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daily 06/21/2016

    • But SpaceX isn’t too pleased with the idea. “The proposed wharfage fee is 14 times higher than what any other business is being charged for using port facilities,” SpaceX spokesman John Taylor said in an email. Currently, the highest anyone pays for incoming cargo is $35.30 per ton.
    • Bultaco was keen to point out that in restricted 25 km/h form, the Brinco can be ridden on the capital’s growing network of cycle paths, and in Europe by anyone aged 14 or over with no need for a license, helmet or insurance. Bultaco dealers will be able to derestrict the bike if needed.
    • “Here is how I feel about the EU: it is a complicated, bureaucratic, ambitious, overbearing, inspirational and consistently irritating institution, and Britain would be absolutely crazy to leave it especially because, if it stays, it can reap all the benefits while still being a total dick about everything,” says Oliver during the segment. “And that is the British way.”
    • “What do you want?” she asks. “I thought you knew what I wanted,” he says, even though absolutely no one knows what he wants and that’s his main character trait.
    • Most importantly for Lady Stonheart truthers: we see a shot of a Frey dinner party, with Walder Frey shouting “the Freys and Lannisters send their regards!”
    • The LHN was set up as a loss leader to keep Texas from upending the conference landscape and creating a bidding war and now that we’re properly hostaged, ESPN is wisely seeking to minimize that loss.
    • International soccer is significantly different from the club version of the game, mainly because of the lack of preparation and practice time.
    • This means that international tournaments are often lousy with poorly structured teams looking to cram an ill-fitting collection of a nation’s top players into something approaching a comprehensible starting lineup, who then they try to play a safe defensive game while relying on the creative abilities of their attacking stars to invent a goal or two with their own ingenuity to provide a winning margin.
    • Oftentimes, the teams with the best and/or luckiest and/or largest number of gifted attackers make it the farthest.
    • With their five-man back line, Wales prefer to sit back against their opponents and protect their goal, and once they’ve regained possession, to spank the ball forward to Ramsey or Bale and let those two studs terrorize opponents on the break.
    • What that script will entail is, obviously, still a mystery. Affleck did say, however, that we’d see the character be more of a detective in the eventual Batman movie (as well as in Justice League, for that matter).
    • “The world’s greatest detective aspect of Batman is more present in [Justice League] than it was in [Batman v Superman],
    • It’s a creative way that DC came up with, being a filmmaker-driven company and entity, [to make] sure that the right hand knows what the left hand is doing,
    • Basically, by executive producing Justice League, Affleck can oversee the elements that could be used in (or will definitely return for) the Batman movie.
    • I get to weigh in on stuff [now] that impacts the Batman stuff [later].”
    • The air intake and gasoline vent had to be extended, and pretty much every electronic connector and button had to be covered in what the U.S. military called AWC for Asbestos Waterproofing Compound.
    • When done properly, the U.S. Army Signal Corps claimed, the sealing job could keep a Jeep running for up to six minutes in depths of up to 3.5 feet of water.
    • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online content packs for Power BI allows you to easily access and analyze your data. The content pack uses the OData feed to create a descriptive model, with all the entities and measures needed such as Accounts, Activities, Opportunities, Product, Leads, Users and more.
      • Sales managers can give guidance on tricky deals.

      • Teammates understand the background on outstanding cases.

      • Sales reps, like Gilda, track important email and activities.
      • Give them a complete picture of how their sales reps’ pipelines look.

      • Produce reports and forecasts, which give insight that’s necessary for meeting and  exceeding sales goals.

      • Help direct coaching efforts to the reps who need it.
      • Sync things, such as contacts and events between Microsoft email and Salesforce

      • Experience Salesforce directly in  Microsoft email applications

      • Relate Microsoft email to Salesforce  records
    • Cloud-based


      Salesforce servers. No  software installations needed.


      Lightning for Outlook



      Your reps’ computers. Your reps or IT guru installs periodic upgrades  whenever those upgrades are available. Salesforce for Outlook
    • The computer and IT systems your company already has in place might dictate the  product your company adopts. Say, for example, some of your reps work on Mac operating  systems. Only Lightning for Outlook runs on Mac and Windows operating systems.
      • Lightning for Outlook is optimized for modern Microsoft email systems and applications, like Outlook  Web App and Outlook 2016. And it’s compatible with Mac and Windows operating  systems. Because this product’s newer, we’re developing it to work with the latest  Microsoft email systems. (Think newfangled.)

      • Salesforce for Outlook  is compatible with older Microsoft email systems, like Outlook® 2013 and 2010. And  it’s compatible with Windows operating systems. Because this product is more  mature, it works with a broad range of installed Microsoft email systems. (Think  traditional.)
      • Exchange 2016 or 2013 on-premise

      • Office 365 for Exchange Online
      • Eliminate the time they spend on redundant data entry in the two systems

      • Access important Microsoft emails and relevant Salesforce records in one place, making it  easier to craft targeted, meaningful emails to prospects and customers

    • The contacts in Microsoft email serves as your reps’ virtual Rolodex card  file.




      Your reps rely heavily on their calendars for planning their days and scheduling  important events.






    • Your reps relate leads and contacts to other important Salesforce records, like accounts and  opportunities.


    • Sales folks track their deals using Salesforce opportunities, which your sales  teams relate to (you guessed it) other important Salesforce records!




      Not everything in sales goes smoothly. Your reps need to know about gripes that their  customers log with your company—especially before your reps try selling whatever it is that  your reps sell!






      • integration with cases is a key
    • Gilda also spends too much time hunting for past sales calls in her Microsoft calendar because  she forgot to log the calls in Salesforce.  She’s got the same problem getting tasks and appointments from her Microsoft email into Salesforce, where she can relate them to the hot  lead du jour. (That’s French, folks.)


    • How a Microsoft Integration Product Can Help Your Sales  Reps



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