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daily 03/26/2016

    • y the time Barr was done canvassing neuropsychologists from Lovell’s network, he calculated that at least 850 baseline tests—and perhaps thousands more—had been excluded from the NFL’s results.
    • Basically I pointed out that we had been obtaining baselines on players for 10 years, and when you look at the study it only included a small amount of data
    • There were nearly 5,000 baseline studies that had been obtained in that 10-year period. And only 655 were published in the study.”
    • In an interview, Barr told me it’s bad enough to remove data about healthy players. What the Times is reporting is even more egregious: “It just shows us that the data omission went through to all levels of the analysis.”
    • We now know that the league’s scientific committee removed players who got concussions from its studies on how many players get concussions. In the big picture, that revelation might not change much: The league looked bad before the Times report, and it looks bad after. It’s another important incremental step, though, in revealing what the NFL knew and what it didn’t want us to know.
    • and Headless Mode has been thrown in.
    • What many believe is that the problem probably lies in some software bug in the X5SC-1’s flight controller which gets confused when the quad is being flown against slight winds.
    • This makes the X5SC-1 an ideal choice for beginners and also experienced pilots looking for a cheap trainer drone to keep their flying skills sharp.
    • The Turnigy Nano-Tech 750mAh 35C is a good option and can boost flight time up significantly. One thing to remember if you decide to purchase the Nano-Tech 750mAh is that the battery’s connector is in reverse polarity to the one on the X5SC-1. To use this battery on the X5SC-1, you need to reverse the polarity of its connector. Failure to do this will result in permanent damage to the circuit board.
    • Headless Mode allows the operator to move the quad in any direction relative to the transmitter, irrespective of where the front or “head” of the quad is facing. This is especially useful for pilots who tend to lose orientation of their quads easily which often results in crashes.
    • The transmitter is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) and has a control range of about 50 to 80m. Some enthusiasts have come up with hacks to extend the transmitter range well over 80m.
    • he Syma X5SW is the latest and most advanced model in Syma’s X5 range of toy-grade quadcopters
      • Flight time: 


        • 6 to 8 minutes (without prop guards and camera)

        • approximately 4 minutes (with prop guards and camera turned on)
    • The X5SW comes with a phone holder that can be attached to the top of the transmitter. This makes it easier for the pilot to view the FPV feed while operating the X5SW.
    • The X5SW is not a quadcopter meant for fast FPV racing. However, the FPV feature can be useful when you need to do things like align and frame a shot. The live FPV feed also means you don’t need to land the quad first before you can view what you have recorded. This makes the X5SW a highly affordable “flying camera” that allows people, for instance, to do live surveys of their properties from the air or to help in searching for missing livestock.
    • Unlike the X5SC and the X5C, the X5SW does not record videos or photos onto a micro SD card on its camera. Instead, recording is done on the smartphone via the Syma FPV app. This is a weak point in the X5SW’s FPV feature, particularly when you consider that the video transmission can suffer from really bad latency.
    • However, with the camera removed, the X5SW enjoys similar flight times as the X5SC and X5C.

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