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daily 07/21/2016

    • the indelible image of Republican loyalists booing one of their own senior elected officials for saying they should vote their conscience.
    • Of course, there were little clues that he was going off-script. Like saying that Muslims and atheists have the right to religious freedom, that gays are protected by the Bill of Rights, and mentioning Alton Sterling and the victims of the Charleston-Emanuel AME Church massacre.
    • the Cougars are a commuter school with an indifferent fanbase set in a city that looks to Caracas for its zoning laws and Bangladesh for its climate.
    • When and if Texas tries to break away when the Big 12 Grant of Rights expires (assuming we’re not dumb enough to extend it), Texas will find scraping off the barnacles a lot harder than anyone thinks.








    • Cruz entered the castle of his allies, and he went for the head of the king.
    • Antony, in reality, wants two things: to avenge Caesar’s murder and to rule Rome.
    • The method he chooses is to gain permission to speak at Caesar’s funeral, and that is the sole reason he plays the role he does in the Capitol.
    • To get a prime speaking spot at the RNC, Cruz needed Trump’s trust, and to gain said trust, the Master of Trolls had to manipulate the truth so that its real intent was at best invisible, and at worst incomprehensible.
    • What may have been seen as Cruz succumbing to his weak oration skills, intentionally or not, was in effect the Master of Trolls taking a substantial bite from the evening’s schedule, possibly bumping Newt Gingrich’s speech, making Cruz the de facto lead-in for Trump’s VP, Mike Pence.


    • Everything about the speech felt as if it was building to an endorsement of Donald Trump. But it wasn’t an endorsement of Trump. It was self-promotion. Cruz’s call for Republican’s to vote with their conscious reframed the entire speech as day one in Ted Cruz’s 2020 bid for president.
    • I struggle to find a more elaborate, gutsy, self-centered, and inspired troll. I can’t imagine what Cruz felt as he landed the dismount that would secure him the gold medal of trolling. All I can do is live vicariously through his smile at the moment everything finally came together.

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