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daily 05/16/2017

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    We are pleased to announce YA author & #DoctorWho writer @Ben_Aaronovitch will be with us at #YALC as part of #LFCC https://t.co/hqv0WQ0qej

  • if Brad Stevens can do this with the Celtics

    imagine what he can do with INDIANA

  • What patriotism looks like: Post reporters get publicly bashed by WH, but still honor request to withhold details to protect natl security

  • I wonder how long they’re going to stand there waiting for someone to press “record.” @RickyDoyle @jeffplatt https://t.co/hTkIPdYFQj

  • The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.

    • Scott to hide the blocked ones and hide the ones without a price (based on a dialogue on how many this is). 


        <!–[if !supportLists]–>·          <!–[endif]–>Scott to bring a first draft to the US part of this task force before investing too much time in the final layout. We will publish without pictures in the first round. We should aim for no later than the end of this month in order to launch to the sales people first thing in June. 


        <!–[if !supportLists]–>·          <!–[endif]–>Pictures to be added our new student (Jimmi this is a good first task for our student worker). We should aim for no later than June 15. 



    • I dont know, but I would reach out to Brno. You have the contact information right? 


    • The benefit of Link to Existing in LV is multiple entries can be linked at once by first selecting a group of actions.
    • EN2IQ for short, enables the automatic creation of Actions (Tasks), Projects and more in your IQTELL workspace based on selected notes in your Evernote (EN) account.
      • While in your Evernote account, creating a new note, make sure you apply the desired tag, e.g., Action, as the last step, after the new note is saved That is:


    • How to get started? Add your email accounts to IQTell and start by processing email with the goal to achieve Inbox Zero and ‘peace of mind.’
    • Link a given email to an existing Action? To an existing Projects? Select the corresponding ‘Link’ macro. The email will be linked to the desired destination and the email will be archived.
    • What’s the difference between To-do lists, Actions and Projects?
    • – items in a To-do List gets checked off when completed.
    • More so, using the To-do List allows you to create Check-lists, e.g., Travel, New school year, etc. Each used as a template containing the necessary To-do items
    • Actions: Actions are synonymous with ‘Tasks.’ Items created in the ‘Actions’ folder enable you to enter all the pertinent information (data fields) required for keeping track of progress
    • Use Projects to organize Actions associated with each Project.

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