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    • For instance, say you have leads coming in from a webform that are then assigned to individual reps, and the first thing you want your reps to do is make a phone call. With Workflows, it’s easy to autogenerate a phone call record so that when the rep logs in, they can just grab the phone call right away.
    • Ah ha! When leads are coming in, they are owned by a Team, and when this workflow is activated, the team still owns the record. But teams cannot make phone calls! So what can we do about this? There are two easy solutions. The first is procedural – set the workflow to fire only after you assign records. But there’s a second, more automated way. Change the workflow so that it only populates the “Call From” field if the owner of the lead is a user!
  • Easter feelings

  • Barack: “Why do you want the photo taken in square mode?”

    Michelle: “Just do it.”

  • ok as tweets that were supposed to be DMs go, that was pretty salacious; sorry Lord

  • what in the wide world of custard fuck calls for a pie with a coconut topping that’s already toasted to bake at 425

  • It only takes one.

  • ‘#NYTimes asks “Is American Retail at a Historic Tipping Point?” https://t.co/2zxsmVRYvL Nope – that was years ago!: https://t.co/E6gCc1QO7n

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  • tags: climatechange immigration ISIS ISIL asteroid seriously

    Perfect cure for #climatechange, #immigration, #ISIS, #ISIL: continue to not provide adequate funding #asteroid tracking. #seriously

  • “Jesus promised his disciples 3 things—that they would be completely fearless, absurdly happy, and in constant trouble.”
    G. K. Chesterton

  • “Media representation always matters, but we know that Sesame Street in particular affects viewers profoundly.” https://t.co/h7tNKy9eHT

    • The following example contains the base tracking script that should be placed in all web pages you would like to be tracked by the ClickDimensions service
    • Please note that this script already contains your customer-specific Account Key so it is ready to use.
    • on’t forget to also create the domain record for any sites you choose to track with ClickDimensions
    • To configure the domain records add one or more Domain entity record. These can be found under Settings > ClickDimensions > Domains.
    • setScore(typeof(cdScore) == “undefined” ? 0 : (cdScore == 0 ? null : cdScore));
    • You can insert a script parameter to override the default score for specific web pages.
    • For example, the javavscript could be “var cdScore = -25;”. You may have as many custom scored pages as you lik
    • ou can insert a script parameter to highlight specific pages in the Tracking Summary of the Profile pages. Simply add the following three lines of script to the pages you would like to highlight. The script should be placed before the base tracking script. These are referred to as ‘priority pages’.
    • Page Views and Visits can be automatically associated with Campaign records in Microsoft CRM. Simply add the following three lines of script to the pages you would like to associate with CRM campaign records. Be sure and substitute the campaign code listed below (i.e. CMP-01005-ZBPTHS) with the CRM generated campaign code to which you would like the Page Views and Visits associated.
    • have designed a landing page and a matching web form. When I click the embed form button on the tool bar I get a pop up window and I can choose the form I am looking for. However, when I click Save I just get a large white area at the bottom of my landing page.
    • Combining Lead Scores from Merged Leads
    • We often get new leads that turn out to be duplicates of existing leads (i.e. someone who manually filled out a form at a tradeshow is entered into CRM, then may visit our site a week later and be entered again with a different email address).
    • I just started using the tracking script bonus of adding a campaign association to a specific page.
    • However, I have learned it’s not feasible to create views or filters on leads/contacts that are associated with a specific campaign, unless it’s the source campaign.
    • The Campaign script will allow you to associate a visit with a Campaign in CRM. This would allow you to group a number of web pages under one ‘umbrella’.
    • reate a workflow that fires of a specific page visit and adds them to a marketing list.
    • Next you would create a Campaign Automation with the ‘Add to Marketing List’ trigge
    • Richard Dearlove told Prospect Magazine that “what lingers for Trump may be what deals – on what terms – he did after the financial crisis of 2008 to borrow Russian money” when other banks and lenders would not risk the money, given Mr Trump’s history of bankruptcy. 
    • Robert Amsterdam, a lawyer at international law firm Amsterdam & Partners with considerable experience in Russian affairs, told The Independent there was “no question” that US intelligence agencies and the FBI had information about Trump’s financial dealings with Russian entities prior to the 2016 US election.
    • FBI Director James Comey infamously sent a letter on 28 October – just 11 days before Americans went to the polls – to Congress stating the agency found new, pertinent emails in its ongoing investigation into then-candidate Ms Clinton’s use of a private email server for messages containing classified information. 
    • Mr Amsterdam said one possible explanation is “that the FBI has an informer who was once part of the Trump organisation” and that information was not released in order to protect that source. 
    • Mr Amsterdam explained that Russian authorities likely have the same, if not “better,” information about Mr Trump’s financial dealings with Russian entities

