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daily 06/24/2016

    • Describe the different Wave  assets like app, dashboard, lens, and dataset.
    • Move datasets  from one app to  another.
    • The home page of the app shows all assets: apps, dashboards, lenses, and datasets. When you enable  Wave, you get  the two default apps, with no  datasets, lenses, or dashboards.
    • Apps


      A fancy word for folder. An app  contains a group of datasets, lenses, and dashboards that you can  share with your colleagues. Why call it an app? When you see the cool functionality an app can offer, it’ll make more sense!
    • Although it’s accessible by everyone, you can still ensure stricter security on  datasets  through row-level security, wh
    • If a user has access to an app, the user can see all the  datasets, lenses, and dashboards within  that app
    • Because you set  sharing at the app level,  this best practice ensures that users have access to the datasets that  support lenses and dashboards.
    • 1What’s another word for ‘folder’?
    • which app should you store an asset if you want to hide it from everyone els
    • view only dashboards, which tab do you click?
    • can I import data into Wave Analytics
  • step 2

    • Wave dashboards, lenses, and   datasets can contain sensitive information, so spend some time thinking about which   sets of users need what levels of access.
    • Describe the purpose of Wave  permission set licenses and how to assign them.
    • To access   the app, each user must be assigned at least one Wave user permission
    • Assign a Wave  permission set license to the user. Without it, the user can’t be assigned Wave user  permissions.
    • As the adjacent description indicates, this is a view-only permission, so all is as it should be. Laura does not have admin rights.
    • r. A PSL is like a  passport. It grants you the right to travel, but you can’t visit the great land of Wave without  the right visa. A permission set is like a visa. You can get a three-day tourist visa, a work  visa, and so on, each of which allows you to do certain things. To do everything you want to do,  you need both a passport and a visa, which is why you need to assign each user at least one PSL  and a permission set.
    • Analytics Cloud – Wave Analytics Platform PSL enables you to assign any of these  Wave user permissions to a user:
    • If you will be using Wave apps (such as Sales Wave), those will have their own PSL and associated user permissions too.
    • In this trail, you perform tasks that require user permissions that are available only  in the Analytics Cloud – Wave Analytics Platform PSL. Given that, let’s makes sure  that license is assigned to you.
    • The combination of a PSL and associated permission sets gives very granular control over a user’s access to Wave. It’s all about security, security, security!
    • By default, preview thumbnails aren’t shown for lenses and dashboards based on datasets with row-level  security.
    • Just note that row-level security  restrictions take effect after users click through to the lens or dashboard.
    • In the next   unit, you’ll prepare for your exploration journey. You’ll create datasets based   on DTC Electronics opportunity data and then move the datasets to a shareable app   that you create. You’ll also learn important concepts along the way!
    • Wave Analytics







       A and B

    • Use Wave Analytics
    • Sign up for a special Wave Developer Edition org.
    • Wave Analytics is a self-service analytics application that enables you to make sense of  large amounts of data. You can explore your data to discover new, unexpected insights. You can  also create dashboards to continually monitor key business metrics based on the latest  data.
    • Salesforce or external  data
    • Because there’s no point analyzing data without a goal, we’ll walk you through explorations  based on concrete business use cases, all in the context of a story.
    • You’ve just joined as the admin/analyst for DTC Electronics, a leading provider of  tablets, phones, and other hardware devices. Welcome to the team—you’re destined to become  the Wave Analytics guru!
    • For this trail, you can’t use an existing Developer Edition org. You must   sign up for this special Developer Edition because it comes with a limited Analytics Cloud Wave   Platform license and contains sample data required for this Wave trail.
    • So, are you ready to start surfing the Wave? To complete these  explorations and earn the trail badges, we’ll provide you with a special Developer Edition org  that comes with Wave Analytics and  contains sample data from your new company. We’ll cover how to get the special org next.
    • Jump into the next unit to set up Wave Analytics so you can determine who has access to specific features in Wave.







