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daily 05/06/2017

  • The Toyota Center crowd is shocked, shocked, that a player would exaggerate contact on a 3-point attempt in this establishment.

  • At 30 kilometers, Kipchoge is still on 2 hour pace, but #staywoke https://t.co/o6mLt12guP

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  • 2:00:24. More than two minutes off the world record, but no sub-2.

  • Man, think of how confusing it would’ve been if just the Ghostbusters song was released, no movie.

  • I have to be honest…I did not know that there were any illegal knives. https://t.co/OiaAxXfuFQ

    • One dose relieves pain for 12 hours, more than twice as long as generic medications.
    • smooth and sustained pain control all day and all night.”
    • The drug wears off hours early in many people, a Los Angeles Times investigation found.
    • excruciating symptoms of withdrawal, including an intense craving for the drug.
    • reports from its own sales reps and
    • The company has held fast to the claim of 12-hour relief, in part to protect its revenue. OxyContin’s market dominance and its high price — up to hundreds of dollars per bottle — hinge on its 12-hour duration. Without that, it offers little advantage over less expensive painkillers.
    • Anything shorter “needs to be nipped in the bud. NOW!!” one manager wrote to her staff.
    • Experts said that when there are gaps in the effect of a narcotic like OxyContin, patients can suffer body aches, nausea, anxiety and other symptoms of withdrawal.
    • Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and a leading
    • That becomes a very powerful motivator for people to take more drugs
    • By the late 1980s, the patent on its main source of revenue, a morphine pill for cancer patients called MS Contin, was running out.
    • controlled­-release opioids must be considered,” Kaiko wrote.
    • Percocet and Roxicodone, oxycodone controls pain for up to six hours.
    • Even so, more than a third of the women given OxyContin started complaining about pain in the first eight hours and about half required more medication before the 12-hour mark, according to an FDA analysis of the study.
    • one third of those given OxyContin dropped out because they found the treatment “ineffective,”
    • Researchers then changed the rules of the study to allow patients to take supplemental painkillers, known as “rescue medication,” in between 12-hour doses of OxyContin.
    • to 8-hour dosing
    • request that you not use a q8h dosing regimen.”
    • The morphine tablet, Kadian, manufactured by Actavis, is designed to be taken once a day, but the label states that some patients may need a dose every 12 hours.
    • Under agency guidelines for establishing duration, the company had to show that OxyContin lasted 12 hours for at least half of patients.
    • Dr. Curtis Wright, who led the
    • She eventually checked herself into rehab and said she no longer takes painkillers.
    • It’s Bonus Time in the Neighborhood!’
    • Sales reps pitched the drug to family doctors and general practitioners to
    • By 2010, one out of every five doctor’s visits in the U.S. for pain resulted in a prescription for narcotic painkillers,
    • A lot of these people say, ‘Well, I was taking the medicine like my doctor told me to,’ and then they start taking them more and more and more,” Purdue senior medical director, Dr. J. David Haddox, told a reporter in 2001. “I don’t see where that’s my problem.”
    • Purdue funded programs to prevent pharmacy robberies and keep teenagers from stealing relatives’ pills.
    • In reports to headquarters, they wrote that many physicians were prescribing it for three or even four doses a day.
    • Company officials worried that if OxyContin wasn’t seen as a 12-hour drug, insurance companies and hospitals would balk at paying hundreds of dollars a bottle.
    • Robbins said he had no choice: “If they are having a real struggle with opioid withdrawal, sure, you have to do something.”
    • Where this is occurring you need to train the representative on how to deal with it, convincing the physician that there is no need to do this, and that 100% of the patients in the studies had pain relief on a q12h dosing regimen.”
    • one in five OxyContin prescriptions was for use every eight hours, or even more frequently.
    • Managed care plans are beginning to refuse to fill prescriptions,”
    • There is no ceiling on the amount of OxyContin a patient can be prescribed, sales reps were to remind doctors, according to the presentation and other training materials.
    • A West Virginia supervisor told one of his highest performing sales reps in a 1999 letter that she could “blow the lid off” her sales and earn a trip to Hawaii if she persuaded more doctors to write larger doses.
    • He’d been given Percocet and Vicodin for sports injuries, but he said OxyContin was unlike anything he’d ever experienced.
    • Scientists affiliated with the Oklahoma University College of Medicine found in 2002 that nearly 87% of those prescribed OxyContin at a school pain clinic were taking it more frequently than every 12 hours.
    • Researchers surveyed chronic pain patients treated with OxyContin and reported that less than 2% said the drug lasted 12 hours and nearly 85% said it wore off before eight, according to a 2003 journal article detailing the research.
    • The clinics switched to generic morphine, which has a similar duration and costs a lot less.
    • Purdue got suits dismissed by asserting, among other defenses, a legal doctrine which shields drug companies from liability when their products are prescribed by trained physicians. Purdue settled other lawsuits on confidential terms.
    • On the eve of trial, Purdue agreed to settle the case by paying the state $10 million for programs to discourage drug abuse. All the evidence under seal would remain confidential.
    • His Nov. 5 ruling that there was enough evidence against Purdue to warrant a trial. The Times reviewed a copy of the ruling.

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