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daily 10/03/2016

    • Clean out both bottles and all three jars and dry them completely, there must be no water at all in one bottle in particular, this “dry” bottle will be the reaction vessel.  If the others have a very small amount of water this is fine.  I recommend using a hair dryer to fully dry all bottles and jars.  In the coffee grinder place the ammonium nitrate balls from both cold packs.  Grind them up, and place powder in ziplock.  Grind up the ephedrine pills and put the powder into a ziplock.  If your lye is not the consistency of sand, put it in the grinder and grind it into powder and put that into a ziplock.  I used 100% lye crystals from the hardware store and didn’t have to grind it since it was just like fine sand.  Clean your work area.  This reaction releases a lot of ammonia gas, so I recommend doing it in a well ventilated area.  I recommend setting up a fan in the room.
    • Britain’s second-oldest remaining overseas territory after Bermuda.
    • the only way to reach it is by boat.
    • Those hoping to make it to St. Helena can board the RMS Saint Helena, an aging Royal Mail ship (one of the last of its kind) for a five-and-a-half day voyage departing every three weeks from Cape Town, South Africa.
    • Hopes were high in early 2016 that this might all change with the completion of an on-island airport financed by the U.K. government to the tune of £250 million. Comair, a South African company that operates British Airways flights, announced that it would launch weekly flights from Johannesburg, South Africa, every Saturday morning on a Boeing 737-800 carrying up to 120 passengers. After an hour’s turnaround, the plane would then depart St. Helena for the five-hour return. Schedules and permits were also filed for a monthly charter flight from London by Atlantic Star airlines.

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