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daily 08/10/2017

    • You can’t have a successful service in a restaurant without a great dishwasher,”
    • Subscription management. Subscription management allows email subscribers to choose which emails they receive from an organization by allowing them to opt
    • Nurture marketing. Nurture marketing, also known as drip marketing or campaign automation, is the act of sending a series of customized communications to a prospect or customer over a period of time based on their interactions. While


        1. Landing pages and forms. Landing pages are web pages that stand alone from a company’s main website and are designed to accomplish a single objective, typically lead generation. Forms are often a part of landing
    • Surveys. Although surveys can be conducted in a variety of ways, online surveys are now the most common choice for companies and organizations seeking data and feedback from their audiences,
    • Web intelligence. Web intelligence, also known as web tracking or web analytics, uses a tracking code inserted into web pages to provide insight into how that website is being used and record data about the traffic that accesses it.
    • Based on data like site visits, page views, form captures, referring source, duration spent on site and more, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your marketing campaigns and strategies and adjust them, if needed, accordingly.
    • Event management. Event integrations allow you to connect online event management systems with marketing automation platforms
    • Lead scoring. Lead scoring involves ranking leads on a scale based on how interested a prospect is in a company’s products or services, how likely they are to buy and how soon they will be ready to move from prospect to customer
    • emember that website data collection begins with a snippet of JavaScript tracking code that’s included on every web page of the site where you want to collect data
    • Google Analytics will drop a cookie in the user’s browser for that website and any related subdomains. This makes it easy to track traffic on a single website URL domain or subdomain by default.
    • Note that if you install the same default tracking code on pages with different domains, Analytics will count these users and sessions separately

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