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daily 06/25/2016

    • For the purposes of this illustration, let’s pretend that we are a manager with three employees and we are plotting out their schedules across twelve projects for the year.
    • Gantt charts are created with one date, one or more dimensions, and zero to two measures
    • The date provides the axis; the dimensions provide the breakdowns we want to visualize and/or the encoding of the Gantt bars; the measures create the length of the Gantt bars and/or their encoding.
    • What Tableau has done is place a Gantt mark at the start date of each combination of Project and Person. To extend the Gantt bars to illustrate task duration, we need to size each mark by the number of days in each respective project / person combination. You may have a field for duration in the underlying data set, but it can also be created in Tableau with a calculated field. In this case, duration simply equals [End Date] – [Start Date]
    • Placing the duration on the Size Marks Card will extend the Gantt marks so that project / person combinations with longer durations will be longer bars and project / person combinations with shorter durations will be shorter bars.
    • Colored the bars by employee by adding the Person dimension to the Color Marks Card. One of my goals was to provide a visual schedule to my team and by doing this, they can quickly view their own schedule and even highlight themselves in Tableau by clicking their name on the color legend.
    • dded a reference line for “Today” (pretending it’s June 20, 2018) to show each project in context of today’s date.
    • Hillary Clinton has been on the air for several weeks in swing states, with a devastating ad series aimed straight at the soft underbelly of Trump’s support: Republicans who don’t subsist on a fad diet of lead paint chips, cheap plastic-bottle vodka and talk-radio rage
    • The revelations in the May FEC report that Donald Trump’s campaign is broke put the lie to the assertion that he can afford to self-fund and that he doesn’t require the trappings of a modern campaign.
    • He’ll never change. He’ll never be Presidential. His lurid, random drunk-uncle crazytalk won’t stop.
    • Second, Trump is now and will remain broke, particularly relative to Clinton. For all his bluster, campaign finance expert and superlawyer Charlie Spies notes that Trump has to cut a check of between $100 and $200 million to become even vaguely credible with deeply skeptical donors. Absent that, Hillary Clinton will continue raising and spending money in swing states, opening up wider and wider leads, making it harder and harder for Trump to convince even the most credulous GOP money people to take the bait.
    • Another reason donors are going to stay far back from the blast radius: Trump’s FEC report shows that fully 20% of his campaign spending goes to members of his family or businesses he owns, not at a cost to him, but a profit. After an FEC report that looks like it could be an exhibit in a RICO case, the idea of subsidizing Trump’s campaign and his various enterprises is repellent to donors. He spent more money buying hats for resale than he spent on polling. He spent more money on his private jet than he did for field operations.


    • Trump will try to paper over his failure to build a real campaign by rushing for the 437th time into Sean Hannity’s soft embrace while he bellows about deporting Muslims. As Trump has been learning in the last month, earned media is necessary but not necessarily sufficient.
    • Duncan’s status for the 2016-17 season remains uncertain, but persuading Durant to join the Spurs could coax the 40-year-old into one last title chase. He has until June 29 to opt in to the final season of his contract with the Spurs, valued at $5.64 million.
    • Even if Duncan follows Ginobili’s path, they will still count against the Spurs’ books via cap holds, which remain until a player’s rights are officially renounced by the team.
    • Thunder are still considered frontrunners to retain Durant’s services, likely as a one-and-one contract (one guaranteed year at the max plus a player option) that will leave him eligible to take an even higher pay raise next summer when the increasing salary cap jumps again.



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      Visual Studio Team Services

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