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daily 09/11/2016

    • We added a critical component of the O that was largely missing against Notre Dame, namely the willingness to punish dishonest numbers and alignments outside with the screen game.
    • The PA switch so lovingly detailed in Thinking Texas Football is the ideal route to get a slot loose against tight man coverage – particularly when you have one of CFB’s five best fade-route toasters under center.
    • I’d lavish more praise on him for his savvy position switch, but his NFL contract will be plenty of additional reward.


    • Charlie might be able to evaluate a lil’ bit.
    • The predicted run game annoyance took place, but all in all this unit balled out and dominated an overmatched foe.



    • Brandon Jones showed what it looks like when one of the team’s top five athletes DOESN’T check his brain at the door, as he was all but unblock able on kick coverage while drawing a flag and (I think) got himself a block as well.
    • Clean up the silly penalties, and Jeff Traylor may have a plus unit on his hands.
    • That’s what good teams do. And we’re a good team.






    • The first parameter can contain format specifiers that allow you to define the format and positioning, of the subsequent objects.


    • Using the %c format specifier allows you to style the console output.


    • console.assert(expression, object)


    • The console.assert() method takes two parameters, a boolean expression, and an object. If the result of the expression is false the object will be printed in the console.
    • The console.count() method will output the number of times that the count() method has been called. You will only get an accurate count if this method is called at the same line, with the same label each time.

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