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    • The answer is not more adderall. I am a 28 year old 215lb male and am on 20mg IR twice a day. Your body will build up a tolerance which will not only require you to take more but change the “feeling” of taking it as well. There is little evidence to support your body benefiting from more than 20mg IR in a single dose (about 40 mg XR.) You have built up a high tolerance. You need to reduce your tolerance through several steps.

      Please read the entire post, I promise it will help you.

      First, you need to get a in depth heart exam to make sure you are healthy enough for that much amphetamine.

      Here are some things that will greatly help your adderall be most effective:

      Stay hydrated- A hydrated body will always work better since it’s vital to maintain a certain level of water in our body due to it’s high water composition %. If you are dehydrated your medication will be less or even adversely effective.

      Exercise- (20 min at least 3 times a week, preferably 6 times a week) this will infuse oxygen into your blood and help the medication not only be dispersed better but increase it’s potency. You should exercise BEFORE you take adderall as this will not only prevent strain on your heart but will prep your blood with tons of oxygen. Adderall taken after exercise will have noticeable results in both smoothness and efficacy.

      Try to do interval type workouts (circuits on a track, Intense workout for 30 seconds (pushups, jumping jacks, squat jumps etc) and break for 2 min. This is not only the best workout to increase oxygen in your blood but is the best workout for your heart as well. When you take amphetamines your heart goes up and down in rate around your dosing. Interval workouts mimic this. You should aim for 80-90% maximum heart rate over about a 30 second period and then a 2 or 3 min cooldown to 60% maximum heart rate then back up to 80-90%. Do this for 20 to 30 min 3-6 times per week.

      Your specific maximum heart rate is about 175 so you want to take your heart rate to about 160 then back down to 105, then back up again for 20-30 min. Anyone can calculate this by taking 220 and subtracting your age. Then just multiply that number by .9 for 90% and .6 for 60% to find your range.

      Healthy Diet- Fruits vegetables and lots of whole wheat and Beans. You can get plenty of protein from eating beans and whole wheat as well as fish- which is also really good due to omegas found in it (good for heart and brain health) but this can be supplemented with Fish oil with about the same effect.

      Do not consume citric acid one hour before or after you dose (oranges, lemons, limes etc) as this will make your stomach more acidic and your adderall less effective. I really like to have a fruit smoothie (frozen fruits, oatmeal, half an avocado (good fat), 2 tablespoons of natural almond butter (good fat) (no sugar etc added), water or milk and then blend it all up) I usually lose my appetite somewhat and this really helps get fantastic nutrition in my system in an easily consumable form.

      Avoid- sugars (juice, sweets etc) bad fats (greasy foods), lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation will seriously reduce the effectiveness of amphetamines, you are much more likely to become grouchy and go into “amphetamine zombie mode” as well as feel much less of the effects.

      Supplements-If you want to take supplements try Magnesium and zinc. They help reduce calcium build up in neural pathways which contributes to increased tolerance. Magnesium is incredibly important for many functions of the body. Also fish oil has been highly regarded in both heart and brain health. Take these at night when you come down as they aid in sleep as well and can be available for you body to use while it repairs itself (sleep)

      Drug Holiday- It’s also not a bad idea several times a year to take a “drug holiday” for 7 to 30 days where you don’t take any adderall. This will by far be the most effective thing you can do. Just make sure to cut your dose in half each day until you are under 10 mg a day or else you will very likely detox, which will probably make you sleep for 16 hours or more and make you feel terrible.

      I love adderall because it makes me literally about 250-300% more productive than normal. These are all things that have helped me personally and I use on a regular basis.

      Try it out… it will definitely help.

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