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daily 06/17/2016

    • Briles is right about one thing – the University is deliberately allowing the perception that this was a Football issue only for PR purposes.
    • Starr’s fate was sealed before the PH report was ever released. For someone who is supposedly a legal genius and almost made the Supreme Court 25 years ago, he oversaw an Institution that was frighteningly in non-compliance of basic Title IX issues
    • Ian McCaw was originally suspended ( not terminated ) because the issues were confined to the Football Program, and he had better system in place for dealing with Title IX issues than the University did as a whole.
    • The school fundamentally failed it’s Female members by combination of simple incompetence and willful ignorance.
    • In addition, Baylor’s administration failed to play nice w/ local DA and police departments / sheriffs office in ways that could have protected its students
    • Briles took a bunch more risks than he has recently. As a straightforward comment, Briles took significantly less head cases after recruiting picked up for Baylor starting in 2013 post RGIII Heisman. There is only the currently open case, and then nothing more is coming down the pike that includes Briles.
    • But he’s not the real scandal – he was the canary in the coal mine on an institution that was naïve and so ineptly prepared to handle the modern world that as recently as two months ago, I didn’t believe it was possible for Baylor to $#@! up this badly.
    • The gist from the 247 posters (after the settlement) is:
       We kind of knew this was coming after the SU debacle and rumors that Briles knew. Then they follow it up with, “Hiring PH was a huge mistake.”
       In essence, “I wish we would have continued to cover up the rapes.”
       Burn it down.
    • Finally caught up with my next door neighbor this am, he’s a recently retired university prez.. has a protege that’s a current university prez that is privy to the BU situation.
       “Worse than any situation I’ve encountered or heard of at this level, including the Penn St issues”.
    • All those years of zero sexual assaults reported to the government weren’t because all 10000 students were little Baptist angels, but because they didn’t get reported by victimd due to shame or didn’t get correctly handled by school admin due to wanting to keep the appearance of the students all being good pious Christians because that reputation is why parents pay so much to send their kids there.
    • Even some of those who voted against the motion conceded that The Grove at Shoal Creek did not meet a superiority standard for parkland dedication, after it was determined by staff that a large portion of the so-called 13-acre signature park that ARG had offered to dedicate to the city was in a zone characterized by substantial erosion and regrowth. In other words, the city would inherit a park that would not be suitable for active recreational uses in certain areas.
    • Parkland superiority is not required by PUD guidelines, Howard said, as long as open space superiority was achieved — even if the open space included areas that may be subject to the ebb and flow of Shoal Creek.
    • Several commissioners noted, however, that when the site was sold by the Texas Department of Transportation to ARG in December 2014 the developer had been strongly encouraged to by the state to provide substantial parkland, because the neighborhood had been surveyed and counted that as a top priority.
    • Others referred to the board’s responsibility to convey a message that a PUD zoning requires a high degree of superiority in all facets that would stand the test of time — until 2050 and beyond.
    • The PUD designation in itself may be the primary reason for the wide range of opinions. First, a PUD requires superiority over existing zoning, but there is no existing zoning underlying The Grove at Shoal Creek, as I reported earlier.
    • The city has never zoned state-owned lands, so there is no objective basis point from which to judge the merits of the Grove PUD. Also, the PUD as it’s written provides guidelines and not specific requirements — more gray area that staff, advisory board members and Council must wade through.
    • As long as Yara bends the knee—and I think she’ll happily bend a knee to a badass woman who rides frickin’ dragons if it means she still gets to be Lord of the Iron Islands and her uncle dies—this may actually be the final piece of the puzzle for Daenerys’ return to Westeros.
    • Kyrie Irving has been incredible since the Cavaliers left Oakland and shook off whatever bizarre hex they were under.
    • Last night, Thompson had a perfect Tristan Thompson game.
    • a way to keep pace with the Warriors’ killer small lineup.
    • The Warriors’ go-to counterpunch that no team has found a way to match all season has been the “Death Lineup,” which features Andre Iguodala stepping in for Andrew Bogut and pushing Draymond Green to the center.
    • Thompson is a nasty wrench in this smug Golden State plan for dominance.
    • He is one of the maybe five or six big men in the league who can switch out on Steph Curry and not immediately give up an easy three (look at Kevin Love’s effortful floundering to see what a normal power forward looks like on Curry).
    • Thompson can both hang with Curry (as much as anyone can, which is to say, not every time) as well as punish Green on the other end.
    • Throw in his incredible rebounding ability, and Thompson has presented the Warriors’ most terrifying setup with a problem of their own.
    • Not only do all the best Cavs lineups feature Tristan Thompson at center, they haven’t been good when he’s not on the floor.
    • Plus/Minus is a caveat-laden stat, but his game-high +32 is an accurate indicator of the effect he can have on the game.
    • Chief among the X-57’s innovations is the propulsion system, which consists of fourteen electric motors positioned across a strikingly thin wing. The motors will be powered by batteries that can be charged on the ground using solar cells, the Wall Street Journal reports.
    • Also, because large planes land at large facilities the idea of swappable batteries is a lot more practical than for cars. You could swap the batteries for charged ones on one side of the plane while they load the luggage on the other side.
