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daily 06/25/2013

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    • “If we didn’t have the discipline to keep that place spotless,” the Apple co-founder later recalled, “then we weren’t going to have the discipline to keep all these machines running.”
    • He was a difficult and argumentative boss who had trouble relating to others. But Jobs could focus intensely on exactly what he wanted—which was to design “insanely great products”—and he doggedly pursued this obsession until the day died.
    • but depression is also common.
    • These men and women of action did have occasional bouts with depression, but they primarily suffered (or benefited) from another form of mental illness: obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.
    • Those with OCD are paralyzed by thoughts that just won’t go away, while people with OCPD are inspired by them.
    • “The idea that a statute designed specifically to deprive a an entire class of Texas small business owners of the cash value of their businesses could pass is disheartening and reprehensible, and we cannot help but question the motives of anyone who would cast a vote in favor of, or in any way support such a provision,” the brewery says in a statement  making its way to email inboxes
    • But of SB 639, the brewery said, “the passage of this law will be a terrible injustice, which we believe will ultimately be overturned.”
    • When the specific payment in exchange for territorial rights was outlawed, for the first time in Texas history, we codified a series of other agreements that often occurred in the marketplace but had questionable legality.
    • Among other provisions, SB 639 would make it expressly illegal for breweries to sell the right to distribute their products to wholesalers, while making it expressly legal for wholesalers to sell those same rights to one another.
    • In other words, a self distributing brewer who wants to transition to using a third party distributor cannot be compensated by that distributor for the existing business that they would be turning over, but then that same distributor could immediately turn around and sell that business to another distributor for millions of dollars.
    • In addition, current code provisions already stipulate that once a brewer assigns a distributor, the brewer can’t terminate or fail to renew that relationship without “good cause”, or without compensating that distributor for the fair market value of the brewer’s distribution rights—rights which, under the new bill, the brewer could not be compensated for in the first place.
    • If that doesn’t happen, we’ll be understandably upset about the loss of our property rights and will work with other brewers who feel similarly to do everything in our power to see them restored.
    • Adrian Salamunovic, CEO of CanvasPop, which turns photos from social networks into physical prints, talked about how Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom resolutely ignored opportunities to make money from Instagram, concentrating instead on making the experience as good as possible for users.

      “We really harassed him, the poor guy. But he was always very cool about it—always supportive. […] It was never, ‘How can you help me make more money?’ Honestly, revenue seemed to be the last thing on his mind. Maybe that’s why the product is so authentic.”

    • A billion dollars is just what Instagram was worth to Facebook, which can probably get more value from the company than Instagram could create on its own, both by re-purposing Instagram’s user data and by using Instagram as a unique vehicle for high-value video advertising.
    • There’s a larger point here about how many consumer-facing web startups currently operate: Get big fast, get acquired, and let someone else sort out the revenue side.
    • Barnes & Noble said that it plans to “significantly reduce losses” in its Nook business by sharing the costs of manufacturing for the color tablet version of the Nook with a partner. As a result, the e-readers will be developed in-house, but the tablets will be co-branded with another (as yet unnamed) manufacturer of consumer electronic products.
    • But it has been a huge capital drain on the firm, even with the $300 million investment in the business from Microsoft. Although there were hopes that Microsoft could buy the Nook business outright, that looks unlikely. Spreading the cost of building the Nook tablet will help, but what it really needs is a boost in sales.
    • Rapid skill acquisition, as a process, is quite simple: Decide what you want, then break complex skills down into smaller sub-skills. Do a bit of research to identify the sub-skills you’ll use most often, then practice those first. Remove unnecessary barriers to practice by changing your environment to make it easy to avoid distractions. Pre-commit to completing at least 20 hours of practice to push through early frustrations and avoid giving up before you see results…
    • The 20-hour precommitment, in my experience, is key. The first few hours of practice are always frustrating. Deciding to invest a certain amount of time before you begin makes it much easier to persist long enough to see improvement.
    • An everyday nest, Simkins says, might contain anywhere between 1,000 to 5,000 insects. The Jurassic nest, by comparison, may have contained “more than a million.”
    • “We definitely did save lives,” he said. “[I]f somebody comes across this, you’re not going to get away. You can see in the video, I run a hundred yards away and I sill have thousands of yellow jackets chasing me, all over me, trying to kill me.”
  • “@HoustonChron: Popular Austin-based restaurant coming to Houston” OMG I’M SO HAPPY!! One of the places I miss most!!

  • “Adorable Seal Gets Whacked in Startling Shark Week Ad [VIDEO] via @mashable” Live every week like it’s shark week.

  • …Be not afraid or dismayed at this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s… 2 Chronicles 20:15

  • If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. – Napoleon Hill

  • Being at @MDAnderson gives you a lot of perspective on things. Thoughts for my brother if you’ve got an in with the powers that be.