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    • This kind of dichotomy between this grouchy seemingly cynical guy with the biggest heart in the galaxy. And to me that’s a great thing to make a movie about.”
    • “He’s a maverick, he’s a scoundrel, he’s clever but he’s not smart and he wants to present himself as this cool, tough guy but in the end he always does the right thing and that’s why you love him so much and why he’s one of the most iconic characters of all time,” added Miller.
    • Lord and Miller get the inherent contradiction that’s made Han Solo one of the most loved character in cinema, and it’s one of the reasons Lawrence Kasdan, co-writer of not just the
    • We might get the answer: Star Wars: The Last Jedi panel on April 14, 11:00 am-12:30 pm
    • 9) Seriously, where the hell is the Force Awakens Luke Skywalker action figure?
    • but Hasbro would be fools to not at least confirm a new Luke figure at Celebration this year alongside all the news we expect to hear about The Last Jedi. We can’t live in a world where Constable Zuvio has an action figure and Master Skywalker doesn’t.
    • After the sequel trilogy comes to an end, there’ll be roughly 60-odd years of Star Wars history across the movie’s timeline we’ll have explored. But if Disney and Lucasfilm want to keep telling stories in the galaxy far, far away, at some point they’re going to have to contend with the idea of going outside of that already-explored timeframe to do something new.
    • If you were to plop the Rupp of August 2016 into this year’s Boston Marathon, he’d be among the favorites for victory, if not the favorite, considering he beat defending champion Lemi Berhanu Hayle by over three minutes in Rio last year. But that’s not the Rupp we’ve seen in the eight months since the Olympics. Here’s a breakdown of what he’s done since climbing the podium in Rio:
    • November 22: Finishes 10th in the Manchester (Conn.) Road Race, running 21:54 for the 4.748-mile course after suffering an asthma episode mid-race.

      January 12: Withdraws from Houston Half Marathon, citing plantar fasciitis.

      April 1: Runs 61:59 for 11th place at the Prague Half Marathon. After the race, complains of pain in his foot.

    • When Meb Keflezighi won in 2014, he ran 62:53 at the NYC Half a month before the race. When Ryan Hall ran 2:04:58 in 2011, he ran a 63:53 half in New York a month before the race.
    •  There’s a little bit of guesswork involved here considering Rupp has never run Boston — or any hilly course, for that matter.
    • Considering that Bill Rodgers ran 2:09 in Boston 42 years ago, we’re positive that a healthy Galen Rupp has the ability to run 2:09 on Boston.
    • Because of the foot injury, this buildup hasn’t gone perfectly, but Rupp told Competitor he’s been running 140 miles per week, an impressive total for any marathoner. With that sort of base under his belt, he may be even better prepared than he was for Rio. And he won’t have an Olympic final in his legs from eight days before Boston
    • Power BI Content Pack
    • How to Report Email Action Recency


      By connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 with ClickDimensions, dotmailer, or another integrated email marketing solution, each action will be tracked and reported from every email campaign.


      This data can be used to identify which contacts aren’t responding to recent emails. Marketing teams can then take the appropriate action to remove them from mailing lists, or focus on getting these individuals to opt-in for future communications.

    • View Campaign Automation from Contacts


      Following its earlier release of a new campaign automation feature, ClickDimensions has now made campaign automation details accessible from contact records enabling CRM users to easily see which nurture campaigns individuals have been placed into, and the status of each campaign.


    • Cross-Entity Relationship Queries
    • With Dynamics cross-entity queries this is a straightforward process.
    • As shown, this cross-references the ‘Sent Emails’ entity to select the email campaign and email click criteria.
    • To use a cross entity in an advanced query select a search field and scroll down to find the ‘Related’ section:
    • Quick Campaign


      Once the marketing list is finalised the Quick Campaign function can be the launch pad for next activity.  


      This could include scheduling phone activities on each member’s record or emailing a CRM template.

      • Use quick campaigns to schedule Sharon’s time
    • Using the Click Dimensions solution, membership of a Trade Show marketing list will fire up an awareness nurture. When contacts are added to this list they are automatically enrolled into the campaign. 
  • What I learned from Prince and Muhammad Ali was that it’s possible to love yourself so much that everyone else does, too.

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