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    • the season six premiere last night did what every Game of Thrones premiere has done. It’s a sweeping check-in on the characters who are still standing and a chance to resolve most of the major cliffhangers from last year.
    • Ellaria and crew stage a bloody coup in Dorne, finishing what they started when they assassinated Myrcella (and what a waste of Alexander Siddig).
    • Brienne and Podrick save Sansa and Theon from being recaptured.
    • There are some genuine emotional peaks—Sophie Turner continues to be outstanding as Sansa, who turns from shivering husk to Lady of Winterfell on a dime.
    • More distressingly, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss show no signs of reining in the number of storylines their show will need to track.
    • but the plodding Meereen storyline that sucked all the forward motion out of Daenerys’ march on Westeros is now three different threads, none of which promises anything new
      • Yeah that mereen stuff needs to go away
    • This is probably the third-to-last batch of Game of Thrones episodes we’ll get, if Benioff and Weiss are to be believed
    • Season six needs Bran, Arya, Daenerys, Sansa, the Lannisters, and the rest of the crew to find closure within their personal arcs so that the show can start the much-needed process of bringing people back together and narrowing its scope.
      • Good point, people need to become who they will be.
    • and it’s past time to stop introducing new ones.
      • So about the kingsmoot.
    •  A perennial money-loser for nearly the last decade, Sport Chalet was in business 57 years but couldn’t withstand pressures now coming from all sides: larger sporting goods rivals, big-box discounters, online retailers and specialty high-end brands all ate into the company’s market share. 

    • The big problem was that they weren’t focused on anything enough to carve a niche in the market,” said Rory Masterson, industry analyst at IBISWorld. 
    • Analysts said there were parallels between Sport Chalet and its beleaguered rival Sports Authority, including that both were saddled with debt after being acquired by other firms. 
    • Dick’s and other industry leaders such as REI and Cabela’s Inc. also established stronger relationships with suppliers and developed the kind of leverage on the supply side that smaller operators like Sport Chalet were unable to match, Masterson said. 
    • They watched early enrollee quarterback Shane Buechele complete 22 passes for 299 yards — more than Texas’ quarterbacks threw for in 11 of their 12 games last season.
    • Much of the criticism directed at Strong was unfair. He inherited a roster so lacking in high-end talent that this week may be the second time in three years the program does not have a single player drafted. Conversely, his former team, Louisville, saw 10 former Strong recruits get the call last year.
    • The one area where Strong unquestionably erred, however, was in his initial offensive staff and philosophy.
    • The only reason I went to Eastern Illinois is there’s a small group of people who know how to run this offense, and Dino Babers wanted to run this offense,” said Gilbert, a GA for Briles at Houston in 2005. Gilbert spent last season at Tulsa under former Baylor OC Phillip Montgomery. The Golden Hurricane
    • Though Briles’ Bears have led the Big 12 in total offense three of the past five season, Texas will be the first program in the conference to adopt their unique no-huddle system.
    • I have two really good running backs. We have to be able to go up- tempo but also turn around and hand the football off. That takes a lot of pressure off the quarterback.
    • Right now our issues are up front,” said Strong. “We’ve just got to solve that problem.”


    • Tony Romo celebrated his 36th birthday Thursday by attending Game 3 of the Mavs-Thunder series. He may have also been celebrating the fact the Dallas Cowboys won’t be able to select his eventual replacement in the first round.
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    • He also said the reclusive kingdom would open up more broadly to tourism
    • Instead, he said, Saudi Arabia will become a financial center and an investment powerhouse.
    • Shockingly, if you happen to be an international investor, ultra-secretive Aramco’s financial books will be entirely opened, he said.
    • Among the obstacles: Saudi Arabia’s powerful and conservative clergy, and the fact that the prince is talking about marginalizing the large bulk of the kingdom’s hard wealth—oil.


    • Prince Mohammed is unlikely to aim for a radical, fast redirection of the gigantic Saudi ship, but rather will unfold his steps over the next half century, Paul Sankey, an analyst with Wolfe Research, said in an April 20 note to clients.
    • Ali Naimi, who at the age of 80 is a highly respected oilman who has skillfully run Saudi oil policy since prince Mohammed was in elementary school.
    • The engineering principle is simple and sound: Anchor cables to a heavy foundation on either end, raise them near the anchor point to a height that keeps the low point of the cable’s sag just above the level of the bridge deck, then add a treadway with safety siding.
    • The anxiety these bridges produce arises not from worries about their structural integrity, but instead by virtue of their locations
    • particularly at that inevitable point on the bridge where there is transitory transverse movement—always cause for white knuckles and mumbled profanity.
    • Briefly the world’s third longest suspension span, the Tacoma Narrows’s collapse was initially thought to have resulted from the mechanical resonance of a high wind environment.
    • Later, the true cause was determined to be aeroelastic flutter. The wind initiated a twisting of the bridge’s deck, which ratcheted up into a self-generating and rapidly increasing vibration that degraded the entire system.
    • Most importantly, in February and March of 1974 Phil had a series of “mystic” experiences
    • He even worried over whether he had inadvertently published high-level government secrets in his novels
    • Iesous CHristos, THeou Yios, Soter
    • After all, is not Christ the Great Physician?
    • In Freudian terms, the tooth can be a symbol of libido (not necessarily sexual). Dreaming of the loss of a tooth, for example, can represent a fear that one may lose one’s standing in some way – physically or emotionally – or be a warning from the subconscious that this is threatening to happen.
    • As ICHTHYS, Christ strengthens our libido, our “psychic” energy, and asks nothing in return. He is UBIK, a negentropic force in a universe that is forever running itself down (9).
    • The Spirit is often represented as a flame, one example being the tongues of fire that came to rest on the apostles’ heads on that first Pentecost. Many spirits and other air elementals have been associated with fire as well.


