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daily 06/27/2016

    • clients of Scott Dean Boras forgo free agency about as often as Neil Patrick Harris forgoes an opportunity to appear on an awards show.
    • Don’t get me wrong — when healthy, Strasburg, who this year became the first NL starter in more than three decades to begin a season 10-0, is one of the game’s most dominant hurlers.
    • The veteran righty missed almost all of 2011 after undergoing Tommy John surgery
    • After coming back in 2012, he was shut down in the middle of a pennant race for precautionary measures and didn’t pitch in the Nationals’ first-ever postseason appearance
    • He’s made three separate trips to the DL over the past three years (lat, neck, oblique), has had only one season where he didn’t miss a start (2014), and is coming off a campaign in which he took the hill just 23 times, his lowest total since the Tommy John season.
    • As for Boras, he reminded everyone that he works “at the privilege of Stephen and Rachel Strasburg
    • The country’s problems seem so profound, complex, and unpredictable that something, it seems, has to give. But precisely because of the convoluted nature of the deepening crisis, the most likely scenario is continued stalemate between offsetting forces. Anything else may not yet be possible.








    • Almost one-third of ministries are controlled by current or former military officers.
    • At present, the opposition has put its hopes on a painstaking recall referendum process to remove Maduro from office. It has collected almost 2 million signatures, the first of several steps.
    • Moreover, while voters want Maduro out, the Chávez legacy will not be easy to overcome. Chavismo remains a powerful political force in the country. Even with the turmoil and terrible conditions, a quarter of the country still supports Maduro,
    • This paralysis even extends to the opposition, itself deeply fractured between moderate and radical factions
    • More than a dozen opposition parties came together during the congressional elections in December and won as a unified slate for the first time in years, but the coalition was built on little more than opposition to chavismo
    • As a result, the opposition has been largely unable to put forward a coherent alternative plan for government and the economy.
    • Of course, developing viable economic alternatives is challenging precisely because the crisis is so severe
    • The crisis stems from utter mismanagement and massive corruption, resulting in a wide variety of economic distortions.
    • But as the crisis has evolved, many Venezuelans have adapted to these distortions and rely on them, at least in part, to survive
    • And defaulting on the country’s massive debt, which the government has desperately tried to avoid but most experts consider “highly likely,” would only tighten imports further—a dangerous prospect as much of domestic production is in disrepair.
    • The international community has only limited leverage in Venezuela
    • Kerry dispatched Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Tom Shannon to Caracas to meet with Maduro and open a new round of bilateral talks, although with few tangible goals
    • Many in Latin America, particularly on the left, would prefer to avoid criticisms of Venezuela and of Chávez’s legacy.
    • Since heated rhetoric in the past by the U.S. toward Chávez generally backfired—strengthening him at home and fueling his anti-imperialist narrative—diplomats are right to be cautious.
    • But it is unclear whether Venezuela has reached rock bottom.
    • even though you can go for hours and hours exercising with your own adipose tissue as a fuel source, for long, sustained and relatively difficult exercise efforts that exceed 2-3 hours in duration, you still should use a quick and convenient source of extra energy if you want to minimize central nervous system fatigue and maximize activation of ATP production via fatty acids and amino acids pouring into the Krebs cycle
    • There are three reasons why liquids sometimes simply don’t work or need to be accompanied by other fuel sources:
    • Anytime you see “cane sugar”, this means that a gel contains a disaccharide sugar comprised of fructose and glucose mixed in a 1:1 ratio
    • Two different sugars means that you’re using two different sugar transporters in your gut, which may help absorption of the sugars. But ultimately, with only 9g of carbs – compared to 30-60g of carbs in a standard sugar-based gel serving with this many calories – this is kind of a moot point.
    • Chia seeds have a long history as an endurance fuel. Ancient Aztec tradition held that an ounce of chia seeds could sustain a warrior for 24 hours. Today, chia is considered a superfood because it has more Omega-3’s than any other crop in the world, it has more antioxidants than blueberries, it is a complete protein, providing you with all 9 Essential Amino Acids (important for preventing muscle breakdown when exercising longer than 2 hours), and it has 25% soluble fiber. A chia seed can absorb 9-12x its bodyweight in water – and this helps regulate absorption, which can prevent sugar spikes and crashes. So despite the issue with having to pick it out of your teeth, I’m a fan of chia.
    • I have to admit that this gel tastes awesome, the calorie count (100kcal) is about perfect, the chamomile and ginger are an excellent touch for soothing your stomach, and the Branched Chain Amino Acids are a good addition for staving off central nervous system fatigue – but I’d personally rather go with a nut such as almond (e.g. Justin’s Nut Butter, Pocketfuel, etc.)
    • Since much of the sugar has been boiled out, the thick blackstrap molasses has a high concentration of the minerals sugarcane roots absorb from the soil, making it the most nutrient dense fuel on this list. It’s especially high in magnesium, which aids calcium absorption and nervous-system function, and can help prevent muscle spasms. It also contains potassium, iron, vitamin B and manganese.
    • ompared to gels, honey has a low glycemic index, so sugar is released more slowly into the blood stream, maintaining more even blood-glucose levels, which some athletes may find optimal for slow-burn endurance activities. Honey also contains antioxidants that help reduce muscle inflammation and oxidative damage; the concentration depends on the flowers from which the bees removed the pollen.
    • Generally, the darker the honey, the higher the antioxidant content. Many honeys found in grocery stores are processed to remove pollen, which diminishes the health benefits. Choose organic raw honey which comes straight out of the comb.
    • Or, just make your own gels using resealable snack bags. Per 30 ml (about two tablespoons), honey contains about 130 calories.
    • aple syrup is quite nutrient dense for a substance mainly composed of sugar; far surpassing honey, it is high in iron, important for carrying oxygen to muscles through the blood stream; manganese, which aids nutrient absorption and the neutralization of free radicals; and sodium and potassium, both key electrolytes for staying hydrated. Maple syrup may also have anti-inflammatory properties, according to a 2014 study in the Journal of Functional Foods. As with honey, maple syrup has a moderately low glycemic index.
    • Maple candy is another portable, mess-free option. Two tablespoons of maple syrup has about 108 calories.


