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daily 06/17/2015

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    • Whether the Cardinals benefited from the alleged corporate athletic espionage will surely be dissected in the fallout of this report. In addition, if the allegations are true, expect a monumental punishment to come down from Major League Baseball against the Cardinals organization. Think Deflate-gate times ten. Granted, the maximum fine the Commissioner can levy against a team is $2 million. However, Commissioner has a slew of other options pursuant to the MLB Constitution. Article II, Section 3 provides that
    • The magical part is that unlike an Oculus Rift or competing VR headsets, the “display” is transparent, so you can see the real world around you—say your living room. Computer-generated objects (in this case, Minecraft blocks) appear in the center of your vision. They appear to take up space in the real world. The not-so-magical part is that you only see them in the center of your vision. Turn your head even a little bit, and they’ll disappear from view.
    • looks good – post by Hillary Weller
    • Humanitární intervence
      -v Libyi
      –bombardování ve jménu ‘záchrany životů’
      –diplomacie potlačena
      —mírové rozhovory subverted – post by Jar Foglar
    • Syria Becomes The 7th Predominantly Muslim Country Bombed By 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate – post by Jar Foglar






    • HONEA








    • PRICE


    • Jon describes Tyrion as having hair so blonde as to be white, which sounds a lot more like Targaryen’s hair color than the Lannister blonde; plus, Tyrion has one green eye (very Lannister) and one black eye… and Daenerys’ eye color is described as to be so purple it’s practically black. Last but not least, Tywin himself tells Tyrion he’s “no son of mine,” although admittedly, that’s immediately after Tyrion shoots him with a crossbow, so perhaps he was just being shitty.
    • By now, you know that the St. Louis Cardinals—the sports equivalent of the Duggar clan
    • For a particular item sold (say Item X), in how many orders (order frequency) were items X and Item Y were sold together OR in how many orders (order frequency) were items X and Item Z together.
    • I have solved this problem with the help of the PowerPivot.  Please note that in the PowerPivot solution worksheet, I have filtered the Row labels on a specific Item number. 
    • A common business request is to report on Customer Churn, that is to show the movement in customers from one period to the next.

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