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daily 04/23/2016

    • A once-proud nation—founded as a rebuke to the entire idea of worshipping royalty—has once again been shamed by her president, Barack Obama, as he squatted down in submission before a prince in a monogrammed bathrobe.
    • Prince George, who declined to remove his ornamental bathrobe for a visit from the Leader of the Free World, celebrated his symbolic victory over Obama by taking a ride on a wooden pony:


    • Israel later effectively annexed the in a move that was never internationally recognized.
    • the timing, according to experts, was more likely dictated by Israeli concerns arising from the recently resumed talks in Geneva over Syria’s future — or hopes that the talks might present an opportunity for Israel.
    • The Golan Heights have been an integral part of the land of Israel since ancient times; the dozens of ancient synagogues in the area around us attest to that,” Mr. Netanyahu said at the start of the meeting. “And the Golan is an integral part of the state of Israel in the new era.”
    • “I told him that I doubt that Syria will ever return to what it was,” Mr. Netanyahu said
    • The time has come for the international community to recognize reality, especially two basic facts,”
    • One, whatever is beyond the border, the boundary itself will not change. Two, after 50 years, the time has come for the international community to finally recognize that the Golan Heights will remain under Israel’s sovereignty permanently.”
    • The Golan Heights became part of Syria when the French mandate in the region ended in the 1940s,
    • way
    • Yankees, he defaulted on a guaranteed $75 million loan from the State of Rhode Island in a failed video-game start-up; and he’s incredibly active on social media.
    • there are no recorded instances of trans people attacking anyone in public bathrooms.
    • Critics all over the nation denounced the bill as simple bigotry.
      • define bigotry
    • The development of technologies tends to follow an S-Curve: they improve slowly, then quickly, and then slowly again.
    • SS Agamemnon was one of the first successful long-distance merchant steamships.
    • She brought together three improvements in steamship design: higher boiler pressure, an efficient and compact compound steam engine, and a hull form with modest power requirements.


    • Agamemnon could steam at 10 knots (19 km/h), consuming only 20 tons of coal a day.
    • coaling stop
      • how did the Island get coal?
    • Holt’s Ocean Steam Ship Company, later called the Blue Funnel Line
    • Agamemnon (and her sister ships) combined three key features.


    • The first was a higher boiler pressure than was normally used on British merchant ships.
    • The second feature was her compound steam engine, designed by Alfred Holt.
    • The third was a hull that was strong in relation to its weight and cost and with modest power requirements – again developed by Alfred Holt.[1]


    • Her normal journey time from Foochow to Liverpool was 58 days,[3][2] whereas clippers could take anything from a record-breaking 88 days to 140 or more, and averaged 123 days in 1867–68.[4] Further, her cargo carrying capacity was two or three times as much as these sailing ships.[2]


      • Damn.
    • The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 guaranteed the success of Agamemnon and her sister ships by shortening the route that a steamship could take from Europe to China whilst sailing vessels still had to travel via the Cape of Good Hope.
      • sailing ships couldn’t use canals
    • With nothing better to do with their lives or their time, a group of purists raised money to construct a billboard, a billboard that can save the original expanded universe and restore a bunch of books to the galaxy
    • . The old EU stories would live on and remain in print, rebranded as “legends
    • Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament, recently described the EU as a “Frankenstein,”
    • What Schulz wants is a fully-fledged United States of Europe.
    • They may get it, nonetheless. Brussels has a habit of asking countries to vote until they give the right answer, sacking governments who disagree with it, all the while lecturing member states about democracy and human rights.
    • In the 1972 Act of Accession, the conservative government of the time signed up to a supranational vision of Europe’s future. A European union would be the second pillar of a strengthened Atlantic alliance. This is still Whitehall’s position.
    • Whitehall
    • The problem with this system, at least from a civilian perspective, is that Brussels is the source of growing volumes of laws, which the UK electorate cannot sanction. The EU is an unelected dictatorship.
    • The first is the death of Schulz’ dreams of a European great power, centered in Berlin and Brussels
    • References to the EU as a supranational body should be substituted for a reassertion of UK sovereignty.
    • the UFC is absolutely being idiotic right now.
    • Yesterday, however, McGregor broke the silence, explaining that he requested a lighter press schedule ahead of UFC 200 because he’s pretty much been doing nonstop press for the UFC since the start of last year.
    • There comes a time when you need to stop handing out flyers and get back to the damn shop.”
      • Damn
    • It is time to be selfish with my training again, “McGregor added. “It is the only way. I feel the $400 million I have generated for the company in my last three events, all inside 8 months, is enough to get me this slight leeway.”
    • Unless somebody does something drastic, McGregor will not be fighting at UFC 200.
    • See, the UFC wants to build superstars, but only to a point.

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