    • My first impressions of the SE were the same that everyone else had: the design is too familiar to be exciting and the size is too small to match the functionality of present-day smartphones. I was wrong.
    • n competitive markets, every single device has its tradeoffs.
    • The remark was made “while on duty in front of a group of officers,” said one of the officers who filed a complaint with the Independent Police Review Authority.
    • Fairley also noted that several CPD officers questioned during the investigation were less than cooperative.
    • “The complainant found the drawing offensive, as do I,” Fairley wrote. None of the officers interviewed were willing to say where the drawing came from. “The Chicago Police Department has zero tolerance for racism or misconduct and racial biases are already prohibited by CPD’s general orders – period,” a CPD spokesman, Frank Giancamilli, said in a statement.
    • Though other great minds, like Thomas Friedman, have pioneered the “just ask the cab driver” technique of investigative reporting, few are able to extract such a penetrating level of insight as Peggy:
    • My conclusion from four days in London talking to both sides, Leave and Remain, is that in spite of recent polls showing gains for Leave, no one knows what’s going to happen
    • My anecdote is that a London cabbie told me that for eight days he’s been asking his passengers where they stand: “37 Leave, 18 Remain.”
    • The “dissent channel” is an official means for department employees to critique the White House’s foreign policies without fear of retribution.
    • . “It’s embarrassing for the administration to have so many rank-and-file members break on Syria,” one former State Department official said.
    • Obama administration officials have expressed concern that attacking the Assad regime could lead to a direct conflict with Russia and Iran.
    • “The status quo in Syria will continue to present increasingly dire, if not disastrous, humanitarian, diplomatic and terrorism-related challenges.”
    • The demo I played was titled The London Heist. In it, you’re the passenger in a getaway car responsible for fending off attackers.
    • “Try opening the door and leaning out,” he said. I followed his suggestion and that’s when it clicked for me.
    • Scientists at Cambridge University and the Imperial College London have trapped photons inside a tiny gold cavity, forcing it to interact with matter to form a hybrid state.
    • Your life is a total lie anyway, so why not keep up the trend?
    • The new grille-less design looks gorgeous, even if it’s not a huge departure from the look of the previous model year.
    • Well, Unplugged Performance says the new system provides similar airflow to heat exchangers as a stock fascia, works with AutoPilot hardware and the Park Assist System, and allows for a “jump start” in case the 12 volt battery loses all its juice (the new fascia does cover the old “jump start” location, the nose cone, but the company has added new “jump start” provisions.)
    • That realization apparently led Salesforce to devise a three-level strategy for developing working apps without any coding, with some minimal code use, and with a highly customized approach to code.
    • What type of things can you do with Pythonista?
    • The only way the Board can fight back is to release damning information regarding Briles (assuming it exists) which they don’t want to do either.
    • Cannon is taking the position that BOR constructively fired Briles on the 26th and they are therefore no doubt in violations of various contract provisions related to procedures to follow to terminate. Therefore, there is a breach of contract thus the conflict of interest.
    • It is done to help negotiate a settlement or force the BOR to rescind the suspension with intent to terminate allowing him back as coach immediately.
    • If mutual defense info was shared with the lawyers acting on behalf of Briles and BU, then guess what… his new atty Cannon would be entitled to it all!
    • So bottom line is they got info from Briles unethically, so give back and possibly would be barred from using in any subsequent wrongful termination litigation.
    • BU could be forced to let Briles back or argue suspension is not termination so no conflict (weak argument) otherwise Briles and his team gets a free look at everything BU has so he will know whether he needs to settle for a lot or a little or whether he can take BU to the proverbial cleaners.
    • BU would probably be forced to pay him every dime of his contract if they were fearful of being barred from using or having access to any damning info, only provided and avialable by Briles himself, as a result of what he thought was privileged communications.
    • BU settled with Sam accuser.
    • because in both of those cases in addition to Federal statutory violations they had negligence allegations as to the cause of the rape itself.
    • Title IX violations really don’t give rise to big damages because they have to do with treatment after the rape.
    • The rape will always be viewed by most as the precipitating event that causes trauma while treatment afterwards can exacerbate the situation, jurors don’t usually give big numbers for same. I also don’t know what limitations on damages, if any exist for Title IX violations to an individual PLT.
    • What I do know is if BU had knowledge of Tevin’s rape potential and allowed him to have unfettered access to Hernadez then boom big damages are definitely a potential!
    • Briles/Cannon really messing that up so they will have to deal with Briles first in order to move ahead and resolve Hernandez.
    • If BOR is trying to use info not from PH but from the April interview to terminate Briles…well then you have not only ethical violations but a good shot at Fraud by BU against Briles to get out of his contract with cause.
    • I also believe you are correct regarding the mistep by BU lawyers
    • In the BOR’s haste to take action before Willis left chairmanship, it appears that they forgot to consider that they were jointly aligned defendants in a pending lawsuit.
    • This directory contains data on over 4.5 million Uber pickups in New York City from April to September 2014, and 14.3 million more Uber pickups from January to June 2015. Trip-level data on 10 other for-hire vehicle (FHV) companies, as well as aggregated data for 329 FHV companies, is also included. All the files are as they were received on August 3, Sept. 15 and Sept. 22, 2015.

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