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daily 04/04/2016

    • I don’t think there is any question that Trump has revealed or exposed a deep alienation of a very large—larger even than I expected—swath of Republican-leaning voters from the basic orthodoxies of the party.
    • It’s a center right news network that has good, solid, interesting coverage if you’re watching Chris Wallace or the panel on Special Report or anything like that. Then, it has what Hannity and others like him do, which is just a sort of tribal identity politics for older white people.
    • One of the strongest instincts is tribalism, says Shenkman, as we instinctively favor those with shared ancestry:

    • Since Donald Trump began his election in June, he’s been activating an ancient instinct in human brains, which is fear of the other. For many people, who lack other knowledge on which they can make their judgments about Mexican immigrants of Muslims coming into the United States, this winds up becoming a powerful trigger for their political beliefs.
    • Since our brain is uncomfortable with dissonance, if we’re told a politician we instinctively like has lied, we’ll come up with excuses to dismiss the idea.

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