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daily 07/22/2016

    • If U of H in the Big 12 is the horse trading McRaven has to do to get the U of H opposition to the UT Houston initiative, he is going to do it. He doesn’t care in the least about the Big 12 conference. He cares about the UT System.




       Those who dare doubt Admiral McRaven do so at their own peril, he is not going to out maneuvered or out strategized.

    • McRaven needs to go “chain of command” on this and tell the legislature he is not the president of UT Austin he is a system chancellor and thus he does not get involved in Austin athletics business the UT President does and if they want a SYSTEM chancellor that gets involved in single university athletics call that dullard sharp and tell him UH to the SEC SEC SEC and otherwise $#@! off stop bothering him with UT Austin Athletics BS
    • I have no problem with U of H and UT working together to promote the interests of each system. What will be fun is to watch aggy push the legislature for additional funding to help deal with their insane growth rate in a down budget cycle. Especially when aggy has done nothing over the past five years to build any political support.
    • Would UT give up the LHN in order to grease the wheels for the UT-H campus?
    • I thought only aggy had such low collective self-esteem that they considered every stupid online ranking that mentioned them a form of validation.
    • Yes there are. This is being decided on the Presidents’ level, not the fan or coach level. The stronger UH and TTech are, the bigger a relief they can be on UT’s enrollment pressures, allow us to be more exclusive.
    • UH can’t replace UT, but a strong UH, along with TCU, Baylor, and TTech might be enough critical mass to allow the B12 to remain a P5 conference if UT moves up to the more academically compatible B1G.
    • UH actually has more on campus beds than anybody in the state but aggy (of course you wouldn’t dare live in an apartment near the UH campus!).
    • UT has 8,141 beds on campus and 100% are full and UT has Dolby, the Woo and University Towers pretty much right there along with the virgin vault the Masonic Lodge and the other smaller private dorms right there as well
    • UH has 8,008 beds on campus, but unfortunately for them only 7,383 of them have a warm body that sleeps in them each night so just like their new stajium they bring a lot of “empty”
    • So uninformed. UH freshmen have equal or better average SAT/ACT scores than every public school in the Big 12 not named UT or OU. One-third of them graduated in the Top 10% of their HS class. They have options.
    • When UT comes into the Houston market, the best of brightest from U of H are gone.
    • Campaign manager Paul Manafort initially suggested Trump had been misquoted, but a transcript released by the newspaper matched quotations attributed to the candidate.

    • “Right now, we subsidize the vast majority of NATO – how is that fair?” he told CBS News. “You have countries that are part of NATO and who don’t pay anything or pay very, very little.”

    • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was more forgiving. “I am willing to kind of chalk it up to a rookie mistake,” he tweeted.

    • What’s at stake, Clark said, is how strongly Europe can fight Russian economic corruption, whether European nations will stand with the U.S. in resisting China’s use of the South China Sea, and even the strength of the European Union.

    • Estonia’s president Toomas Hendrik Ilves, without referring to Trump by name, quickly tweeted that his nation is “equally committed to all our NATO allies, regardless of who they may be. That’s what makes them allies.”

    • The show of political collaboration comes at a delicate time in the academic relationship between Texas and Houston. UT System Chancellor Bill McRaven angered University of Houston officials with a surprising purchase of 332 acres south of the Texas Medical Center in Houston last year. So far, UT has yet to outline its long-term plans.


    • An official close to the deliberations told the American-Statesman that Houston officials have signaled they would drop opposition to the construction of a UT satellite campus on that land in exchange for help in getting into the Big 12.


    • “For anyone to think there’s a swap there, I say not only no, but hell no,” Whitmire said. “They are separate and apart. I have heard from at least four other UT universities that they are concerned about the diversion of resources from their institution to a proposed, very expensive, unpurposed site in UT-Houston.”


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