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daily 07/06/2016

        1. How to Snap Windows like a Pro

        On Chrome OS and on Windows 8 you can snap windows and apps from one side to another like a pro, using these shortcuts: alt+ [to snap window/app left or
         alt + ] to snap window/app right.


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    • allinanchor: (and also inanchor:)
      This shows sites which have the keyterms in links pointing to them, in order of the most links. For instance, if I searched for allinanchor:helicopters, Google would show me the top sites which are linked to, where the anchor text for the link is “helicopters”.
    • allinpostauthor: (and also inpostauthor:)
      Exclusive to blog search, this one picks out blog posts that are written by specific individuals. For instance, if you wanted sound advice on how to use Online PR and Social Media to improve your company’s ROI, you could try:

    • ..
      Use two full stops to search in a range of numbers, for example:

      I own 1..100 cats

      Will bring back results that encompass searches on “I own 1 cat” to “I own 100 cats”. Totally useless.

      • info:website
        Using this operator will tell Google to bring back information about a certain domain. It reveals:

        • Google’s cache of the site
        • Pages that are similar to the one you searched for
        • Pages that link to the domain you searched for
        • Other pages on the same domain
        • Pages that contain the domain text on their page
    • loc:placename

      This operator brings back results from pages in a given place. Even better, it can be used to search for specific types of places within that location, for example:

      loc:Brighton pub

      Will mostly return pages for pubs that are in Brighton. It’s clever.

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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