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daily 02/12/2017

    • client analytics
      • what is client analytics
    • Most clients have no idea what we do.
    • When you get down in the weeds, and start describing how exactly to get from A -> B, you start to lose them a little as glazed over eyes stare back at you.
      • how will we get from a to B
    • More often than not, clients are paying us based on trust. Or a leap of faith. Or our smiles and fashionable clothes.
    • You piece together a meager cost plus estimate that rarely includes Profit (and you’ve undoubtedly underestimated Project Management), double check the marketplace, and rush it out the door.
      • cost plus is bad for seller
    • In contrast, the best, most profitable agencies use value-based pricing. Instead of starting with what their internal costs might be, they start with forecasting:
      • But how do you Determine Value?
    • historical averages of traffic and leads.
      • We need this baseline – traffic, leads from SLXdo we have a conversion rate?
    • Boom. If simple conversion tweaks and changes can lead to $40K-$160K+ in new revenue, there’s MORE than enough room to pay you 20-30% of that.
    • Why Fixing Your Client’s Analytics Should be Priority #1

      • hey I am my own client
    • If they don’t have a complete view of their marketing and sales funnel – which, like 97.75% of companies are guilty of – you’ve got a problem.
    • Maybe the conversion-tracking pixel is on the wrong page (or even worse, sitewide). Or perhaps they’re using legacy CRM software that doesn’t allow you to figure out what happens after someone becomes a lead (like, where’s da revenue coming from?!).
      • hey that sounds right
    • accurate benchmark of where a company is at right now.
      • okay- how?
    • Reason #1. Determine Where Results are Currently Coming From
    • But the real value comes in analyzing which channels specifically are driving leads and customers (and how much each is worth).
    • Reason #2. Isolate Campaign/Promotion Attribution
    • helping you identify patterns and discrepancies between how visitors from each channel (like cold vs. warm traffic) add items to your cart or complete a purchase.
      • or progress to meetings
    • For example, SEO is a lagging indicator
    • new leads converted from said traffic,
    • My favorite thing to witness is a fiftysomething executive who has literally zero knowledge of art and design, or the owner of an old-school insurance brokerage, make specific design critiques and changes (like, “I think that shaded border should be gold instead of gray”).
    • So how can design, something so subjective that every client thinks they can do better than your Creative Director, deliver quantifiable results that will allow you to charge more?


    • Ok cool – then in reality they don’t just want or need one landing page, but they’re gonna want (and need) multiple ones. Here’s why (and how to sell it).
    • Landing page design will help dictate Quality Score, which has been proven multiple times to influence your Costs Per Click (and thus, Cost Per Conversions).
    • “If your quality score increases by 1 point, your cost-per-conversion decreases by 13%,” according to Jacob from Disruptive Advertising.
      • Whet Is our cost per conversion ? How do we even define Conversion?
    • “If your quality score increases by 1 point, your cost-per-conversion decreases by 13%,” according to Jacob from Disruptive Advertising.
    • We compared results to the same period, prior year to rule out seasonality. So in 2015, their Cost Per Converted Click was $482.41 and their Conversion Rate was only 4.08%.

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