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daily 07/20/2016

      • install 2.7
    • if that doesn’t fix it, open an explorer window and find your Python installation, it should either be in C:\Python27 or C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Programs\Python\Python27 (The python directories could be named differently depending on which version you installed, so don’t just copy and paste!)


    • Q: My computer says pip is not recognized!
       A: Same as above, but add “\Scripts” onto the end of the file path to look for


      If it still doesn’t work, use C:\Python27\Scripts\pip in place of pip

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        Setting the path from cmd didn’t work for me. Had to go into Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables, Path, Edit, new, C:\Python27\Scripts


        Then it worked like magic.




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        this helped me


        also need to add a seperate entry for C:\Python27




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