-pub-4003618409356622”; /* ches/post/new */ google_ad_slot = “3061291990”; google_ad_width = 336; google_ad_height = 280; //–> </script> <script src=”; type=”text/javascript”> </script>



      Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I found out this past week that, for all of my self-proclaimed grilling expertise- especially when it comes to burgers– that I still have much to learn. The lesson has come courtesy of a shiny birthday present from my wife, the newest weapon in my griller warfare arsenal:



      That, my burger-loving brothers and sisters, is a Big Green Egg. For those of you not familiar, it’s the United States’ most popular brand of kamado. A kamado (short for mushikamado) is a type of traditional Japanese cooker fueled by wood or charcoal. Kamados were historically made of earthen materials like clay, but modern versions are usually ceramic. The Big Green Egg’s unique shape is specifically designed to help the cooker retain heat far better than conventional grills, say the brand’s fans. These cult-like devotees, who call themselves Eggheads, swear that anything you can grill can be cooked better on an Egg: ribs, roasts, pizzas, whole turkeys, even breads and baked desserts. In a surprise to no one, I put mine to the test with burgers.



      Cooking with a Big Green Egg begins with lump charcoal.  Once the fuel of choice for only the most rabid of grillers, lump charcoal (whole pieces of wood that have been exposed to extremely high temperatures to expel all volatile chemicals, leaving behind pure carbon) is now pretty readily available.



      It weighs less than charcoal briquettes (thanks to a lack of fillers like wood or sawdust and because it’s not compressed into a uniform shape), but costs a lot more. The upside is that it burns much cleaner and way hotter than your granddaddy’s Kingsford. I can attest to that personally; just 15 minutes after lighting, the temp inside my Big Green Egg was over 500 degrees and still climbing.

    • argument, premises, and conclusion
    • Argument: a sequence of two or more statements of which one is designated as the conclusion and all the others of which are premises.
    • Premises: the statements which are affirmed as providing grounds for accepting the conclusion.
    • Those 1s and 0s are rooted in Boolean binary — an expression of Boolean logic, where every value or action is reduced to an answer of true or false.
    • As Zadeh wrote in the foreword to a 2013 edition of an academic journal dedicated to fuzzy logic, his use of words instead of numbers, as well as the attempt to incorporate imprecision, was heresy to many of his colleagues. “
      • huh what is the excluded middle?
    • Indeed, the very word fuzzy often has a negative connotation in the U.S. (see fuzzy math in politics), and goes against Western notions of logic, which are mostly built around the Aristotelian law of the excluded middle: in lay terms, the idea that a statement cannot be true and false at the same time.
    • If you ask someone how the temperature is, we don’t say 82.3 degrees. We say it’s warm.”
    • The appliance was either on or off, and it did but one thing while it was on. In my current fuzzy-logic cooker,
    • She pointed out that they are the natural child of two of Japan’s obsessions: rice and robots. Fuzzy logic is a subset of the artificial intelligence used in robots, and rice is so important in the diet that manufacturers are constantly looking for better ways to cook it.
    • “The funny thing is, the more research they do, the more they realize that the way they used to cook it with fire was the best way,”
    • She says the more advanced technology is in many ways just better at mimicking a very old cooking technique that involves a vessel called a mushikamado, which looks something like an igloo with the top cut off.
      • mushimakodo is the big green egg
    • Although Rosenhaus appears poised to take over Manziel’s business interests, the super-agent won’t have an easy time finding the former first-round pick a new NFL home. La Canfora notes (via Twitter) that multiple teams have suggested they have no interest in considering Manziel until (or unless) he commits to major life changes, including making real progress toward getting sober.
    • The new G7 X Mark II is still a great camera for taking selfies and vlogging thanks to its 3-inch touchscreen that flips a full 180 degrees upward. The addition of a Digic 7 image processor with significantly improved people and object-tracking, in-camera RAW conversion, timelapse movie mode and NFC are just a handful of new features that take the camera to the next level.
    • Autofocus performance is said to have been improved as well, particularly with regards to low contrast scenes and subject tracking. A new panning feature has been added as well, allowing users to photograph a moving subject with locked-on autofocus and automatic shutter speed adjustments to create motion blur in the background. Depending on the direction you’re panning, the camera’s Intelligent Image Stabilizer (IS) will automatically turn on or off.
    • Canon has introduced the PowerShot G7 X Mark II with a new DIGIC 7 processor, bringing much-needed improvements to camera performance. Maintaining its predecessor’s 20.1MP 1″-type CMOS sensor and 24-100mm equiv. F1.8-2.8 lens, the G7 X II brings some updates to the camera’s exterior as well, with a re-designed grip, bottom-hinged 3″ 1.04M-dot LCD and a front control dial that can switch between clicking or smooth-turning operation.

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daily 03/19/2016

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    • Let the record show that Trump, three decades ago, not only killed off the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League but also killed off the entire USFL.

    • Many fine people lost jobs because of Trump’s audacious, predatory and unnecessary business practices.

    • The way I remember it is this: Trump bought the New Jersey Generals in 1984 with the hope he could ruin the USFL and then force a merger with the NFL. Trump was really only interested in one team getting absorbed — his.

    • The USFL was a modestly budgeted spring league with a puncher’s chance at survival until Trump arrived and drove player salaries through the roof while encouraging the USFL to make the suicidal move of taking on the NFL in the fall.

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