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daily 03/21/2016

    • require companies to offer paid sic
    • The message is clear: Push for sick leave and risk seeing slashes in the municipal budget. In fact, Tempe disbanded its formal sick leave study after the legislation passed, “because they were so chilled by the state threat,” Kuby told Bloomberg.
    • In 2006, years after state legislators made it illegal for cities to pass minimum wages that are higher than the state standard, voters overturned the law with a referendum,
    • Republicans support local government, unless the local government is liberal, in which case they support states’ rights, unless the state is liberal, in which case they support federal power, unless the president is a liberal, in which case they support local government again.


      Small government is for Real Americans. Everyone else gets the screws.

    • It seems like enabling users to save time while using apps has been a common thread in the past few months. The success of Launch Center Pro probably “raised awareness” in regards to the whole concept of URL schemes, but it’s been the increased adoption of x-callback-url and interest in automated workflows that proves better inter-app communication is something that (at least) third-party developers are thinking about
    • There are three main new features in the new Drafts: Dropbox actions, URL actions, and an improved URL scheme with support for callbacks and action triggers. I am going to explain how they work and include various actions and bookmarklets to demonstrate different use cases.
    • Like Mr. Reader’s developer found out, supporting every third-party app that has a URL scheme had become unfeasible.
    • in URL actions, only [[draft]], [[title]], and [[body]] are supported. URL actions, like Dropbox actions, will appear in the Drafts action panel in the main screen.
    • googlechrome
    • In practice, support for user-defined URL schemes turns Drafts into an app launcher focused on text strings.
    • With a more solid foundation of URL and Dropbox actions, automation has become the third pillar of the new Drafts. T
    • This has been made possible with the new action and x-success parameters.


    • We cover plenty of x-callback-url here, but here and then I write about apps without it
    • Regular Expressions can be incredibly useful when searching and replacing patterns in text. Blogger and podcaster Jason Snell writes that regular expressions saved him “hundreds of hours of drudgery

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