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daily 07/18/2016

    • Here’s the scene for those who may have inadvertently walked out: After the credits end, the four Ghostbusters are standing around working. Patty is listening to a tape and says she hears something. “What’s Zuul?” she asks the others.
    • There is one potential issue in the film, though. When Dan Aykroyd’s cab driver shows up, it’s made very clear he knows about ghosts. Is he a random person with an ability to sense the paranormal, or could he be some alternate dimension version of Ray Stantz?
    • Salesforce – perhaps more readily known for its leading CRM software – offers a suite of cloud-based digital marketing tools, built on the acquisition in 2013 of ExactTarget (which itself had acquired CoTweet, Pardot, iGoDigital and Keymail Marketing). In 2014, the group of services was rebranded Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SMC).
    • s with other marketing clouds – such as Adobe, Marketo, Oracle and IBM – SMC covers marketing automation (still branded as Pardot) and analytics across email, web, social and mobile, selling multi-year subscriptions to the software.
    • “We have not had great support when adding a new business into our existing account. It would be great to get a dedicated person that could help with implementation/consultation even after we have our initial on-boarding. Businesses change over time, and it would be great to get the support from Salesforce Marketing Cloud”
    • “this is a very solid solution for email marketing. It is very scalable from a developer’s view. The proprietary AMPscripting is very powerful in allowing developers to leverage most of platform programmatically which most providers are lacking. I believe that is the one key component making the Salesforce Marketing Cloud superior to others.”
    • JUNE 2016 – Major acquisition


      In the largest ever acquisition in the marketing technology industry, Salesforce purchased ecommerce platform Demandware, effectively kickstarting the formation of a commerce cloud to complement its sales and marketing clouds – TFM.

      • how do you measure brand healthare you responsible for p and Ldo you have profit targetswhat is your relationship with financehow did you justify this role to financedo you interact with product?
    • Indeed, while 82% report that their business drivers are most directly aligned with revenue targets, 41% also say that they’re now responsible for profit targets, and a similar percentage (37%) count brand health as a main role. Close to 1 in 3 CMOs have a responsibility for their business unit’s P&L, which is up 13% points from a year earlier.
    • Having CX as a remit is broadening the strategic and customer lifecycle focus for these CMOs.
    • CMOs responsible for both marketing and CX are 50% more likely than purely marketing CMOs to say that customer retention is one of their top objectives.
    • Consumers recompense ARM via the intermediary of a hardware-manufacturing partner, but the core mechanics are still the same: obtain valuable information, secure your control over it, sell it to a willing purchaser, and profit.

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