        I use honey as a cheap alternative to energy gels on longer runs: I mix it 2:1 parts water (easier to drink!) and put it in my small gel bottle. I find it gives me a psychological boost as well as more physical energy. I’m too tight to buy energy gels…
    • am addicted to Manuka honey!

      My additive energy / hydration drink before I run is:

      I make a drink of 600ml water, desertspoonful of chia seeds, one of honey, juice of a lime and a pinch of salt .

      This keeps me going over 10k’s

    • On long runs I mash Half a Banana with 3-4 teaspoons of honey & spoon into a small sandwich bag. Tie the bag with a knot, pushing the mixture into a corner. When you are ready for the boost, just bite the corner to pierce, then squeeze out. Make enough “Bombs” for 1 every 45-60 mins.
      Spray a measuring cup with oil, then add honey. It will pour out of the cup without making a sticky mess.
    • Runners need between 30-60g of carbohydrate per hr. A tablespoon of honey is 17g. So try: 2 tablespoons of honey 30 mins, or one tablespoon every 15 mins. That’s the most you should need.
    • Recently Active.com published an article that discusses how to make your own energy gel in an effort to save money (read article). Unfortunately the author has over-simplified the problem and in the process designed a product that most sports nutritionists would strongly recommend against using. If you really want to make your own energy gel you certainly can, but the process is a bit more complicated and the cost of ingredients is going to be much higher than the formula recommended by Active.com.
    • One of the problems with honey is that it is 100% simple sugar. If you look at all of the leading energy gels (e-Gel, GU, PowerBar Gel, Hammer Gel, etc.) you will notice that the primary ingredient is maltodextrin which is a COMPLEX carbohydrate derived from corn.
      • omebrew Power Goop

        • 7 and 1/3 tablespoons of honey
        • 3/4 teaspoons of blackstrap molasses
        • 1/10 teaspoons (just shy of 1/8 tsp) of table salt
    • My experiment did not end at just plain ol’ goop. It was still raining out, so I thought back to something I read somewhere about a 4-1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. I guess that is supposed to be a good thing, so I made a recipe for it too.
      • Honey Goop With a Protein Kick

        • 6 tablespoons of honey
        • 5/8 teaspoons of blackstrap molasses
        • 6 and 3/8 teaspoons of soy protein isolate
        • 1/16 teaspoons of salt
        • 1-3 tablespoons of water
    • So one rainy day later I was taking apart my PowerBar Gel. The packages are labeled with a wealth of information. Listed are the ingredients on the pack and the “Nutrition Facts” charts. In general, the important stuff in PowerBar Gel are the 25 grams of carbs, 45 milligrams of sodium, 35 milligrams of potassium, and the vitamins C and E.

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