    • Later Christian kabbalists (namely, Pico) and the Theosophists attempted to justify their doctrines by showing that the union of God as Yahweh/Jehovah (YHWH) and the Holy Spirit (Sh) was Jesus (YHShWH).
    • Jesus” is from IESOUS, the Greek version of this name.
    • Yeheshuah”, of which the English form is “Joshua
    • In some Gnostic systems, the consort of God is Sophia, Phil’s Holy Wisdom (see the biblical Book of Proverbs).
    • I identify John’s Babylon with the Gnostic Sophia, a symbol of the world in its fallen state.
    • Chokmah is the Hebrew for “wisdom
    • Gnosis must come from the outside.
    • The Greek for “wisdom” is Sophia; a cognate term is Gnosis, “knowledge”
    • In Phil’s case, he sought her in each woman with whom he had an adult relationship – a reunion of the divine syzygy, as it were.
    • There is a kabbalistic tradition in which one sees oneself relating events from the future.
    • ecstatic
    • hypnogogic
    • He recognized this doppelganger as his Higher Self – the Divine Adam and called it in Arabic “al-Tawm”, the twin.
    • Despite Phil’s Valentinian Sophian cosmology, I have often felt he was more akin to the Manichean school on a practical level.
    • In VALIS one of the Lamptons tells him that the phrase has kabbalistic significance
      • King Felix
    • gematria
    • Felix” is the Latin for “happy” (literally, “fruitful”).
    • so FELIX REX adds to 256 when transposed into Greek enumeratio
    • At one point Phil experimented with a megadose of vitamins he had read about in Psychology Today
    • The right side of the brain is often identified with the dark, irrational, “feminine” component of our minds; the parallel to the imperfect, premature Sophia is obvious.
    • Rome never fell – the Empire never ended – and secret followers of “the Son” were preaching peace and brotherhood rather than tyranny.
    • This is another kabbalistic tradition, the ability to read holy texts on the astral plane. Always for Phil, the pink beam of light was prominent.
    • Guesses included the Rosicrucian Society, Soviet scientists experimenting with “psychotronics”, and an alien satellite orbiting a distant star.
    • The Roman Sybi
    • Note also that the much-sought product UBIK in Phil’s novel of the same name is depicted on the dustjacket of the original as spraying a pink substance.
    • Fomalhaut, which he called “Albemuth” (from the Arab Al Behemoth, “the whale”
    • What matters most is Phil’s beliefs on the matter; if his subconscious mind processed “behemoth” as “whale”, then “whale” it is – for him
    • Robert K.G. Temple’s The Sirius Mystery (16)
    • Madness or not, VALIS stands as a classic on many levels.
    • demiurge
    • One could say their inability to hear or speak reinforces the notion of an imperfect demiurge, as well as it helps conceal his true nature.
    • Temple documents the Dogon people of Africa and their precise astronomical data which predate telescopes.
    • The whole idea of an immortal and all-powerful race who build universes out of boredom, fall into them and become trapped because they forget who they are is indeed gnostic in flavor, as many have said
    • WE ARE THE THETANS and we don’t even know it.


    • Palmer Eldritch had three stigmata
    • Esoteric tradition among the Masons identifies this occult eye with the star Sirius – named for Osiris, the dead and risen Egyptian savior who adumbrated Christ by centuries
    • While listening to the Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever” one day, Phil heard the lyrics change into a prophetic warning: “Your son has an undiagnosed right inguinal hernia.
    • In a sense the boy was “reborn”, which was to have great consequences for Phil’s subsequent actions
    • Thomas” is a Greek name meaning “twin”; whose twin was he if not Phil’s?
    • Mani’s twin was also called “tawm”; extant Greek Manichean texts refer to him as “syzygon”
    • Indeed, Radio Free Albemuth ends with the imprisoned Phil taking consolation in the knowledge that the Message has gone out after all – to the children.
    • No wonder it hurt so badly when Phil’s wife left with his son.
    • The palm tree itself is the World Tree, the axis mundi, the pole at the center of the world which leads to heaven.
    • Palmer Eldritch’s name is an obvious reference, but “palmer” could also refer to sleight of hand – indicating his position as malevolent demiurge.
    • Phil recognized as a series of ICHTHYS symbols. He also saw it as the double helix form of DNA.
    • Phil suddenly comprehended God as infinite, by nature incomprehensible.
    • In other words, the Exegesis would never solve anything because there was no answer to be had.
    • Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?”
    • The Transmigration of Timothy Archer
    • Sutin also
        wrote the excellent Divine Invasions: A Life of Philip K. Dick (New
        York: Carol Publishing Group, 1991).

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