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daily 06/15/2016

    • Here’s how the process works: A course measurer first lays out a “calibration course”: usually 300 to 400 meters on a straight, flat road.
    • After several rides of the calibration course, the measurer can then crunch the numbers to determine the needed counts for the course length and intermediate split points.
    • There’s the Short Course Prevention Factor to figure in, too. According to USATF and the International Association of Athletics Federations, all races must be measured one-tenth of one percent of the total distance long, which ensures that the course cannot possibly be found to come up short in case of a record.
    • Put simply, course measurement involves a level and degree of math that would make the average runner’s head spin. For their efforts, established pros like Katz, of which there are only a couple dozen in the world, can charge a few hundred dollars for a 5K to several thousand dollars for marathon routes.
    • He also assisted with measuring the route for the marathon at the 2012 London Olympics, a notoriously convoluted course with more than 90 turns, including several hairpins.
    • Version via the URL, not via headers
    • Use query parameters for advanced filtering, sorting & searching
    • Provide a way to limit which fields are returned from the API
    • You should use camelCase with JSON, but snake_case is 20% easier to read
    • Paginate using Link headers
    • Provide a way to override the HTTP method
    • Use token based authentication, transported over OAuth2 where delegation is needed
    • Include response headers that facilitate caching
    • Effectively use HTTP Status codes
    • It should be friendly to the developer and be explorable via a browser address bar
    • The great thing about REST is that you’re leveraging existing HTTP methods to implement significant functionality on just a single /tickets endpoint. There are no method naming conventions to follow and the URL structure is clean & clear. REST FTW!
    • One of my favourite tricks to use on a dashboard is to show the Last Refreshed Date.  This is important as it lets you know how stale your data is.  I think it’s even more important with Power BI, as it tells you if your automatic refresh is actually working!
    • So far everything looks really good here.  The card is formatted nicely, and I updates to the current date and time every time I hit the refresh button.  It’s a thing of beauty!  What could possibly go wrong with this?
    • What you’re not getting is that Briles was fired as the scapegoat because the BOR failed to properly establish a Title IX department. Briles didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t properly trained. There were no Title IX procedures. The BOR failed us all. How was Briles supposed to know not to engage, intimidate, investigate, and retaliate against rape/abuse victims without a full-time Title IX director there to hold his hand?
    • This, plus the likelihood that Art had the sense to archive all his emails and memos up the chain asking for advice, is probably the main reason he’s suspended and not terminated.
    • “No one has ever traveled past the Sunset Sea to learn what’s on the other side,” Martin has also mentioned. The most western area we know of has been referred to as The Lonely Light — a cluster of 13 land masses known as The Iron Islands. The only person that has ever attempted to travel further than that is former King of the North, Brandon the Shipwright. He was never seen again
    • Are the people of the Seven Kingdom’s unaware that their planet is round, not flat? According to Martin, this topic is still up for debate for his characters.
    • Khaleesi’s (Emilia Clark) prophecy told her “you have to go east to go west.”

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