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daily 05/05/2017

    • I’ll address how to use Google Analytics to track profitability by product category — reporting on sales, cost of goods sold, and advertising expense — to maximize cash flow.
    • Google Analytics ecommerce tracking can report sales by product category. To view sales by category, go to Conversions > Ecommerce > Product Performance and select “Product Category.”
    • Most athletic shoe brands spend 12-13% of sales on marketing (or as Nike cutely calls it, “demand creation”). If we use a 13% standard to gauge endorsement costs vs. wholesale sales, we can get a quick snapshot on profitability.
  • @Ben_Aaronovitch nice

    • Each one follows quippy characters embarking on a hero’s journey to prove their self-worth as part of a MacGuffin-driven plot that sees them interact with an inevitably doomed mentor and suffering love interest, culminating in a large-scale, CGI-heavy finale.
    • almost in spite of the source they’re typically a mirror of the hero, which makes for a trite arc on the tenth time and ensures the finale is inevitably two evenly-matched, similarly-designed fighters punching each other.
    • there’s the further problem of the big bads – the hidden, maniacal overlord secretly controlling everything: the likes of Alexander Pierce, Dormammu and to a degree Thanos
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers several advanced reporting options for online and on-premise solutions.

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