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daily 08/28/2016

    • Salesforce Dashboards and Chart Basics
    • Add a Dashboard Component | Salesforce   

    • The fact that there is not a Baylor representative alive who can sit in front of a TV camera and answer questions in complete, intelligent sentences means that any sophomore J-School student could embarrass the hell out of us. 60 Minutes will nail our pelts to same wall as all the other shady characters in the history of that program who thought they were too smart to get caught.
    • • The front-line engineers also said the developer, ARG Bull Creek, appeared to dramatically overestimate mass transit service to the development, in turn reducing the projected car traffic to the Grove. The developer’s study presumed that Capital Metro would run the No. 19 bus every 10 minutes, a far cry from the route’s current hourly service. The initial drafts say the assumption was apparently made without consulting Capital Metro.

    • • The names of all three front-line engineers initially listed on the report were removed and replaced by a supervisor’s name. “As we discussed, please remove my name from the memo,” wrote André Betit, an engineer in the city’s Transportation Department, in a March 22 email. He earlier sent his bosses an email protesting any changes to the traffic department’s findings.

    • Engineers removing their names “is a signal that someone should ask some questions.”

    • While it is unclear from the documents if the review process was cut off, they do show that officials repeatedly struck or discounted concerns brought by the city’s engineers about the Grove’s traffic.

    • How can I create a report showing accounts without contacts?

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