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daily 10/21/2016

  • tags: Bayes

    • n statistics a distribution is a set of values and their corresponding probabilities
      • Distribution will be in a table, show all the possible values and their respective probabilities
    • is defined in a Python module I wrote to accompany this book,
      • At this point you have to get your computer out along
  • tags: bayes

    • one prize is a car, the other two are less valuable prizes like peanut butter and fake finger nails
    • The object of the game is to guess which door has the car. If you guess right, you get to keep the car.
    • You pick a door, which we will call Door A
    • Monty increases the suspense by opening either Door B or C, whichever does not
    • Most people have the strong intuition that it makes no difference
      • that’s my feeling
    • the chance of winning if you stick with Door A is only 1/3; if you switch, your chances are 2/3.
      • always pick door number 3
    • start, we should make a careful statement of the data. In this case D consists of two parts: Monty chooses Door B and there is no car there.
      • huh?
    • Filling in the priors is easy because we
      • this all assumes I pick door A, deciding is a predicate to the analysis
    • So you are better off switching.
      • unless money has a tell
  • tags: network

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