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daily 09/20/2016

    • When you add a date field to a visual in the Axis field bucket, Power BI automatically adds a time hierarchy that includes Year, Quarter, Month and Day. By doing this, Power BI allows your visuals to have time-based interaction with those viewing your reports, by letting users drill-down through those different time levels.

    • To manage the z-order of elements in a report, select an element, and use the Arrange button on the Home tab of the ribbon to change its z-order.
    • In this step, we’ll create an API streaming dataset. This exposes an API endpoint that our Raspberry Pi can call to push data to Power BI.
    • Next, we’ll write a Python script to read the temperature and humidity from the DHT22 sensor, and to send that data to Power BI.
    • As you probably noticed above, the touchscreen is on the exterior of the camera case – and that’s because the cameras are now fully waterproofed – no external case required. 
    • The Lazy Marketer’s Guide to Customer Acquisition
    • Youtube.com is the second most accessed website in the world (surpassed only by its parent, google.com). It has a whopping 1 billion unique views a month. [1, 2] It is a force to be reckoned with. In the video sharing platform, there are many brilliant and hard-working content creators producing high-quality and free educational videos that students and academics alike can enjoy. I made a survey on Youtube content that could be useful for those interested in learning Statistics, and I listed and categorized them below
    • Who Discovered The Broken Pipeline?












      While out searching for the source of a strong gas odor near a mining pit approximately 30 miles south of Birmingham, Alabama, an inspector spotted a leak in the Colonial Pipeline Company’s Line 1, a three-foot wide conduit that transports 1.3 million barrels of gas each day from Houston, along the southeast, and all the way to New Jersey, The LA Times says.

    • Upon hearing of the spill, the Colonial Pipeline Company immediately shut down the line, and began assessing the damage. The Associated Press says the company discovered that between 252,000 and 336,000 gallons of fuel had poured into a retention pond. To put that figure in perspective, that’s enough gas to fuel at least, and this is a rough estimate, four Ram pickups.















      Was There Any Environmental Damage?

    • That retention pond, The LA Times says, lies just upstream of a national wildlife refuge.
    • Governors of Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina have issued executive orders to “temporarily suspended various state and federal regulations to allow truck drivers to work longer shifts to deliver gasoline.” And that’s probably a good thing, because look at the traffic these tankers have to sit through to fill their trucks:
    • All this, on a major pipeline that services a large portion of the east coast and was constructed before we landed on the moon.
    • It’s at least curious that the winner of DraftKings’ flagship contest is someone paid to give advice to his ostensible competitors, but a Draftkings contractor raking in a big prize is an unwelcome callback to last year’s controversies.
    • In the fallout of that scandal, both companies decided to suspend their employees from walking across the aisle to play at their competitor’s site. Each had already enacted a ban on their own employees playing in their own contests, which doesn’t apply to Zeidenfeld because he’s not full-time.
    • The implication is that a man with a bunch of ties to DK might have someone on the inside helping him out. It’s not exactly a stretch.

      <!– core-decorated –>

    • Applying Functions To Lists Exercises
    • they drafted 14 players in June, all of whom made the 53-man roster, and have another dozen-plus picks in next year’s draft, including two each in the first two rounds. Sam Hinkie died for his sins, but his spirit lives on.

    • As part of their plan to more or less purposefully suck, the Browns of course hired Robert Griffin III to play quarterback in the offseason.
    • Anyway, McCown busted his shoulder up, and now the Browns are turning to quarterback number three.
    • Kessler was drafted in the third round, high enough for the press to question why the Browns chose to pass on more highly rated prospects like Carson Wentz and Paxton Lynch. After the draft, head coach Hue Jackson said:
    • According to the lawsuit, trooper John Barone walked up to Picard and said “someone called in” a complaint about a man “waving a gun and pointing it at people.”
    • Trooper Torneo is overheard on the footage saying they could “claim” that motorists complained about a man waving a gun “but that no one wanted to stop and give a statement.”


    • As there is nothing legally preventing either of them from attending a Baylor football game, the story should end here; because this is Baylor, and institutional control seems to be a foreign concept to those in charge of the Bears program, it does not.











    • Considering Oakman is neither a part of the team or an acceptable post-game speaker,
    • Briles, Oakman, and countless others left behind, doesn’t know who Oakman is or that he spoke to his team, and Seth Russell, the starting quarterback, has nothing but glowing reports on both men.
    • It was Philadelphia 29, Browns 10.


    • The Browns couldn’t establish any running game against the team that had the NFL’s worst run defense in 2015.


    • When the Rams moved up to No. 1, it was widely understood that they were keen on Goff. The Browns, at No. 2, certainly needed a franchise quarterback, but decision-makers in the organization were split on whether Wentz was the guy. According to CBS’s Jason La Canfora, a number of veteran scouts were big on Wentz—a large overlap with the six veteran scouts who the Browns fired three weeks before the draft.
    • It was clear to many in the organization dating back to December, when the Browns held intense draft meetings, that the newly-empowered analytics department, soon to be spearheaded by Paul DePodesta, strongly preferred Goff. And new coach Hue Jackson and his offensive coordinator, Pep Hamilton, were not high on Wentz but prized Goff, sources said, and made that clear to the rest of the organization.

    • And never forget the inviolable rule of the modern NFL: Whether or not the Browns take you determines whether you become a good quarterback, and not the other way around.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong here but it seems like firing the guy who hired Paul DePodesta would be the best move.
    • To put it bluntly, flying the Phantom 4 requires a lot of moving parts, while the Karma is supposed to be as easy as pushing a button and playing a video game.
    • More to the point, in experienced hands, the Phantom 4 appears to be a lot more capable. For example, the Karma surprisingly doesn’t ave a follow me feature. Even though rumor mongers were positive that follow me would be central to the Karma system, GoPro didn’t even mention the idea in its announcement. As for pre-programmed flight paths, GoPro offers exactly four, which seem simpler to use than DJI’s, even if they don’t offer quite the versatility of programmed movement.

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