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daily 09/26/2016

    • No one who can be trusted will ever ask another person to disengage their critical thinking or swallow their impulse to tell the truth.
    • Lies are supposed to be interrupted. You’re supposed to interrupt them.

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    • R’s boxplot function has a lot of useful parameters allowing us to change the behaviour and appearance of the boxplot graphs. In this exercise we will try to use those parameters in order to replicate the visual style of Matlab’s boxplot. Before trying out this exercise please make sure that you are familiar with the following functions: bxp, boxplot, axis, mtext
    • Desks had started to disappear from hotel rooms partly due to a perception that they were unnecessary in the era of laptops and cellphones, and that younger travelers weren’t using them. Rooms without desks also seemed to fit into a larger trend in the hotel industry toward minimalist decor.

    • “A Call to Arms for my fellow desk-loving Marriott patrons.
    • A Call to Arms for my fellow desk-loving Marriott patrons.” Other travelers shared similar stories, with one tweeting back that when he complained to the hotel about a deskless room, “They encouraged me to ‘work in the lobby.'”
    • A Guide to Growing Your Business and Revenue


    • Google Analytics 360 Suite – built for enterprise.


    • Over 35,000 people completed yesterday’s Berlin Marathon. You can see how every one of those competitors fared in an animated map of the race, created by the Berliner Morgenpost.
    • How to Host your Websites on Google Drive

    • Burger, a computer chip researcher who had joined the company four years earlier, was pitching a new idea to the execs. He called it Project Catapult.
    • He said the world’s hardware makers wouldn’t provide what Microsoft needed to run its online services
    • As in, 23 milliseconds instead of four seconds of nothing on your s
    • From Amazon in the US to Baidu in China, all the Internet giants are supplementing their standard server chips—central processing units, or CPUs—with alternative silicon that can keep pace with the rapid changes in
    • Burger was going to meet with Bing execs right after the holiday, and he needed a design for hardware that could run Bing’s machine learning algorithms on FPGAs.
    • Burger spent nine years as a professor of computer science at the University of Texas, Austin, where he specialized in microprocessors and designed a new kind of chip called EDGE
    • But on the other hand, it’s generally too expensive to create specialized, purpose-built chips for every new problem. FPGAs bridge the gap. They let engineers build chips that are faster
    • Bing dominated Microsoft’s online ambitions in the early part of the decade, but by 2015 the company had two other massive online services: the business productivity suite Office 365 and the cloud

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