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daily 09/09/2016

    • The NFL, with the exception of the senior vice president of officiating, Dean Blandino, are not big fans of officials or officiating in general.

    • It’s certainly not a revenue generator. In a league that puffs its chest about how its goal is to have league revenue increased to $25 billion by 2027, officiating is a negative. It doesn’t bring in a dime.

    • I feel it’s because the top three people in leadership at the league office responsible for the officiating department have never officiated. Let’s start with Commissioner Goodell, followed by Troy Vincent, the executive vice president of football operations, and Blandino.

    • However, in the era of the system of accountability, I gave McAulay a downgrade, an incorrect mechanic for taking teams off the field. Goodell was not satisfied. He wanted McAulay suspended. Suspend him for what?
    • Goodell persisted, but I refused to give in. What happened next was anything but good. The conversation escalated, and when he was down in front of my office, with others present, he was so frustrated and, I’m sure, getting so much heat from Cleveland that he gave me a hard shove into my door to try and continue the argument about McAulay in my office. Quite frankly, it startled me, and I think it startled him a little because the discussion ended shortly after that.
    • Don’t be retarded this is PR and rehabilitation talk. Fight something, guilty or innocent, and you never win. Admit there was an issue and have been through it coming out the other side having seen the light and you my friend are now free to be hired by any and all. These few statements were worth millions. If you can’t see it then I’m betting you subscribe to Fox news.




      Briles has an agent and pr firm. Football business. He won public opinion today because he took some responsibility. It’s a catastrophe on all levels.

    • His spokesperson Katrina Pierson said Barack Obama’s policies “probably” caused the death of a soldier killed in Iraq – in 2004! When confronted about her mistake, she said, “That’s why I used, ‘probably.'”

    • …and finally, we learned that Brian Kelly is now 20-1 as the head coach of a Top-10 team against an unranked opponent.


    • With all due respect to Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes, DeShone Kizer might be the best quarterback that the Longhorns see the rest of the season. With all due respect to, well, nobody in the Big 12, that Notre Dame defensive line will surely be the best defensive line they see the rest of the season. And that offensive line will also be the best they see all season.


    • I need only to remind you of the last time Charlie Strong was lifted upon the shoulders of his team on the field, after a 24-17 Texas victory over Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl last October.


      Before the month was even out the Horns had been shut out in Ames.


      That is really hard to do.

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