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daily 03/18/2016

    • Has anyone noticed that Trump’s campaign now regularly stages media events designed to eclipse any negative coverage that predictably follows Republican debates?
    • As Lewandowski’s behavior has gone unquestioned in Trump’s recent interviews on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Fox News, MSNBC and CNN, the business mogul has only helped thrust his campaign manager further into the national spotlight.
    • Several cable news guests, meanwhile, noted it was significant that Trump told Lewandowski “good job” while on stage with him Tuesday night. CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter said Lewandowski “has been under intense media fire for his horrible treatment of the press, to anyone that comes into contact with him.”
      • Use Power Query to clean, shape and transform your data

      • Use Power Pivot to model your data and define calculations
    • Yes, ANY data. Even if I could connect using Power Pivot to those data sources and did not need any transformation – I still always use Power Query.
    • Use Power Pivot to Model Your Data
    • For this technique (unflatten), read Chapter 20 – Power Query to the Rescue, Scenario #5 Using Power Query to create a Lookup Table,
    • Every time I see people doing time intelligence using Power Query a part of me dies. Power Query is very flexible, and it would let you do things like that – add columns which calculate Year-to-date totals or show the previous year amount.
    • For the second straight year, the global economy has grown without a corresponding rise in emissions tied to climate change, reversing an almost two-century-old trend and giving some hope that heat-trapping gases can be curbed without hurting living standards.
    • He spoke about his efforts to help the company, a joint venture of Lockheed and Boeing, cut costs in response to the challenge from SpaceX.
    • BLE only connects as needed, so it’s great for periodic updates, like reading from a sensor, but it’s not good for streaming anything.
    • According to the Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA), carbon dioxide in the atmosphere remained flat for the second straight year in 2015 despite the growth of global GDP.
    • But, in a Mar. 16 report, the IEA says that since 2013, global GDP growth and energy consumption have seemed to decouple—CO2 emissions remained essentially flat at just over 32 billion metric tons in 2014 and 2015.
    • ULA’s primary rocket, the Atlas 5, depends on engines bought from Russia, but since Vladimir Putin gave the order to annex Crimea, the US government has moved to block purchases of the engines.
    • [We’re] doing all this work for both of them, and the chances of Aerojet Rocketdyne coming in and beating the billionaire is pretty low. We’re putting a whole lot more energy into BE-4, Blue Origin.”
    • Don’t piss off senators


      That fight over the Russian rocket engine has also played out in the halls of Congress. Arizona Senator John McCain, a major critic of Russia, has been a leading proponent of blocking sales of the engines. Tobey suggested that this was really about McCain’s relationship with Elon Musk.

    • McCain’s office had no comment. But Tobey went further and let the students in on the open secret of traditional aerospace, which is that it protects government funding streams by placing investments strategically.
    • We have this friend—I told you about that big factory down in Alabama, Decatur—this is Senator Richard Shelby from Alabama,” Tobey said.
    • That is a massive turnaround as coal has been the largest US fuel source since the 19th century. The shift is largely a result of the power industry’s shift to ultra-cheap shale gas.
    • “The government was not happy with us not bidding that, because they bent over backwards to lean the field to our advantage,” Tobey said.
    • On that note, while it’s been obvious for a while that SpaceX’s low costs are putting pressure on the rest of the launch access industry, ULA has consistently argued that its services provide more bang for the buck.
    • “Along came Elon Musk and changed the game completely…we can’t afford [to bid] any more because the price points are coming down as low as $60 million,” he said. “The best day you’ll see us bid at $125 million or twice that number. Add in the capabilities cost, it eclipses the $200 million. … So now we’re going to have to take and figure out how to bid these things much lower cost. The government can’t just say, you know, ULA’s got a great track record, they’ve done 100 launches.”
    • What we believe is the best way to reuse components of the vehicle is, basically, in order to have better performance, [to have] Atlas shed its rocket engines,” he said.
    • Researchers found social support, incomes, and life expectancy to be the three most important factors in determining overall happiness.
    • If this sounds familiar, it’s because Disney has done this already with one of its other massively popular franchises—Star Wars.
    • Star Wars: The Force Awakens, released last December, has been a resounding success, redeeming the franchise in the eyes of many fans. Now Disney will try to do the same for Indiana Jones.
    • Fans were fine letting the franchise end there. Disney is relying on people’s appetite for adventure films and nostalgia to pique their interest in this latest Indy iteration—but how nostalgic are they really?
    • Another (and arguably better) way that the movie could give Ford his proper send-off and introduce new characters is to float between two time periods, with Ford playing an older Indy and flashbacks to another actor playing the character in the past. It worked for The Godfather Part II.
    • Yesterday, soccer’s world governing body submitted a claim for tens of millions of dollars to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York, which is prosecuting a number of former soccer executives for corruption and has seized their assets
    • — $28.2 million for years of payments, including bonuses, flights and daily expenses, to officials it now says are corrupt
    • damages for harm to its reputation, plus other bribes and kickbacks for media rights to non-FIFA competitions but “which were made possible because of the value of the FIFA brand”
    • That’s indeed what the filing maintains: that corrupt FIFA executives actually stole that money from FIFA’s coffers, and in doing so harmed FIFA’s image. Good fucking luck with that one, guys.
    • You’ll show respect to others. Each of these jackets has a slightly different level of formality. You don’t want to try wearing a sports jacket to an event that calls for a suit.
    • A suit jacket is defined as being such only if it’s matched with trousers made from the same exact swatch of fabric.
    • Another defining feature of the suit jacket is that it should be a closer and tighter fit than blazers/sports jackets. This is because suit jackets aren’t meant to be layered; at most, you’ll be wearing a dress shirt and thin sweater vest underneath the jacket.
    • f you are just learning to dress sharp, wearing a suit is the best approach for you to take to avoid the risk of looking out of place, or even worse, not knowing what you are doing
    • worsted wool is an excellent protector from cold weather.
    • Cashmere is slowly starting to be the fabric of choice on a suit jacket, though, based on its extremely soft and luxurious feel, which justifies its shortfalls.
    • Linen. An extremely lightweight option and meant for spring and summer use. One downside with linen is that it’s prone to wrinkling.
    • Silk. Quite possibly the most luxurious fabric you can buy. A suit jacket made of 100% silk is extremely soft and very breathable.
    • Boots can be worn in inclement weather and dress loafers or monk straps are acceptable if you’re dressing the suit down with no tie.
    • The single-breasted blazer has no ties to the British military and was used mostly by rowing clubs in England. These jackets only had two buttons to allow rowers the freedom to move around without restriction.
    • Fabric plays the most crucial role in the differentiation of the blazer compared to the suit and sports jackets.
    • Serge. Usually clear finished, serge has been a staple fabric in military uniforms for many years. Typically has a flat, diagonally-shaped rib pattern
    • Fresco. A rare fabric, created from multiple yarns in wool, the fresco fabric is usually created in a plain weave. A great fabric for the summer due to its thin lining but not recommended as an all-season fabric.
    • Gray flannel trousers look excellent when wearing a navy blue blazer. Classic light-colored chinos or well-fitted khakis are a less formal alternative.
    • Back in the day, gentlemen used to wear “morning” jackets paired with trousers of a different color
    • Termed the “Norfolk jacket,” it had a distinct fabric and build, and was in essence the very first version of the sports jacket
    • Plus, thanks to Italian design, the sports jacket is much more lightweight than it used to be.

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