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daily 10/04/2016

    • One of my earliest jobs was secretary at my mother’s hair salon. I booked appointments and sold shampoos, sure, but mostly I gossiped with customers. I could spot the exact moment when a guest spotted a juicy tidbit in the salon’s copies of Entertainment Weekly or US. Their eyes would widen, the magazine would lower a few inches below their chin, and they’d share the personal drama of a B-list celebrity or an obscure casting rumor. I learned gossip and speculation are only as fun as your capacity to share them.
    • Every artificial intelligence in Westworld is built atop the intelligence of a real (and probably dead) human being.
    • reveries
    • These memories, from past roles, can also be lifted from reveries, and so we see Peter seemingly threatening the park’s staff with a menacing line from Henry IV: Part II.
    • Real memories provide that extra spark of life, along with (while I’m wildly speculating anyway) the visual source material for their appearance.
    • Peter finds a photograph of a woman in New York City.
    • All of these things would trigger questions if Peter, or some form of his memory and intellect, had experience in the real world.
    • A conversation between Westworld’s narrative director and quality-assurance director makes it abundantly clear that Westworld’s management has ambitions greater than simply running a debaucherous amusement park.
    • Westworld may be a testing ground for the combination of human consciousness and artificial intelligence, and reveries are a beta test of the major feature built atop 30 years of hidden-in-plain-sight AI research and development.

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