    • Customizations that don’t affect data are safe to do in a production organization, such  as developing new dashboards, reports, and email templates.
    • A workflow rule or trigger accidentally creates an infinite processing  loop.
    • A logic error in a validation rule that means you can never save a record.
    • Page layout changes confuse people instead of improving their experience.
    • Use change sets to send customizations from one Salesforce org to another.
    • Change sets can only contain modifications you can make  through the Setup menu.
    • Change sets allow you to validate changes before you send them to the target  organization, providing another layer of safety
    • Because you can control  which components are in a change set, you have fine-grained control over the  deployment.
    • lso, the target organization (in this scenario, the production  organization) can choose when to deploy the change set it has received.
    • change sets make the overall release process easier, because you can  easily deploy the same change set to more than one environment.
    • IHS pointed to extensive early adoption of autonomous vehicles in the US as another factor. The report cited increased popularity of car sharing programs in America that will result in more than 4 million autonomous vehicles on US streets by 2035.

    • Plenty of Baylor grads are horrified by what’s gone down, plenty are still in denial, some are pointing out that while they’ve been hypocritical and wrong, it’s also BS to contend that football recruits don’t want to go to Baylor because of an unsafe campus environment. These players want out because Briles is gone and Baylor is a sinking ship. That’s generally not been sufficient pretext to grant releases in the past.
    • Avoiding a toxic environment is a good reason to flee Baylor. But that has traditionally not been an acceptable pretext for LOI releases.
    • I’m guessing that the decision maker will be the same one that has not released the players from their NLIs for the last four weeks…and so won’t release them tomorrow.
    • Wealthy alums who don’t give a darn about a blowback. We’ll see. I’m starting to think we may see full release. But these kids and their parents better be prepared to play hardball.
    • Military family from the area who actually thought BU was a safe place with a good value system. Events that had been reported by the time the son sent in his LOI had been depicted as isolated – the cover up was still covering up, so to speak.
    • I could be giving his family too much credit but his father did say he could afford to send him elsewhere without a schollie if that proved necessary. That could also have been a negotiating ploy, I understand. It would be one many of the parents would not be willing or able to try, as well.




    • There’s credible buzz going around that 2016 Baylor recruits have been informed that Baylor will let them know the nature of their binding LOI status as early as tomorrow.  How will Baylor play this delicate situation?


    • .  Baylor’s answer could be: “You committed to Baylor, not Briles.  Pound sand.
    • Given several prominent tone deaf Baylor alums trying to bring back Briles and a school administration that has behaved rather cynically at times, this is not absolutely out of the question.
    • Baylor has to grant full releases or none at all.  Whoa. No compromise.  It’s possible that early enrollees could be conditionals, but if a 2016er hasn’t registered for classes yet, Baylor has no conditional say on the release.
    • Baylor can grant unconditional releases.
    • Briles didn’t create a troubling athletic culture in Waco.  He fulfilled it.  His mistake was kicking the hell out of enough people on the football field such that he earned media scrutiny outside of Waco’s parochial press corps.
    • If this happens, you could see a lot of their 2016 class find their way to Oklahoma, TCU, Texas, LSU and Texas A&M. It’ll win pats on the head from the media for integrity, but it’s effectively program suicide.  Several prominent Baylor alums will turn off the spigot and they’ll create a depth hole that will look like a late era Mack Brown recruiting class.


    • As the race to master self-driving car technology accelerates, some investors say Tesla Motors partner NVIDIA Corp. may have the edge over competitors Apple and Google.

    • The firm’s technology, which uses graphics processing unit (GPU) technology, launched its Drive PX 2 system for autonomous driving this winter. The company stated that it expects consumers will begin purchasing cars equipped with Drive PX 2 within a year.

    • On the automation scale for self-driving cars, autopilot is seen as “Level 2,” which allows feet-off and hands-off driving. Google is reportedly working on “Level 4” automation, which allows driving with no human assistance.

    • For example NXP Semiconductors launched its BlueBox self-driving engine last month. The firm has said it is targeting 2020 as the year it develops complete vehicular autonomy.

    • GPUs can better handle “homogeneous and repetitive computing” which autonomous vehicles will likely demand in great quantity. This type of computing has previously been used by Nvidia processors to rapidly render images for PC gaming.

    • If you create a simple link to a cell, e.g. =A4, then insert   a row above row 4, your formula will automatically change to =A5.   To prevent this change, you can use the INDIRECT function.
    • To create the ref_text argument, you can also refer to a cell, and   use its contents. This makes the formula more flexible, as its results   will change, if the cell contents change.
    • If I have a   tough one to enter, I go to Tools>Wizards>Conditional Sum wizard and walk through the dialog boxes.   The output of the conditional sum wizard is a CSE formula, so this usually can give me enough hints   on how to enter what I really need.

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