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daily 09/23/2016

    • Exceptional communication and organizational skills, as well as the ability to distill complex, data-driven concepts into a structured framework
    • First, many are fed up with the price of tournament packets, booklets of rosters that college coaches receive upon paying their entry fee.
    • One Power Five coach said her staff crunched the numbers, and found that in just two years, they’ve spent more than $4,000 more than they did in 2014 on packets alone.
    • Second, coaches are concerned the September calendar in general is out of control.
    • One female coach said that young coaches especially and “absolutely” feel pressure to go on the road every day that they can, often wearing themselves and their staffs down before games have even started in November.
    • There was some, but not total, consensus: The Pac-12, which had two teams in the 2016 Final Four (Oregon State and Washington) voted in solidarity to not go out this weekend. Close praised her conference’s willingness to come together on the issue, noting the sacrifice made by programs like Arizona and Colorado, both of which have new coaches and are trying to put together viable rosters for the immediate future.
    • One reason to not get too detailed: Coaches are worried about potential backlash from event operators and AAU coaches.   


    • Syracuse confirmed that its coaches will also skip the evaluation period. That means that none of the 2016 Final Four teams will be represented in gyms this weekend.
    • “By the time it came up, I had already committed to recruits, and told them they’re going to see me in the stands,” she said.
    • Is it over the price of the packets, or that we don’t want the evaluation period? … I don’t know what the answer is, but I know that I’m going out recruiting.”
    • Then there’s the chatter that some event operators and club coaches are in it for themselves—and to stuff their own pockets.
    • Clay has fallen under fire from coaches across the country for what many feel are overpriced Peach State events, where play on the court often doesn’t match the value of the college coaches’ entry fee.
    • Google Analytics is an important tool for marketers
    • This guide will show you the 3 best ways to generate leads with Google Analytics:
    • Using Google Analytics Network report
    • Using a custom Google Analytics report template tool


    • Using Google Analytics with Leadfeeder for lead generation
    • identifying companies that visit, based on their IP address.
    • When you contact them, you want to contact the person who’s responsible for digital marketing, regardless of who visited your website.
    • Network report in Google Analytics
    • Service Providers”. What Google Analytics means by “Service Provider” is the network where the visitor has been when they visited your website. Networks are always owned and registered by someone; typically a company, Internet Service Provider or some other organization.
    • you should filter out ISPs from the list
    • use the advanced search button and select to exclude Service Providers that match the following RegExp (just copy/paste this to the filter):
    • (not set|customer|internet|broadband|isp|cable com|network|tele|dsl|subscriber|pool|telecom|cable|addresses|telefonica|routed|leased line|communication|comcast|verizon|road runner|service provider|unknown|provider|t-mobile|wifi|telkom|sprint|at-t|residential|province|vodafone|clients|china|dial-up|netblock|wimax|wireless|elisa|sonera|dna oy|at&t|assigned|sl-cgn|block|consumers|kpn|telia|bredband|google|hosting|zscaler|city of|tdc|hubspot) 
    • select “Page Title” or “Page” as secondary dimension to know which pages the company has visited.
    • If you would really like to know what each company and their employees have done on your website, you can go to the brand new User Explorer report under the Audience section in Google Analytics. This report was introduced in Google Analytics in April 2016 and in the report you can dive into individual visitors and their behavior.
      • Ability to write advanced T-SQL queries, views, stored procedures, functions and CTEs

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