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daily 03/24/2016

    • In an increasingly saturated online media landscape, the influence of social media may have outlived its usefulness. Voters today are embracing presidential candidates who appeal to their specific passions and ideals without attempting to consider, or even listen to, opposing views.
    • Before you start the exam, Write all the cost formulae and the ITTO’S on the paper. It proved to be of IMMENSE help to me during the exam.
    • Every web portal, blog or book i have come across said that you do not need to memorize the Input, Output and Tools and Techniques and a general understanding of the process would be more than sufficient to answer the question.


      Almost 30 questions of the 150 questions were as follows.
      What is the input to the ______ process
      What are the tools and techniques to ______ process
      What are the outputs to the ______ process.

      I would ask everyone to spend time and pay attention to every process within the exam. I did and it proved to be of great help to me during my exam. A great memory and understanding of the ITTO’s helped me answers questions really quick and i knew i had got them current which once again set the stage for a great exam.

    • What I did different? —– just before clicking “start exam” I took 30 min off and  wrote all the input, output and tools of activities briefly, by doing this I almost felt that I am giving an open book exam (thanks to OLGA!!! 😉 ).

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