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daily 07/13/2016

    • The US government first deployed the technology in Iraq, where soldiers used iris scanners to track local civilians authorized to work on military bases. In the years since, iris scanning has spread to airports and assorted private security systems, but was considered too expensive or obscure for most local police departments.


    • Police could use iris scanners to check each person passing through a roadblock, where taking fingerprints would require too much contact to be practical.
    • The California Justice Department, like other agencies the FBI has partnered with, can log a scan as part of the booking process, even for low-level crimes, and well before a conviction. When the scans are sent to the national database, the FBI says, they are bundled with fingerprints and mug shots.
    • Despite its relatively small population, the documents show San Bernardino County made more than 190,000 enrollments alone since 2014, far outpacing Los Angeles and Riverside counties.
    • With the Kelvin timeline, we are not entirely beholden to existing canon, this is an alternate reality and, as such is full of new and alternate possibilities. “BUT WAIT!” I hear you brilliant and beautiful super Trekkies cry, “Canon tells us, Hikaru Sulu was born before the Kelvin incident, so how could his fundamental humanity be altered? Well, the explanation comes down to something very Star Treky; theoretical, quantum physics and the less than simple fact that time is not linear.
    • Sure, we experience time as a contiguous series of cascading events but perception and reality aren’t always the same thing.
    • This means, and this is absolutely key, the Kelvin universe can evolve and change in ways that don’t necessarily have to follow the Prime Universe at any point in history, before or after the events of Star Trek ‘09, it can mutate and subvert, it is a playground for the new and the progressive and I know in my heart, that Gene Roddenberry would be proud of us for keeping his ideals alive
    • Infinite diversity in infinite combinations, this was his dream, that is our dream, it should be everybody’s.
    • While commuters all over the world are set to benefit from the new system, Londoners won’t miss out. Sadiq Khan says that the money earned from the new licence will be used to freeze fares across Transport for London services over the next four years and is just the start of a number of planned agreements.

      “I made a firm commitment to sell Transport for London’s expertise around the globe,” says Khan. “We will use the income from those deals for further investment in new infrastructure and to freeze TfL fares.”

    • But there three basic parts to Pokémon Go: catching pokémon, visiting pokéstops, and gym battles.


    • Pokéstops are important landmarks, marked on the map at significant (usually) local locations.
    • Some items, however, can only be purchased with pokécoins, which can be earned by fighting in gym battles or bought as in-app purchas
    • Gyms are in-game locations that are typically tied to major real-world areas  — such as the Bryant Park Fountain or Times Square  
    • If a gym is held by your faction, you can select a single pokémon and train against other members of your team,
    • Gyms held by one of the two rival factions, however, need to be battled for. 
    • And of course, standard pokémon damage type rules are in effect: water pokémon are effective against fire types, fire against grass, etc. Pokémon can be healed or revived using potions and revives that you can obtain from visiting pokéstops.
      • Hopping on a bicycle is a fun, fast way to hatch pokémon eggs quickly.

      • Make sure to stay hydrated when catching pokémon outside.

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