  • “In its first acquisition since splitting off from what is now McGraw-Hill Financial, McGraw-Hill…” #ISTE13

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    • College, an institution that, like one of those “deluxe” raffle tickets, extracts a hefty fee in exchange for a chance of entry into a higher social class, is very expensive these days.
    • “Why the hell are these god damn colleges in this crappy state so fucking expensive?” was the fundamental question the board is seeking to answer.
    • Other college researchers say this report is “wrong,” because many of these services actually turn a profit, and, furthermore, that this entire college cost issue is “complicated.”
    • the 16-member group, which will hold its first meeting Wednesday and produce a recommendation by early next year, has only one member identified with groups that have been skeptical of the city of Austin’s long-identified route running on San Jacinto Boulevard through the University of Texas and on to Mueller in East Austin. That faction has argued that urban rail’s first segment instead should run west of UT on Guadalupe Street and North Lamar because that path would serve a greater transit need and produce greater ridership.
    • Phone Number: (512) 294-9388MSID: 005123006791
    • Among the signs of artistic growth that mark the show’s sixth season as its best to date is that it is has stopped using the past as a crutch to prop up its scenarios.
    • The tail end of the season breezes past the election to tumble toward the more emotionally momentous holiday of Thanksgiving.
    • American history is just a thing that happens, like the weather, and instead the personal past is the nightmare from which Draper—off the sauce and onto a mission of radical reinvention—may yet awake.
    • The show is pitching Draper’s epiphany as a program of radical transp
    • Not for nothing does Draper’s come-to-Jesus moment—his outing of himself as an orphan, for the sake of his relationship with his kids—happen during a meeting with Hershey’s
    • SExpand

      Last night’s launch party for Gig-It, an online sim game that essentially swaps out FarmVille’s crops for rappers, was music video lavish. It looked like its backers just listened to the radio for 30 minutes, said Hire them all!, and then smoked some blow out of a rolled up bitcoin. But what… is Gig-It?

    • But, for what? The concept here is simple, and an old one: take a company nobody knows anything about, throw money (and starpower) at it, and suddenly people will be talking about your non-entity.
    • The company is leaning its entire image on not being FarmVille—last night’s fete was emblazoned with the hashtag #THISAINTNOFARM.
    • Gig-It is in dangerous, disproven waters when it starts talking about “3D avatars,” a perennial startup kiss of death.
    • A restless wraith, she glided through spas and shopping malls, over sidewalks and streets,

      eager to show herself but desperate not to be seen.

    • Maybe she’ll watch you watch her. Maybe she’ll say something to you: a warning, a plea, a question. Maybe she’ll haunt your dreams.

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daily 06/24/2013

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daily 06/23/2013

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    • “The Argentine, along with teammates Carles Puyol and Xavi Hernandez , extended his stay at Camp Nou last week, signing a deal which apparently upped his wages to €16 million ($21.2 million) a year,” the report says.


      “However a report in today’s Mundo Deportivo states that an unnamed Russian outfit attempted to hijack negotiations by offering Messi €30 million ($40 million) a year. The suitors were also apparently willing to meet the player’s colossal €250 million ($330.8 million) buyout clause.”

    • Cain said, “I let the nerves take over me for a minute, but I have an amazing sports psychologist that helped me through it.” Salazar said the message was this: “She was so worried about not doing well. It was ‘Mary, as long as you do your best, whether you get first or get last, we love you. Your character is not your running. Your character is you.'”
    • They shuffled through 400 meters in 85 seconds, 5:40 mile pace, and then went the next 400 in 75 seconds, still slow. Cain ran near the back.
    • Salazar’s coaching is rooted in building racers who can kick at the finish.
    • “I was supposed to follow Treniere,” Cain said. “At 400 meters, I felt good. I just took it. I needed to intimidate. I needed to assert a presence. I was all out.”
    • She was driven by the simplest of needs: “I just really wanted to get that [Team USA] uniform. I wanted my victory celebration.” (Similarly, she recalled competing in the junior nationals in Eugene two years ago, which are coupled with the senior event, and seeing Allyson Felix taking a victory lap with flowers and a USA flag. “I want some of that,” she recalled thinking.)
    • Moser’s winning time of 4:28.62 was the slowest in U.S. national championship history. Under the circumstances, that statistic is meaningless, particularly to Cain. She ran her final lap in 57.5 seconds; just weeks ago, her personal best for a flat 400 was 55 seconds, though Salazar estimates she could run 53.5 now.
  • Made my 6th world championship team! Moscow Russia bound! Almost feels like Rocky the movie! 2nd today! Avanze a…

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    Forget y’all. I’m going to Games People Play. #80sHouston

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    Frank checked in at Shannon’s Surf Shop #70sHoustonFourSquare (I’m more 80s you dinosaur)

  • Nothing is creepier than lullabies played by a toy that has weak batteries.

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