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daily 08/08/2016


    •          He’s not looking at the women. Neither are the men in the crowd. Women got no use for the reward of a cure, do they?

      • sucks to be a woman in this book
    • “Because women are not animals,” the Mayor says, reading me. “No matter what anyone claims I believe. They are merely naturally Noiseless.”

               He lowers his voice. “Which makes them different.”

    •        “New World’s first and last monastery,” the Mayor says, stopping at the gate. “Built as a refuge of quiet contemplation for our holiest of men. Built when there was still faith we could beat the Noise germ through self – denial and discipline.” His voice goes hard. “Abandoned before it was even properly finished.”
    •  Of a hundred or more Spackle staring right back at me.
    • Which is when the Mayor walks in the door.

    •          Her permanent frown gets bigger. “She saved a life,” she says and snaps loose the elastic band so hard it leaves a mark.

    •          Mistress Coyle takes another bite while eyeing me. “He killed every woman in his town because he couldn’t hear them, because he couldn’t know them in the way that men could be known before the cure.”

    •          The door bursts open so loud and sudden I jump up and look around the screen. It’s Maddy. “There was a messenger,” she says, breathless. “Women can start leaving their houses.”

    •          “The Noise was the only way they communicated,” Thea says.

    •          She looks around to see if we’re being overheard. “Mistress Coyle is brilliant,” she says, “but sometimes she can only hear her own opinion.”

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