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    • His speech in Moscow’s New Economic School was a similar construction of empty spaces held together with repetition, tautologies, and abuses of the word “ironically.” “For the last 15 years, I’ve been researching, teaching, and writing about fundamental trends in the world economy, which have really continued to evolve in this period and in the years immediately preceding it,” he
    • Which is troubling for two reasons: that the advisor of a presidential candidate of a major party is criticizing America abroad by citing Putin, and that the comment implied that he seemed to not know anything about anything going on in, say, Syria or Ukraine.
    • “He had a guilty-seeming style in making these arguments, making it seem like he didn’t really want to engage,” one person from the Council says. His columns made the rounds and raised eyebrows. “That blog post about the slaves. That’s just…strange,” says the Council member.


    • Fancy Bear, who was probably a Russian hacker, broke into the DNC emails, seemingly handed them over to Julian Assange, who continues to leak the information in a way that is clearly designed to help one campaign and hurt the other.
    • Was Page, like Manafort, followed by a long train of sordid dealings with dark and powerful players with deep pockets and deep resentments toward the West?
    • But it was hard to see that man when I actually talked to people who knew him.
    • “No one let him into Gazprom,” Aleksashenko says. “He didn’t go shake [Gazprom chief Alexei] Miller’s hand. He made sure there were cars, hotels, and meetings for investors in London.”
    • Another of Page’s colleagues from Merrill Lynch confirmed that Page’s role was simply arranging meetings between Gazprom and Western investors, something normally done by analysts, the lowest rank on the totem pole.
    • You just send out an email to 20 people saying Gazprom agreed to dinner at this place at 8 p.m., do you want to come?
    • “Gazprom didn’t need money at the time,” says the former colleague. “They were the most profitable company at the time. Their net profit was something like $36 billion a year. Their problem was not getting investors, but figuring out how to spend money in a non-efficient way if you read between the lines.
    • Page became an investor in the company, and has, according to filings, advised other companies he’s worked for to invest in them.
    • He also maintained a website and handed out business cards that listed a fancy Madison Avenue address—that’s the one “around the corner from Trump Tower”— which was actually the address of a coworking space.
    • He’s always been operating at a level far beneath that at which business in Russia is done. I admire that, it takes a lot of gumption.”
      • Godelia
    • Alfa Bank, which is considered the Western Russian bank.
    • “I give them money, I don’t know how they spend it, who they invite, when they invite them, I have no idea,” he said of the New Economic School, which hosted Page and of which Aven is the main benefactor.
    • Who is Carter Page?


      “Who?” said Miller, and then went off the record to expound on his lack of involvement in the campaign.

    • One source suggested to me that Richard Burt, former U.S. ambassador to Germany, START treaty negotiator, and longtime lobbyist for Alfa Bank, was the nexus.
    • neither Dearborn nor Burt, but campaign co-chair Sam Clovis who recruited Page.
    • “I’m not answering your questions,” Sam Clovis told me.
    • “Carter is a red herring, not a Rasputin. He’s never met Trump, never briefed him. He has zero influence, none.”


    • Was Page the shadowy messenger between the Kremlin and Trump Tower, or was he the nebbishy, not-very-successful man trying to profit from the arbitrage between what Trump said—he’s my advisor—and what his associates said—“Who?”
    • There are usually issues with traction and execution capabilities.” He went on. “I couldn’t name a project that I could connect Carter’s name to, any project that actually happened.”
    • “He’s just a guy on a list. Trump looked at the list and said, ‘He’s an advisor.’ And now he’s milking it for all it’s worth.”
    • He saw Page at a Washington roundtable in June for Narendra Modi, and what he saw was a strange kind of person: one who was very differential to everyone there “in a way that someone who is junior would use it to network,” but who was dropping hints full of meaning to anyone who would listen—and be impressed.
    • This seems to be vintage Carter Page, a man whose story never quite adds up, as much as he tries to make the numbers work. But he’s also mastered the art of manipulating the distance between his story as it is and his story as he wants it to be, playing on the uncertainty in between to make himself more successful, more connected, even more evil than he really is—and to try to turn a profit off of that.
    • After all, meeting Russia’s energy czar is an impossible dream for a would-be investor struggling to make it in the world of Russian energy—but the dream entered the realm of the possible when Trump said three words in March: “Carter Page, PhD.”
    • People often ask “What’s the difference between the standard, free version of Google Analytics and what you get with Google Analytics Premium?”


      Check out our blog post detailing the key points and download a handy comparison one-sheeter for easy

    • Also, you can use regular expressions to pull out a subsection of text, which you can then use to … launch a function, fire a custom tag, rewrite a URL, etc…
    • Note: Using jQuery $(this) in javascript is comparable to using Google Tag Manager’s element inside of Macros.
    • This will help you understand how to modify a website and track events. Start with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Free online classes like codecademy, w3schools are great starting points.
    • Secondary Dimensions


      Secondary dimensions are a simple way to segment your data. They can be added to reports in order to analyze the data in a different light. For example, if you want to find the page on which an event occurred, you can add the secondary dimension ‘Page’ to your Event Category report.

    • Use regular expressions to filter reports in GA. Here’s a post explaining how and when to use them in depth.
    • The Google Analytics API
    • ab·ste·mi·ous. Use abstemious in a sentence. adjective. The definition of abstemious is someone who abstains or is moderate, often specifically in their consumption of food and beverage. An person who suffers from anorexia is an example of someone who is abstemious.
    • “Yeah,” he allows. “But that’s OK. I can get along with good old boys – as long as we don’t talk about politics or religion.”


    • Felder rejoined for the Hell Freezes Over reunion tour in 1994 and their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but was sacked in 2001.
    • Felder’s just bitter because he got kicked out of the group so he decided to write a nasty little tell-all, which I think is a really low, cheap shot. I mean, I could write some stuff about him that would make your moustache curl.”
    • “You can’t rewrite the lyrics to somebody else’s songs, record it and put it on the internet,” he said at the time. He hasn’t changed his mind.
    • Scraping and extracting structured data from web pages can often be a challenge. There’s typically issues with fetching data, dealing with pagination, handling AJAX, and more.
    • Check out the Analyze URL source code here.
    • Meaning, you can call this Java microservice using any of the supported Algorithmia clients, like Python, Javascript, Scala, and more.
    • Analyze URL works as a simple API endpoint that’s always on and available.

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