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      • A motor is a machine that converts other forms of energy into mechanical energy and so imparts motion.


      • An engine is a motor that converts thermal energy to mechanical work.

      • a motor is anything that converts energy to motionan engine is a subset of this – it converts thermal energy to mechanical workif there’s no combustion, there is no engine. But it might still be a motor (see battery powered cars)
      • An artificial neural network (NN for short) is a classifier. In supervised machine learning, classification is one of the most prominent problems. The aim is to assort objects into classes that are defined a priori (terminology not to be confused with Object Oriented programming). Classification has a broad domain of applications, for example:

    • The term “supervised” refers to the fact that the algorithm is previously trained with “tagged” examples for each category (i.e. examples whose classes are made known to the NN) so that it learns to classify new, unseen ones in the future.

    • Salesforce Wave enables users to interact with their data visually via the rich Wave Charting library, which not only exposes the right visuals, but also includes interactions, animations etc.
    • For example, if you’re trying to slice-and-dice data by geography, then visualizing the data as a map is the best way. On that note, the Wave team recently added Maps to our portfolio of charts to help better visualize and represent your geo data.
    • In the Summer ’16 release we’ve added support for thematic maps, or choropleth maps, out-of-the-box.
    • Traditionally, maps are used to visualize population density or total sales, but you could easily extend it to signals from an IoT device, tweets etc., as well. Maps can portray various aspects (geological, political, economic) of a geographical entity, be it city, state, or country. Wave’s out-of-the-box implementation supports a world map broken down by country and regions (eg. Americas), and a United States map broken down by state.
    • Wave is also providing users with the ability to create their own map visualizations via GeoJSON. These GeoJSONs don’t need to be limited to geographical maps, it could be a stadium or floor map. Basically anything that can be described as a polygon shape can be viewed as a map
    • Let’s walk through how to create a new World Map containing your business regions. Something like this:
    • Why the academic and citizenship emphasis?  According to Moorer, when Strong sits on a parent’s couch, he promises to make their son a man and earn their degree.  If he doesn’t follow up with real actions to see to it, it’s just empty talk.


    • My sister was disappointed that Bedford stopped showing videos of African predators savaging herd animals to motivate them, but that’s what Nat Geo is for.


    • Everyone is learning a brand new offense.  Tyrone Swoopes is our QB right now (take that with grain of salt).  Gilbert will install his system, but they’ll do whatever it takes to win – even if that means SwoopesDozer half of the game.  He repeated the “whatever it takes to win” line like a mantra.
    • John Burt appears to enjoy the clinic immensely and led the participants out of the tunnel like it was a real game.  
    • All of the players spoke about how positive the coaches have been.  They’re trying to love up the youngsters and build their confidence knowing how many of them will be needed in September.


    • It was pretty apparent to the women who attended and spent time with the staff and players that Charlie Strong actively promulgates a culture of respect for women.  And people in general.


    • My own history has been my teacher. I have a personal relationship with Lance Armstrong that goes back to the 1980s. He lived with me when he began his cycling career as a teenager. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. For too long. Did I give the benefit of the doubt to some Italian cyclist I didn’t know? Of course not.
    • I don’t know triathlon’s Russians, and because I don’t know them it’s easy for my to write what I’m writing. I promise that if I knew these athletes it would be much harder for me to write with the same text I’m using now, because I’ve learned the lesson of human nature and doping: You give the benefit of the doubt to those you know, whether accused of doping, course cutting or any other bad act.
    • So, two things. First, if you’re confident in your athletes at least punish the country: Let the Russian athletes race under each sport’s federation banner rather than the Russian banner (the ITU has not chosen this option; at least one other federation has).
      • Monday ALT + M N: Opens name manager. Very handy, if you have quite a few range names and want to edit / manage them. Remember, this is a sequence shortcut, that means, you press ALT M, let go of both keys and then press N.

      • Tuesday CTRL + T: Create a new table from data in current region. For more on tables, check out our Introduction to Excel Tables page.

      • Wednesday CTRL + W: Close the current workbook, while keeping Excel open.

      • Thursday ALT + T O: Opens Excel options. Very easy to remember too.

      • Friday CTRL F: Fridays can be hard to concentrate. Use CTRL+F to find what you want in the current workbook. Use CTRL+H if you wish to do a find replace.

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