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    • That’s not just building pumps and dredging canals so floodwaters can recede, which is largely what most cities are focusing on now. It means a comprehensive look at how to design for the coming floodwaters that will arrive daily and, in some cases, never recede.
    • The good news was that it only took one look at #61 Mercado to realize that Steve Patterson’s draconian restrictions on walk-on meals have apparently been lifted.
    • with Kirk Johnson set to return in August this backfield is more than capable of carrying the offense if they get reasonable room to roam.
    • Last but not least, true freshman center Zach Shackelford did everything you could reasonably ask of a guy who should be prepping for Prom right now
    • Pray for healthy starters this season, and don’t be surprised if we burn at least one shirt on the incoming OL class.
    • Interesting was the only PG word I used to describe Shane Buechele’s frequent keeps on the Read Option, and I shot straight into Tourette’s territory when Kevin Vaccaro gave him the business two seconds after the whistle.
    • This was supposed to be an exhibition!”*
    • If Tyrone Swoopes is starting games or even getting significant snaps between the 20’s next season, the biggest reason for increased optimism is that he threw a much better percentage of catchable balls downfield than we’ve seen from him to date in a live fire(ish) environmen
    • When you’ve got a playmaker with a height advantage, I’m all for missing short rather than long when the safety isn’t in position to get involved at the catch point. ¬†The downside of that philosophy reared its head when his throw to Johnson got deflecte
    • In other words, you’d rather throw the deep ball like Shane Buechele.


    • long-suffering Longhorn faithful into a state of Booamania over his 299-yard, 2TD line in one (admittedly fast-paced) half of football.
    • To put it briefly (ha!), while Swoopes had some nice moments on the deep ball, Buechele was simply outstanding. ¬†And in the short and intermediate game, it wasn’t even close.


    • Not every young quarterback has Heard that it’s legal to just dump the ball and fight another day, so it’s good to see the freshman up to speed in that department.
    • With Shane Buechele under center, you’re praying for health but looking at the realistic prospect of starting to test the defense at all three levels and begin the progress towards the kind of all-out attack that Sterlin Gilbert was brought in to deliver.


    • Your refund has been reduced to pay a past due IRS tax obligation.


      The balance of your refund, $1,764.46, is scheduled to be sent to your bank by April 20, 2016. If your refund is not credited to your account by April 25, 2016, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.
      Please wait until April 25, 2016 before you contact us again as we are unable to take any further action until then
    • Balancing the throttle so that the X5C hovers at roughly the same height rather than rocketing into the ceiling or plunging into the floor requires a bit of practice.
    • Managing your own reactions and adjusting the controls carefully when the X5C is flying towards you is the second hardest thing to learn.
    • The hardest is that all the controls are relative to the drone. If the drone is facing towards you and you push forward on the control stick, it will fly towards you and not away. I found it best to always keep the X5C orientated so it was facing roughly away from me. This meant the controls behaved naturally.
    • Low makes it move more slowly for beginners.
    • Most transmitters, even for small, cheap drones, offer at least two control modes, mode 1 and mode 2. These map the control sticks in different ways – see the diagrams below.


    • The vast majority of quadcopter pilots stick with mode 2, which makes the left stick control throttle and yaw, and the right stick control tilt and movement. We’ll assume from this point on that you’re using mode 2.
    • Manual: turns off all stabilization, and does not limit the maximum tilt. This is also known as acro, agility or stunt mode, and allows full inversion. This is the mode you should quietly put your friend’s quadcopter in if you don’t want him to have a quadcopter anymore. Otherwise, steer clear until you’re very confident.
    • Trim controls


      Some transmitters give you the ability to trim the inputs from your control sticks. Trimming basically means adding or subtracting a little input from one stick or the other to correct an imbalance.

    • Left stick: X-axis (left and right)


      This controls yaw, or which way the front of the drone is pointing, you can think of it like the rudder on an airplane or boat. Moving the stick left rotates the drone anti-clockwise (looking down from on top) and right is clockwise.

      • rotation is yaw
    • How does yaw control work? Multicopters generally use an even number of propellers, half of which spin clockwise and half of which spin counter-clockwise. The yaw control speeds up the props spinning in one direction and slows the others, maintaining altitude and taking advantage of the torque effect to turn the drone left and right.
    • In aeronautical terms, forward/rear tilt is called pitch, and left/right tilt is called roll – but the distinction is a little less important with a multicopter that can move in any direction.
    • The right stick controls the tilt of the drone, and thus the horizontal movement
    • Pushing forward on the right stick adds extra lift at the rear of the drone, tilting it forward and accelerating it forward. This works whichever way you push the stick, including diagonals.
    • Pushing the right stick forward accelerates the drone forward according to which way the drone’s pointing, not which way you’re looking. The orientation of the drone completely changes the effect of that right stick.
    • ut for your first few flights you’re going to want to try to keep yourself facing the same way as the drone so that right stick makes more sense.
    • Most drones have lights that help you with this. On the Syma X5 (above), the orange lights are the forward lights and the green lights are the tail – so if you keep the greens facing toward you, you’re golden!
    • Hmmm…..it certainly should not flip!
       That’s usually an indication of a propeller on wrong…or a complete defect. I had an Syma X11 which did that – it was bad out of the box.
       Mode 2 is what you should have in most parts of the world. That’s the setup of the Transmitter – if the left stick is the throttle then you are Mode 2.
       It should have been in Mode 2 by default. If not, here is the diagram on how to make it that way.
      • <form onsubmit=”return post_form(this, ‘editusertext’)” id=”form-t1_cpi9uhn9xr” action=”#” class=”usertext”>

        Elevation = Throttle


        “rotation” = yaw




    • Using The Camera:
       Some people have stated that they thought their craft was defective as their camera wasn’t working correctly but as the instructions stated, the method of taking pictures and video has changed for this upgraded model. Using the LEFT UP-DOWN trim on the included transmitter, still pictures are taken by pushing UP and you should see one red blink on the camera, and video is started by pushing DOWN and ended by pushing DOWN again. Once video is started, the red light will start to blink, when finished, the light will turn back to green and you have successfully saved your file. The original model utilized the buttons on the top of transmitter, not so with the newer model. I cover this and other things in the video review.
    • saw a tip mentioned that was a great idea which simply involved placing a strip of neon colored tape on the front and rear arms to help with orientation.
    • The Nano-Tech 750mah 1S lipo Model NE-BA931 (from Hobbyking) is a perfect fit for this quad
    • The caviet is that the lipo lead will be reversed and you will need to reverse the voltage on the pins but never fear, I covered the process in my video!

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