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daily 09/14/2016

    • I’m not a programmer, but when I need to cobble together a Python script, I find a dedicated IDE (integrated development environment) a better tool for the job than a regular text editor. After I’ve tried several existing IDEs, I settled for a relatively new software called NINJA-IDE, which stands for Ninja-IDE Is Not Just Another IDE.


      • Welcome to NINJA-IDE Documentation !
    • sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -r trusty -t xfce,xiwi

      If you already have Crouton installed, you can update it with the integration using the following command:

      sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -u -t xiwi -r trusty

      Step 2: Setting up Ubuntu

      After the installation is complete, you can boot into the graphics by typing in:

    • mportant note: don’t launch Ubuntu Software Center from the menu / Dash. You must run it with “gksu” – either edit its desktop file or simply open a terminal and type:
      gksu software-center
      If you don’t do this, Ubuntu Software Center will start, but you won’t be able to install any applications using it. The application screenshots in USC don’t seem to work though.


      If you’re using an ARM Chromebook, note that not all applications support ARM. You can install GIMP, LibreOffice and so on but you won’t be able to install Skype or Steam for example.
    • Crouton Command Cheat Sheet


    • My expectations could not have been higher.  They were exceeded.  ARRIVAL is a masterpiece.  It is already on my list of all-time favorite science fiction films.  
    • How do you communicate when you have so little in common?  I may yet get into what I think of the back and forth about the alien language by writing a spoiler filled “Science of” article after the movie comes.  For now, let’s just say I think it is pretty cool.
    • In short, with ARRIVAL, Villeneuve has achieved what Terrence Malick has been trying, and failing, to do for his last three films — tap into the miracle of love and combine it with the wonder of the universe into a compelling cinematic experience.
      • webbrowserComes with Python and opens a browser to a specific page.




        • Selenium. Launches and controls a web browser. Selenium is able to fill in forms and simulate mouse clicks in this browser.









    • For example, it’s tedious to copy a street address to the clipboard and bring up a map of it on Google Maps.
      • This means your code will need to do the following:





    • Whenever you boot your Chromebook, you’ll see a warning screen. You’ll need to press Ctrl+D or wait 30 seconds to continue booting.


    • sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -e -t xfce
    • After going through the installation process, you can run either of the following commands to enter your Crouton session (assuming you installed Crouton with Xfce):


        • Ctrl+Alt+Back and Ctrl+Alt+Forward plus Ctrl+Alt+Refresh


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